Mar. 30th, 2012 08:54 pm
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For sale: a pair of defective lungs. (Or, I'm really, really tired of coughing and being generally sick.)

That said,this episode was right up my alley, because it gave me righteously angry Alicia. I love Alicia in all flavours, but especially righteously angry Alicia—like when she growls at Cary to get off Kalinda's back, or when she blasts Peter for his indiscretions, or when she walks out of Wendy Scott-Carr's court because she knows WSC is out of line. JM plays righteously angry marvelously well. So you can imagine my joy when we got righteously angry Alicia multiple times in the episode—first, on Kalinda's behalf (glorious, glorious angry!stompy!Alicia—did you see Kalinda's little smile?), second, on behalf of the victim (in a muted-but-still-righteous Alicia way), and third, finally, for herself (fade to black).

It is interesting, however, that Alicia's righteous anger, here, is not quite the same as, say, her righteous walk of glory out of WSC's court. In the first instance, Alicia is defending Kalinda against charges of being ~shady, which, well, she is. In fact, if Kalinda did not operate in her usual shady fashion, L/G would not win half the cases that it does. And even with the revelation that Agent Sexy was using this as leverage in a harebrained scheme to get to Kalinda, it does not change the fact that Alicia's righteous anger is in defence of something that is almost as shady. In many ways, it anticipated the shady move that Alicia herself would pull at the end of the episode—sticking by Peter at the cost of justice for the victim and her own moral integrity (and yes, I maintain that she stuck by Peter—Mike pretty much implied that they would go for the second report only if Alicia stuck to her guns about the investigation; after Alicia recused herself, there is no way he would still go after Peter—Peter is, after all, a privileged white dude, just like him and the rest of the blue ribbon panel). How the mighty have fallen.

This is the storyline for Alicia the Kings and JM were talking about right at the beginning of the season—the 'good' protagonist and her goodness; a descent of sorts. I can't wait to see where they're taking it, because that's the story I'm interested in most: Alicia's personal journey.
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