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I have already spoken AT LENGTH on my feelings about Tinkerbell and Regina, so to quote myself, if I may:

Young!Regina, in her naïve optimism told Snow White (whom she saved, just as Tinkerbell saved her) a secret that she failed to keep (manipulated by Cora, whose presence in Regina’s life parallels Blue’s presence in Tink’s), and did never quite learn to understand how human it is for a young girl to be manipulated by her mother. Snow then becomes the figure she rails against, the symbol of everything that has robbed her of her freedom, even as she never can quite bring herself to address her mother’s culpability in it. That’s Tinkerbell as we meet her in Neverland, mourning the loss of her freedom (her wings) and harbouring a rage and darkness in her heart that holds Regina as the symbol of everything went wrong with her world, never quite bringing herself to question why the Blue Fairy stopped believing in her for helping a woman who needed more help than anyone. I cannot be the only person who had flashbacks of Emma asking Regina what the hell had happened to her when Regina asked Tinkerbell the same question.

Which makes Tink's final, accusatory words really interesting to me, because now that I think about it I'm convinced that a part of Tink really just wants to be believed again (by the Blue Fairy), and what better way of doing that but setting Regina up with Robin Hood?

I just want someone to write the story where Tinkerbell goes back to Storybrooke with them, learns to live with her clipped wings and finds that she doesn't really need the Blue Fairy to believe in her - believing in herself and having friends who do too is enough.


Meanwhile, Emma and Regina's chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS in this episode, and I still can't coherently talk about it without getting stars in my eyes, ugh. How so perfect. ;________;

Also, it is just me or does Charming really have an insane amount of chemistry with Hook? Like, double the chemistry he has with Snow?


I don't want to talk about Mulan/Aurora. I'm glad it's 'canon', but it's still crumbs. I don't want crumbs. Give Mulan another shot at loving again, show it to us in HD like we see with the het couples, and then we're talking.
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