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If this isn't the greatest thing ever, I don't know what is.

image under cut )
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+ Guys, you have to read what I got for [community profile] camelotsolstice: The Cupbearers, gen, The story of the Grail Quest is an old one, and mostly wrong. It's a gen fic featuring the OT4, Morgause and Elyan (that really made me squee - the Elyan voice here is a delight!), and the thing I love most about Merlin: family. ♥

And some more Yuletide, though I've haven't been reading much in the last few days: Warehouse 13, Calvin and Hobbes, Disney Princesses, Legend of the Seeker, Hellcats )

+ I watched a brilliant film today: Arekti Premer Golpo (Another Love Story - or should it be Just Another Love Story). Sometimes it's easy to forget that Bollywood is not the be all and end all of Indian cinema, so I've been taking some time to watch as many Bengali films as possible in the theatre. And, gah, it's hard to believe that we can make LGBT-themed films like this now (that seems to be doing fairly well, too *fingers crossed*). Although I kind of wish that there was less English dialogue in the non-flashback parts - it's not unrealistic in a contemporary setting, even more so given the protagonists, but some of the best dialogues would've been so much prettier if it weren't in English.

+ LOLDiana.

+ Speaking of comics, I was re-reading bits of No Man's Land the other day (dear [personal profile] roga, do you know how many hours of my life has been wasted ever since you said I should read Gotham Central and NML? *shakes tiny fist*), and god, Huntress really breaks me. There's a lot of ridiculously OTT Batdickery in NML - to the point where it doesn't make sense! - but. Huntress. dcwomenkickingass had a great post about her last stand before Joker today, which said (among other things):

She won’t let the Joker win and she will defend the people inside with the last breath in her body.

That’s a hero. That’s a warrior, that’s a soldier. Helena has been among despair, hopelessness and misery for months. She’s been treated like dirt by the other Gotham heroes and left with virtually no phsyical or emotional support. She has had little food, little rest and no creature comforts. She’s been living in hell and yet she hasn’t given up. Despite the pain and the beatings she’s received, she holds her ground. As far as she’s aware there is no backup - she is the last line of defence between the Joker, a deeply terrifying madman, and the civilians. Defiant and proud, her one concession to his presence is to state ‘Bite me’.

She’s not doing it for glory or recognition. She’s doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

THIS. SO MANY HEARTS. ♥♥♥ The entire post is worth a read, but especially this.
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TBH, in my ideal world, she'd be playing Cara on the silver screen in a world famous movie franchise with a bazillion sequels (co-starring Bridget Regan), but I'll take whatever I get. <333

+ Speaking of which, a couple of utterly brilliant Cara-centric vids via the lovely folks at Tumblr (again, thanks to [personal profile] hibernate for reminding me about them):

Cara is a genius. BECAUSE SHE IS.

A kiss with a fist. Cara/ Kahlan. NSFW, featuring manipped kissing and more. And, uhm, I may not be much for manips guys, but this is really incredibly hot.

+ There's been a lot of talk about Fringe being on the bubble, and yes, I too am worried about losing Olivia Dunham and her brilliant, smart show and Walter, but here's the thing. It will be a pity if Fringe isn't renewed after this season, because I seriously think it's one of the smartest things I've seen lately, and Season 3 so far has been mindblowing. Olivia Dunham is a worthy successor of Sarah Connor, and I will miss her desperately if the show dies before its time. BUT. If I managed to cope with the loss of Cara and Kahlan and my pretty, sparkly show, I can also live with this. I'll find something else to squee about, I'm sure. Yes, this is what I'm telling myself. I WILL SURVIVE.

+ I really miss Cara and Kahlan, you guys. :( I feel like I should do a picspam or a love meme or something, just so we can squee about them.

+ Also, Fringe: I really need to make a post about the various interesting things about the last couple of episodes. Hmm.

+ Today's lesson learnt IRL: it's very hard to edit a book when it mostly leaves you thinking 'OHNOYOUDIDN'T'/'Wait, did you really defend THAT?'/'STFU RIGHTWING PONDSCUM.' I'm very glad that's over. Why do I always end up with projects like this?

+ ETA: 4 am. Why am I not asleep?
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+ Gail Simone wrote an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold featuring Huntress and Black Canary, so of course I had to check it out. It was ridiculous fun, and even though Batman shouldn't have been able to out-punch Canary like that, I'm not really complaining. The best part?

I haven't been able to stop singing 'No one does it better than the Birds of Prey' ever since I heard it. I have NO IDEA how they got away with that much innuendo, ahaha. Aquaman has a tiny little fish! Flash finishes too fast! Batman has a shiny utility belt!

After watching the episode, I realised that this is the DCAU and Babs is still Batgirl, but in my secret BoP head-canon, this totally happened and Babs laughed and laughed, until Huntress threatened to shoot her with her crossbow.

ETA: A couple of hilarious screencaps:

the one and only birds of prey! )

+ I caught last week's Nikita afterwards, and okay, I really liked this episode.Nikita 1.03 )
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Dear [personal profile] hibernate, I believe this Fringe video to be Relevant To Your Interests. Especially the bit around 1:20, wherein they discuss 'part man, part machine' creatures designed Over There.

+ Apparently, a JLA movie is in the works, which may not feature Batman and Superman in favour of 'introducing' WW, MM and Aquaman to the general audience. I can't see a JLA movie without the two of them, and neither do I understand why Diana needs to be 'introduced' in a JLA movie instead of a movie of her own, but that's not what I want to talk about right now. Fans are speculating about who will play Diana, and one name that frequently comes up in discussions is none other than our very own Bridget Regan (who, if I recall correctly, once mentioned that she grew up worshipping WW). It's just fan speculation, obviously, but I absolutely love the idea of B as WW. She's got the height, she's got the figure, she's got the blue eyes, and most importantly, if anyone can sell Diana's particular combination of sweet, wise and scary, not to mention a kick-ass warrior, it's her.

I offer Proof. large images under cut )
Also check out Nigel Halsey's gallery for a few more manips, all beautifully done.

+ I am slowly gearing up for the return of Merlin. I haven't looked at spoilers or any of the trailers, let alone fan reactions to the screening of the first two episodes, because I think not reading fan reactions is the key to enjoying ones shows. I think I am more or less prepared for the inevitable Evil McEvil Morgana, but I still don't how I'll cope when her relationships with her friends fall apart. Sigh. And maybe they'll tell Arthur things this season? A girl can hope.

+ I wrote 100 words yesterday. It was hard. Then I gave up and rewatched Legend of the Seeker. BTW, it's hilarious how Kahlan has Cara (and Richard and Zedd) wrapped around her little finger, without even trying.

+ I'm still waiting for my copy of Mockingjay arrive so that I can talk about it, and the other two books. I also read Unseen Academicals, which was great fun, and then re-read a bunch of other Discworld books. The Sister seems to have misplaced my copy of The Fifth Elephant, humph.

Speaking of Discworld, [personal profile] roga drew Death putting on nailpolish! Go tell her how cute and awesome it is. <333
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Indistinguishable from (Powerful) Magic:

Or, why I was sad when I discovered that approximately three people in my sci-fi loving flist actually watch Fringe. This is basically a tl;dr version of what I told my sister ('do yourself a favour and watch Fringe'; 'If you tell me you don’t like Olivia I'll refuse to recognise you as my sister.'). With pretty pictures. Pictures are always helpful. I've done my best to avoid spoiling any of the significant plot points, because Fringe is a show that's best watched unspoiled—watch out for the comments, though. Warning for serious tl;dr. ETA: Now without typos!

lie back and think of Rambladi )

Fringe S3 returns on September 23. The promos look amazing, and the last time I was this excited about a show was when Cara and Kahlan were going to be locked in a tomb together. So what are you waiting for?
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+ Can return to being a normal person tomorrow.
- Seem to have incurred a mild fever, which is getting in the way of last minute work.

But ANYWAY, here's what I've just realised: Olivia + Ella = Cara + Nightwisp

Just think about it. pictorial evidence )

Someone convince JJ Abrams to hire Tab as Olivia's love interest flirty nemesis A CYBORG on Fringe, please.

[Comments now have spoilers for the Fringe S2 finale.]
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Diego Forlán is in the country. It's a good thing he's still far, far away, because I cannot say if I would be able to resist the temptation to stalk him if he were anywhere nearby, in the hope that he takes his shirt off.*

* During this period, Forlán became known for removing his shirt and baring his torso in celebration of his goals. The first such example of this resulted in quite an amusing incident: Forlán whipped his shirt off in excitement after scoring an 85th minute winner against Southampton in November 2002 but struggled to get it back on in time for the re-start of play, resulting in the spectacle of Forlán briefly running around the Old Trafford pitch bare-chested, with his shirt still in his hand, then recovering the ball for his team. The referee soon stopped play and ordered Forlán off the pitch to get dressed. Source
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Dear Seeker peeps, in case you don't hang out at [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies, they're having a FINALE BEACH PARTY which you should check out, if only for this awesome bit of fanart featuring Cara on a f-ing sea unicorn narwhal. And the one where she can't swim. And, um, Zedd wearing very little clothes. For the ladies.

God, I love this fandom and its sense of humour. I hope it rocks on, show or no show.

macros under cut; spoiler for the finale )
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As promised, a Late but nonetheless Proper Fangirl Response to Seeker 2.19, Extinction. Or rather, a love letter to Cara's character arc and C/K. I should warn that this is EXTREMELY image heavy, and contains spoilers for the promo of 2.20 (but nothing beyond, because I'm still... obtaining it).

basically, ♥♥♥ )

Comments may have futher spoilers.
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Because it's April Fool's Day today, Mafia Wars has converted their Chop Shop to a Unicorn Castle, where you build unicorns with Magic Potions, Fairy Wings, Pixie Dust and Rainbows. My Red Angels are now Rainbowcorns, and the Trio Napolis are Robocorns. ♥♥♥
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Mar. 12th, 2010 01:28 am
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Vote Buffy.

I am sure Sheldon Cooper is funny and smart and entertaining, but we're talking about Buffy Summers here. Remember this?

Angelus: No weapons... no friends... no hope. Take all that away and what's left?
Buffy: Me.

I'm getting all soppy and nostalgic now.


Meanwhile, someone should tell Bridget Regan to stop being so awesome. I'm not supposed to fangirl real people like this. It's not my style.

Anyway. Some things of note:minor spoilers for future episodes )

Galactica: Sabotage. Man, this vid makes me miss that show so much.
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Q: How many times do you think Zeddicus (Bruce Spence) could say "Powerful Magic" in one episode? (Balaamsdonkey)

A: Ha! Ha! That's brilliant. He said it yesterday! My friends have a drinking game for the show. Play at your own risk: every time I yell out "RICHARD!"… and drink. Every time the show cuts to a lush, beautiful landscape, shout/sing in your highest pitch possible, "NEW ZEALAND!" and drink. Every time my hair does something epic… We need to add "POWERFUL MAGIC" to the list.

Bridget Regan, in an interview here.

I ♥ you, Queen B! ♥♥♥♥♥
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Fandom Cage Match

VOTE FOR CARA OKAY? I love Summer Glaubot as much as anyone else, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT HERE.

What would Cara do if she met Cameron? Die, unfortunately, but not before single-handedly dismantling some of Cameronbot's metal bodyparts. Alternately, they meet in a non-battle scenario where Cara has to explain ~FEELINGS~ to Cameron. It's a very traumatizing experience, to say the least.
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+ I am deeply amused by the sheer amount of love Cara/Kahlan is getting in the [livejournal.com profile] femslash_today vaguely annual porn battle. It's the single most popular pairing out there, and since the porn battle will go on for another week and tomorrow (for me) is Seeker Day with bonus woobie Cara, we can hope for even more. *eyes [livejournal.com profile] ijemanja hopefully* Clearly f/f fandom is slowly waking up to the fact that Cara and Kahlan exist and ARE AWESOME and deserve a lot of love. A little disappointed by the lack of Merlin, but maybe that'll change this week?

+ I still need to do that 'here's why you should watch Seeker' thing for my flist, hmm.

+ It's a relief to be able to write again. I've had [personal profile] zulu's [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti plotted for a couple of weeks, but all I've been doing is sitting and staring at the screen, unable to string two words together. I blame the horrible book I was editing for my former employer who I still freelance for when I have spare time (seriously, why do they always give me the horrible business books? I'm supposed to work on another one next week, and apparently the author's a ~diva).

+ I spotted mango blossoms today. And the other day I heard a cuckoo sing. Hai there, spring!
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The AO3 servers seem to be working fine at the moment -- possibly because many of you are sleeping right now -- and so I took this opportunity to dive into the Yuletide archive. And all of you must now read this story:

Lord Wolfe and the Ape-Leader, which is Little Riding Hood + Beauty and the Beast + Regency!AU + awesome women and handsome rakes == AWESOME. It's also very long, about 32K, and an absorbing read. If you like Regency romances and Sensible Heroines Who Are Irrationally Attracted to Melodrama, you cannot miss this story.

Comments are also working now, so please don't forget to comment.

♥ Yuletide.

(Yes, I'm ignoring Very Important Things and immersing myself in fic instead. Shutup.)

ETA: OMG, I didn't know you could bookmark and rec things within the archive! OMG! AO3 ♥♥♥♥♥.
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+ You should read [profile] sarahtales' thoughts on S2 Merlin now. It's best if you're not drinking anything. Sample:

ARTHUR: My new contract states I must be shirtless at least once an episode.
GWEN: Now I am going to be a love interest, I am looking extremely foxy in several new gowns. I am never shirtless, because this is the BBC.
MERLIN: Nobody fed me over the summer, and I am feeling weak.
MORGANA: Nobody gave me any lines for the upcoming season, and I am feeling evil.

+ Pride and Prejudice in emoticons.

+ Some of you may have also noted my recent, ahem, enthusiasm for Morgana/Morgause. It's like being back in 2003 once again and discovering that the only way you get to read about the Black Family Drama is by dipping into Blackcest -- only this time, I actually ship it (Gwen/Morgana will always remain the Morgana ship of my heart, but). Like burning. *facepalm*

Let me show you why: spoiler-y picspam for 2.08 | spoiler-y picspam for 2.12 | general women of Merlin picspam

And then you must also watch this vid: Bad Romance, by [personal profile] such_heights. Lady Gaga + Morgana/Gwen&Morgana/Morgause = WIN.

I hope people are writing a lot of fic.

+ Meanwhile, I watched Avatar. It's like The Last Samurai. In space. spoilers )
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Fandom is full of awesome sparkly things today.

+ So, the NAUTICAL ADVENTURE AU I mentioned yesterday? [livejournal.com profile] dealan311 made manips for it:

Pirate!Gwen being badass and disapproving (Le Fay never learns)! Le Fay, Pirate Queen, glorious and joyful with that sword in her hand! And, of course, PIRATES OF CAMELOT!

Words cannot express my love for this.

+ [livejournal.com profile] michigandreams - a House&Cuddy collegefic challenge. [profile] leiascully has a poll here, which you should participate in at once (despite its sad lack of tickyboxes).

+ And last, but not the least, this fantastic story at [livejournal.com profile] hp_yule_balls:

Truth Beyond by Anonymous, Minerva McGonagall/Rita Skeeter, NC-17, featuring some BDSM and some fabulous world-building and characterisations. I am seriously in awe. (Please don't forget to feed the author!)


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