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My rec:art tag runneth over, flist - there are too many bookmarks for me to parse through and individually link to. Go and take a look, it's all awesome. I do not entirely love this shift of activity from LJ-sphere to Tumblr, but I am grateful to Tumblr for exposing me to so much good fan art. Some of it also comes, I suppose, from being in fandoms where art is important - be it comics or animation fandoms - and I'm glad that it is so, although ideally all fandoms should be like Homestuck where you'll never run short of good fic or art.

Meanwhile, on Warehouse 13: spoilers for 4.01 )

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Things I am doing:

1. Entertaining myself imagining all the ways in which Toph tormented Lin while in office, including making her (and/or poor Saikhan) do ALLLLL the paperwork while being insufferably smug and cracking numerous blind jokes.

2. Basking in the glory of the various cop/PI AUs fandom has been coming up with for Lin. GIVE ME FIC DAMMIT

3. Coveting Wonder Woman's coat.

(No, she's not giving us fashion advice, she's talking to the actual Hermes.)

(Also, Cliff Chiang, sir, welcome back, welcome back. You were missed. Your Diana is statuesque, and I never want anyone else drawing her again - unless it's JH Williams III.

Speaking of JH Williams III: I will be very upset if Kate doesn't hit on Diana at least once. Very upset. I've, uh, fallen really behind on Batwoman, not having read beyond #4, but I intend to catch up before Diana shows up. It's just, the absence of Renee Montoya depresses me so much.)

4. Considering watching more Xena. (Hyperion is evil and has greasy 80s hair. Keats would be so upset.)

Things I'm Not Doing:

1. Finishing this damn sentence and writing the next one. Oh god, WHY did I opt for higher education again? *wails*
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EURO 2012: Another draw. Bleh. It felt like the entirety of the second half was being played in England's half. Also why did Theo Walcott come in so late? Can't have people scoring goals? Nasri's goal, though, was simply perfect.


Korra stuff.

Other Media

The Korra soundtrack uploaded by Jeremy Zuckerman! All of it seems to have hit dl limit, but I bet there are workarounds for that...

Fan Art

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Fanficsnip )

Episode Commentary
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Aaaand time for Leechblock again. Sigh. Let me know if the links aren't working.
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Korra stuff, mostly on Tumblr. If the layouts bother you, a good way to bypass that is using the zap colors and zap images bookmarklets. I find them immensely useful. Only a couple of these have gifs, but if that bothers you you can press the ESC button to get them to stop.

Fan Art
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Episode Commentary

As much as I enjoy Tumblr as a platform, it simply isn't designed for a… sedate pace of doing things, which makes keeping track of things really difficult. Even more so if you're as haphazard as I am, and have nothing in place but a very basic tagging system. And what's lost is those amazing snippets of discussion or stray observations that deserve an instaclick on the like button. I've been trying to keep track of things with a 'rec' tag, although that needs further expansion—like separate 'rec:discussion' and 'rec:art' tags, maybe, and post the links on LJ/DW every now and then. snip; spoilers for Korra 1.08 )
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I knew I was going to like Lin Bei Fong even before Legend of Korra came out—hell, even before we knew her name. The originally released material called her Chief Bei Fong, the gruff metalbending chief of police and Toph's daughter, and I kind of suspected that I was going to enjoy her character. I have my character kinks, I'm easily pleased, and hey, she's Toph's daughter, what's not to like? What I did not expect, of course, was HOW MUCH I was going to LOVE her, but then I didn't know this was going to happen:animated gifs under cut )

Like I said, I'm easy.

Ever since the sixth episode, I have been scouring the Lin Bei Fong tag on Tumblr, AO3 and ff.net. The LoK fandom hasn't quite managed the AtLA level epics yet, but I trust that will change over the lengthy hiatus. Meanwhile, recs.

Other Media

Bei Fong Outlaw feat. Toph and Chief Lin Bei Fong, by chongthenomad (also the creator of Private Lessons feat. Tahno): HILARIOUS

Fan Art

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Jun. 12th, 2011 12:52 am
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It's not exactly a secret that I have many ~feelings about the DCU not-reboot, especially the decision to unceremoniously cancel Bryan Q. Miller's 'Batgirl' in order to make Barbara Batgirl again. I always have a lot of feelings about Batgirls in general, and this title in particular. Barbara, meanwhile, is my favourite, and all of this combined together makes for a very agitated me. If you have been anywhere near my Tumblr or the forums, you have probably had to witness me spew my feelings all over the internets (sorry).

THAT SAID. Since humour is my natural mode of Dealing With Things, I wrote a tiny bit of dialogue the other day, where Steph is Oracle, and gabzilla-z asked if they could draw it. To which I obviously said yes because I'm a huge fan of gabzilla-z's art (Jason and the Gingercats! Bruce and Steph have a slight disagreement! Pride and Prejudice and Robins!), and NOW LOOK AT THIS: ORACLE STEPH AND BATGIRL BABS, THE ILLUSTRATED FANCOMIC EDITION (the link goes to gabzilla-z's Tumblr, and the large version of the image is here). IS IT NOT THE BEST THING EVER? THEIR LITTLE FAAAACES! *FLAPPY HANDS*

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All right. Unfunny racewank; all hail [personal profile] zulu for being her wonderful self.

(A request, for my sanity's sake. Please don't respond to this post with 'thank god I'm out of this fandom,' or 'oh, how typical, I don't expect any better from this fandom.')


Tending to My Lady's Bath: Gorgeous, gorgeous piece of Gwen/Morgana fanart by anonymous. NSFW. The warm colours, their expressions! Just looking at it makes me happy.

A lovely Gwen/Morgana futurefic on the kink meme which should be read by more people. The author's warnings: sex, bit of an NCS edge at first, adultery.


And now I have to go out and socialize, when all I want is to curl up under a blanket. Darn cold.


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