Nov. 20th, 2009 11:22 am
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+ All this talk of MANPAIN reminds me: you know who doesn't have MANPAIN (so far, anyway)? Castle! And that's one of the many reasons why I adore him. And, also, there is this great post (via [ profile] metafandom on the representation of fans and fannishness; it discusses, among other things, Castle's little nod to Firefly fans by having Nathan Fillion dress up as a space cowboy in the Halloween episode. But you know what (who) - as far as I'm concerned - the show's biggest nod to us fannish types is? Beckett! Beckett, who is a complete and utter fangirl, who knows the tiniest details of the worst episodes books and stands in line for an hour to get her book signed, who makes time for the new book amidst everything - and who somehow also manages to be a sane person, who is competent and efficient, who does not wallow in her womanpain and does not melt into a fangirly puddle every time Castle is in front of her. Beckett is one of us, and I cannot tell you how much that pleases me.

+ You know how I have been threatening to Have Thoughts about the Lydia episode in Broken ever since the episode aired? Here, have some tl;dr. spoilers through 6.08 )
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About 15 minutes into Castle 1.06: it's a little difficult to take Aldis Hodge's 'African' character seriously when all I can think of is Hardison and his terrible accent as the Ice Man and Sophie asking him, 'What accent is that?'

Also, I've been resisting doing the DVD commentary meme popping up all over my flist because I may not remember what I was thinking when I was writing something, but there's this bit in my [profile] femslash09 fic that mentions Andy's new book:

That night, Emily orders her books—the essays as well as the award-winning one about thieves and time-travel. They are decent books: smart, well-written. The time-travelling thieves are funny, and also a bit mad, and Emily is—she must admit—charmed in spite of herself.

She says so over coffee. Andy flushes and beams, and shyly divulges her plans for the sequel featuring Elizabeth I and, possibly, William Shakespeare.

That's actually the Leverage team. Only with time travel. Sophie takes great pleasure in getting the costumes and manners right, and scolds Hardison for not getting the accent right. Parker does not understand why she has to wear all those petticoats whenever they travel to the Victorian age. Eliot on the other hand does not appreciate when people compliment him on his 'wig' ('It's my HAIR, you idiots.').
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+ Castle 1.05: Totally bowled over by the lovely backstoryness. Castle&Beckett(&Ryan&Esposito) are ♥. I love, especially, the respect Castle has for Beckett's story. He's a smartass, but he knows where the lines are.

+ Merlin 2.07: Easily the best episode of this season, although I'm partial to 2.03 for obvious reasons. witch-hunting )


Nov. 2nd, 2009 03:25 pm
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+ Castle continues to be endearing. I love that his ringtone for Beckett is the Addams family theme.

+ Merlin 2.06 Troll! In the Dungeon! V.2 )

+ Angel Coulby and Bradley James did a signing together, where Angel showed up with a flower in her hair and Bradley showed up with a beard. Pictorial evidence shows that Colin Morgan's facial hair >> Bradley James' facial hair, so the [community profile] camelot_fleet people had a discussion on what would happen if Arthur tried to grow a beard.
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Everyone was talking about it, so I watched White Collar. It was... okay. Good. The cop/thief duo is cute, although I fear I will never be able to read slash in this fandom because of the infidelity thing. It made me miss Leverage a lot.

And then I watched the first episode of Castle S1. Dear flist, you're fired for not telling me about this show earlier, with its cheese and banter and Nathan Fillion. Fired.

The cops were also very cute, but mostly I loved adorable Nathan Fillion and his adorable daughter and his adorable mother. ♥♥♥


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