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I watched Deathly Hallows 2 with my family (it's a time-honoured family tradition - we have seen all the HP and LoTR movies together), spoilers )

Unlike some other fandoms, where adaptations into different mediums exist as universes in their own right alongwith the source text, the HP movies aren't really canon - they have been, at best, like animated scrapbooks, putting faces to names and images to certain ideas, with fans picking and choosing the bits they like and rejecting the rest. For me, canon was over when the last book came out, and I have no emotional investment in the movies as such. But I'm sad to see it go, because they were fun in their own way, and I will miss squeeing about them (unless someone does a reboot after ten years - it has been known to happen).

I would also not mind reading some post-DH fic now. Hmm.


Speaking of HP, I've been meaning to rec this webcomic for a while now: Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell, which I know some of you already follow. I'd started reading it sometime back, got distracted after a couple of chapters, and got back to it after [personal profile] bell mentioned it in a post. It's a really wonderful science fantasy-ish series set in a school called Gunnerkrigg Court, featuring a girl called Annie (short for Antimony) and her best friend Kat. It feels a little bit like what HP might have been if Harry went to a Hogwarts where his parents' friends were teaching and where he happened to befriend Sirius and Remus' daughter and had all sorts of adventures and discovered things about himself and his weird school. The world-building is seriously fantastic, especially the things it does with science and magic, and the art is really pretty.
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So basically, Zuko is what HP fandom wished Draco would become, right? /has watched three episodes of A:tLa
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I just got back from HP 7, and I'm now exploding with love. A LOT OF LOVE, ESPECIALLY FOR HARRY, RON AND HERMIONE BECAUSE THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE. And okay, I don't really need to explain this to you guys, but I really am not objective about Harry Potter. I mean, I'm aware of the fact that the series peaked in PoA, but I LOVE ALL THE BOOKS THEY'RE ALL BRILLIANT. With Book 7, especially, I love the very parts that a lot of people hate, i.e., the bits where the Trio go camping, because it's Harry, Ron and Hermione! Having Adventures! And fighting and making up again, and being heroes together!

The movie was gorgeously shot, and I was pleasantly surprised by everyone's acting, especially Emma Watson. Also, Steve Kloves? Your, er, fascination with her is weird, though I did quite enjoy all the Harry/Hermione in the woods (it was my first ship ever). At least Ron was awesome too.

I want to read Triofic now.
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+ I need to get back into the habit of posting on LJ. I have photos to share (but coding is hard), I have fandoms to talk about (but typing is hard), I have books and movies I'd like to talk about (but formulating coherent sentences is hard), I have things to discuss re. LJ/Tumblr (but talking about things is hard). WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME

I'm also avoiding work. On a Sunday morning. Yesss. Deadlines suck (although I should not have put it off for so long so the fault is really mine).

+ The Young Justice cartoon is weird. It has Dick!Robin (who is a hacker, WTF), Wally!Kid Flash... and Kon. I may not be Tim Drake's biggest fan, but man, YJ is Tim and Kon and Bart, why are Tim and Bart not on this show? Aqualad looks cool, but I hope Miss Martian and Arrowette and Wonder Girl (once they get past legal hurdles; also, if it's Dick!Robin, then will it be Donna!Wonder Girl and not Cassie!Wonder Girl? will they ship Dick/Donna? will they ship Donna/Kon???) show up soon. The DCAU is weird. Great fun, but weird, and you have to keep reminding yourself that this is an alternate universe where Bruce/Babs is canon.

Bruce/Babs is actually interesting (yes, he's Dick's daddy, yes, he's like a crazy older brother to her and her father's friend and 'partner', that aside), because the little I have seen of Batman Beyond has a Babs who is only slightly less broken than old!Bruce, and Babs in canon is in some ways most like Bruce than any of the other Batpeople (thankfully, because they share some of the worst qualities: paranoia, control, lack of trust, obsessive need to know everything and push people they love away, freaking plans for EVERYTHING). But DCU Babs is also not Bruce-lite, because unlike Bruce, she won't let herself be broken the way Bruce has - Bruce needed about 80 issues of NML to figure out that he shouldn't have pushed his family away and another bazillion issues of Morrison's run, a blast of Darkseid's Omega beams, a trip across time and space and momentary death to figure out that he was never alone, he's always had help; Babs usually manages to figure the same thing out after some moping, and a hug from Dinah or her father. Nonetheless, Beyond!Babs is interesting because she's a might have been, and if I cared more about the Beyond!verse or Terry I'd watch more of the show.

Also I want to read a storyline that takes this seriously: 'Someday you're going to go mad with power, Oracle. Won't that just irk Batman to no end?' Batman vs. Oracle, scariest thing in the world.

+ PS, [profile] applesred: Phil Hester has been talking about taking over the reigns from JMS here. He comes across as pretty well-versed in things, from Perez to Simone, especially here,

To me, WW represents righteousness. Not sanctimony or piety, but an innate drive to find the right, just course and follow it whether it leads to mercy or violence.

That's what I love about Rucka's Diana, I have to say (among many other things that is).

+ I still need to do something about how much I miss my sparkly Seeker show. I mean, just look at this gif, under cut )

+ I'm going for HP 7 today! \0/


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