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Last night I stayed up to watch the Champions League final. Having no stake in either team - unlike a lot of other people in my FB feed (so much cursing) - I opted to root for the more aesthetically pleasing side, which, of course, worked out very well for me. Messi is pretty and has magic feet. (They were also clearly the better side.)


A little while ago, I finally picked up my copy of A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammad Hanif, after owning it for months but never quite getting around to reading it (Wolf Hall will have to wait, the Thomases were very confusing). Halfway through the book I told [profile] zorana84, 'This is the slashiest book I've read of late.'

'Oh, is it?' she said. 'Sounds interesting.'

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While we're on the topic of recs, I also have a couple more - fan fiction, this time. My Opinions on Glee can be summed up by 'I like Kurt', 'some of the songs are nice', and 'Santana is the best'; my viewing is, at best, sporadic. That does not explain why I wasted days reading Five Stages by thememoriesfire, and its two epic sequels, The Lights That Stop Me and Blind With Casualties.

Five Stages is about Santana - to quote the summary, "Santana deals with the coming out process; set after 2x16, "Original Song", and abandoning canon forever after that" - and it is MAGNIFICENT. It's so easy for stories in this vein to become preachy issuefic, but this is just perfect - raw, messed-up and glorious.

Apart from the three Santana-POV stories, this 'verse also has interludes featuring the other characters, and they're all great (although my favourite is Quinn).

If you read fic in this fandom at all, chances are you have already read it - but in case you haven't, go now. The power of Santana's ~feelings compels you.
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Diego Forlán is in the country. It's a good thing he's still far, far away, because I cannot say if I would be able to resist the temptation to stalk him if he were anywhere nearby, in the hope that he takes his shirt off.*

* During this period, Forlán became known for removing his shirt and baring his torso in celebration of his goals. The first such example of this resulted in quite an amusing incident: Forlán whipped his shirt off in excitement after scoring an 85th minute winner against Southampton in November 2002 but struggled to get it back on in time for the re-start of play, resulting in the spectacle of Forlán briefly running around the Old Trafford pitch bare-chested, with his shirt still in his hand, then recovering the ball for his team. The referee soon stopped play and ordered Forlán off the pitch to get dressed. Source
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SPAIN! That has to be the ugliest final I've seen, and that includes the '06 headbutt. There were times I wished yesterday's (wonderful) Germany-Uruguay match was the final - it was prettier and more exciting, not to mention the lack of cards. I missed the replay of De Jong planting his foot on Alonso's chest, so I couldn't tell if it was intentional or not, but he was lucky to have escaped without a red card. (ETA: Scratch that, that was intentional!) Of course, Holland still got nine yellow cards, not to mention the red! I've heard people blame the referee, but I'm not sure what he was supposed to do here.

Now seems like a good time to share the Spanish version of Waving Flag featuring David Bisbal.

Also, I love Iker Casillas. He's so dreamy. *sigh*

I love that they changed into their trademark red jerseys for the ceremony. ♥

AND, go Mueller for the Golden Boot *and* the Best Young Player, and Forlan for the Golden Ball! ~\0/~

Until 2014! (No, you cannot make fun of my plans of saving up and watching it in Brazil, enough people have done that already.)
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This was on Paulo Coelho's twitter yesterday:

I spotted Mick Jagger in the audience today, looking rather depressed. Clearly he was supporting Argentina. Curse of the Rolling Stone + OCTOPUS ORACLE = one invincible German team.

I'm so, so sad Argentina is out - because I wanted them to play in the final against Germany (I love them) or Brazil, or possibly Italy, had they lasted (LOOK THEY'RE REALLY PRETTY OKAY?) - but Germany was absolutely invincible today. Their defense pretty much looked impenetrable at times, their offense deadly, their goals beautiful. Meanwhile, Argentina's midfield was sluggish and overly dependent on Messi, and their defense more or less gave up after the second goal. Germany better win the World Cup now, or the OCTOPUS ORACLE will be EXTREMELY DISPLEASED. It was also fun to see Angela Merkel look positively bouncy in the stands.

And afterward, a phone conversation with G. (who left the room in tears after the second goal, shortly after the camera panned to a devastated Maradona):

S: Hello?
G: *sobs*
S: Dude, you're crying?
G: I cannot bear this. *sobs*
S: I know, but...
G: *sobs*
S: Why don't you come and grab some dinner with us?
S: ...

His FB status update currently reads, 'There s no need f fifa world cup where there s no argentina... Ps:also wdout brazil.'
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If I weren't so sad about Brazil losing, I'd be deeply amused by the fact that the Dutch fans broke Twitter with their 'Hup Holland Hup'. Oh, who am I kidding, I am deeply amused that the Dutch funs broke Twitter with their cheering. Go fans!

All the FB status updates of my friends currently sound infinitely more traumatised than they would have been if this was, say, our team knocked out of the cricket World Cup. Which is understandable, because there's nothing surprising about our cricket team snatching glorious defeat from the jaws of victory, but extremely surprising to witness the entire Brazilian football team fall apart after conceding one goal. I bet tomorrow's newspapers will have headlines like 'Brazil was "Robbed"'

I also find this more amusing than I should. And a little scary:
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Tumblr's thoughts on Lampard's Not Goal:

Always succinct.


Also, okay, so Fringe 2.11 is actually a random unaired season one episode? That explains, um, the non-zombie presence of a clearly dead character. /0\
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Woah, that was Mick Jagger in the audience! Great match so far.

(England fans, you'll not stop talking about Lampard's unfortunate not-goal for the next hundred years, won't you?)
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I wasn't even watching, and then S. kept flooding my inbox with 'goal!', 'another one!', 'half dozen!', 'goal!' messages. Maybe I'll catch the goals when they're up on YT.
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Tumblr sums up the Germany vs. Serbia game:

Cards for everyone! *\0/*
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For the pretty.

Images are courtesy [community profile] ontd_football (here, image heavy; check it out for some bonus Maradona hilarity) and various news websites. Not hotlinked.

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Okay, yellow card for taking off your shirt is just wrong. WTF, FIFA?
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I do hope today's matches actually have results, however.
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First, Batgirl #11 = ♥ brief spoilers )


ETA: If you are in Seeker fandom and love Cara even a little bit, you will go and read this now: Don't Play With (Powerful) Magic by [personal profile] hibernate. Post-finale Cara/Dahlia fixit with ~Powerful Magic~, time travel, alternate realities and a Cara who will simultaneously make you smile and break you heart. Also, sneaky Cara/Kahlan-ness FTW.


Meanwhile, TODAY IS THE DAY, flist. THE WORLD CUP IS HERE! I am jubilant, and also sad, because this is the first time in my life that I won't be able to follow it the way I should, being away from home and Education keeping me away from everything. And yes, it is kind of a big deal to me, nevermind that my country sucks at football - I was born in a world cup year, and my father will happily tell you stories about tiny me watching football with him. BUT ANYWAY. ARE YOU WATCHING? IS YOUR TEAM PLAYING? WHO ARE YOU SUPPORTING? HOW AWESOME IS THE THEME SONG? TELL MEEEE!

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Italy still the prettiest.
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Zidane, Zidane, Zidane – what did you do? What happened to you? What on earth did Materazzi say that you lost your head like that?

Dude. This was his last game. And after the way he performed all day, too.

Still, I'm glad Italy won. Both teams were evenly matched and Italy was prettier. I was having flashbacks of '94, and by the time they reached the penalties, I was totally rooting for Italy to win.

And how adorably dorky were they in their celebrations? Aww. I think Grosso is my new crush.
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OMG Italy! I think I want them to win. I also don't want France not to win.

This is hard.

Mum: Who was that really pretty Italian again?
Swatkat: What are you talking about? *All* of them are pretty.
Dad: I think she means Roberto Baggio.
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OMG France! This was like '98 all over again! They totally outplayed Brazil – it was like they were playing with 20 men instead of 11! OMG Zidane! ♥♥♥

It's hard to watch a match when you want both teams to win, you know? Yay Zidane!

And is it just me, or is Ronaldinho really overrated? *sobs a little bit for poor Ronaldo*


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