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To make things really exciting, spoilers for Star Trek )

Catching up on B99 S3 has been fun. I am a very critical viewer of the show but they've fixed a lot of their Jake Problem, even if a lot of their writing for Boyle is still irredeemable garbage.

garbage fire aka ouat s7 )
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image under cut )
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OUAT continues to be delightfully bad. a set of non-serious observations )

Snow is kind of right, though. Regina is a life ruiner. She ruins lives.


May. 21st, 2013 04:15 pm
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Watson for Batman!

Because Sherlock would play an excellent twitchy little Tim Drake and Gregson IS Gordon.

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Elementary? (Shh, you may not discuss episodes beyond 1.14 with me.) I may also have developed a slight Gregson problem, in that [personal profile] tanndell and I have taken to squeeing in an unseemly fashion whenever he is on screen and shipping him shamelessly with Watson, because unf.


I still have to watch the new Warehouse 13and the OUAT finale (although, going by Tumblr gifs alone: show, your gay is showing). What is my life. :/

I had many thoughts about the last few episodes of TGW, but then I forgot to talk about it and right now it all boils down to spoilers )
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The Good Wife has now had TWO fun episodes in a row, which can only mean that something DREADFUL is going to happen shortly. Je Ne Sais What? )

Once Upon a Time meanwhile was The Outsider )
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The last OUAT episode was pretty much straight out of Swan Queen fanfic: spoilers for 2.10 )

TGW is always good, and this episode was no exception spoilers for 2.11 )


The first week of being back at work after a break is strange - I fell asleep early a lot (no matter what [personal profile] zorana says, I did not read fic till two - on most days), got handed a lot of new responsibilities (which are not bad, in fact), and generally have no idea where this week went.
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Things you should never have to hear, ever: "[Your baby cousin brother]* needs to develop better kissing skills on-screen."

* He is 22, and an actor.


I watched the HIMYM special two-parter, and spoilers for 8.11-8.12 )

I'm not much of an actor fan, but I have to admit, every time Alexis Denisof shows up as Sandy on the show, my heart grows three sizes. Sandy is SUCH a sleaze, and AD plays it with SUCH gusto. ♥

The Ruby/Red backstory episode (1.15) of OUAT was pretty great, even if the CGI wolf was hilariously bad. I also fail to feel much sympathy for spoiler )
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+ This story about Cliff Chiang drawing Black Canary for a fan is the cutest thing ever*. Even if I generally want comics!Ollie to be far, far away from my Dinah.

* Except today's Gunnerkrigg Court, which is beyond adorable. <33333

Speaking of which, I have seen the second episode of Arrow, and it is still quite fun. Ollie is still very pretty, Stephen Amell is still hilariously bad most of the time (his angsty voiceovers, my god), his inappropriate chemistry with his sister is still inappropriate but also gripping (the only scenes where his acting works, as far as I'm concerned), and his Hamlet backstory is still ridiculous and cheesy (he cannot be the man his mother wants him to be! because he has to be the man his ~father wanted him to be). I do like the actor who plays Dinah Laurel a lot, and her relationship with her father has excellent potential, I think. I hope they tell us eventually that her mother was the first Black Canary - followed, obviously, by her taking up the mantle.

+ I continue to make my way through OUAT S1. It's great fun, and spoilers till 1.13 )

+ HIMYM 8.10 )

+ ribbonspooncat's thoughts on Bering and Wells (there is a moving gif in the link - I used Readability for better reading)

ladyshinkicker's thoughts on Bering and Wells:

So, HG Wells is actually a woman – she provided the ideas, her brother provided the moustache, but who wrote the books? Each of them bears Helena’s name, but we know that she was bronzed before all of HG Wells’ books were published. Her exact status – author or muse – is ultimately an ambiguous one, and I know that this is a plothole which some fans like to criticise the writers for, but I honestly think it works. Helena isn’t quite a muse, she isn’t quite an author, and she isn’t quite a character: her presence queers the narrative (many of her lovers were men; many of her characters were men; many of her authors were men) but it also deconstructs the act of narration itself. She’s introduced before she’s ever introduced – Myka read HG Wells’s novels, Pete’s seen the movies, and Myka spots ‘Edward Prendick’ in the guestbook. Pete’s Genre Savvy, he knows how this works, but he’s still thinking in terms of actors and performance and guesses; Helena can’t quite stay away and the pseudonym she uses is her real name. When she introduces herself as Helena, that’s an implicit admission of her identity as HG Wells as well as a denial. They’re looking for Charles, the one with the moustache, but they’re calling him HG – she is HG, but she isn’t, too. Identity is never that simple for her.

ladyshinkicker's thoughts on HG Wells:

I think that she works brilliantly within the narrative as a sort of ghostly presence, lurking in all of the dark places and threatening to huff and puff and bring down the narrative around them – and, through that haunting, serves to shore up the narrative itself. Helena is the act of deconstruction and she is constantly deconstructed – what else is left, when the story tears itself apart, begins again, and rips that one up too?
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So I watched the first episode of Arrow with a friend - and this might have something to do with the fact that we were both tired and somewhat under the influence - and found it a rather charming take on Green Arrow. Now, to be honest, I was naturally predisposed to find it charming, in the sense that there is no possible version of Oliver Queen who is not more charming to me than DCU's Oliver Queen, but! He is sad! He is pretty! He was shipwrecked! On an island! He has ~changed! He's on a mission for revenge! Because his daddy told him to before dying, and also because he wants to clean up his city! He's practically Hamlet (we said yesterday, while being mesmerised by Stephen Amell's physique)! And then of course there's Dinah - I'm not sure I'm going to be able to call her 'Laurel' right now - and you know my feelings about Black Canary, right? ♥

So I'm going to watch more of that.

The Good Wife never disappoints, spoilers for the latest episode )

I'm also sort of making my way through Once Upon A Time S1, and while I'm enjoying it, spoilers for the Hansel and Gretel episode )

I am also still watching HIMYM, and spoiler for the latest episode )


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