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Whatever happened to the House forums at TWOP? I have been avoiding them for a while now, because the rampant misogyny and general negetivity makes my blood pressure rise to unsavoury levels, but today I went back for some fic recs and they were empty. EMPTY, I tell you. Was there some flamewar no one told me about?
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Because I was feeling silly.

Title: Sidekick
Fandom: House, M.D
Character(s): Kutner, Amber, Thirteen (gen. well, Amber/Thirteen if you're squinting like I am)
Words: 1370
Disclaimer: Not mine. Playing.
Summary: Kutner spots Amber in the parking lot. Thirteen won't be happy.
A/N: Set after 4.09, spoilers. Your thoughts/criticism will be cherished – I'm not known for my sensitive snowflake soul.

are you planning to plant a bomb inside his car or something? )
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Pterry wishes everyone Happy Hogswatch. Also, *awesome* Hogfather art here.

In other news, fic. Self-indulgent fluff.


Title: Speak Whale To Me
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Words: 2975
A/N: Set sometime around 3.19, 'Act Your Age'. Title and plot contrivances inspired by this NY Times article. Many, many, many thanks to [ profile] pwcorgigirl for looking through this.
Summary: Male whales sing to each other.

did you know male whales sing to each other? )
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The after-effects of drunken all-night revelry aren't nearly as much fun as the said revelry. It was some revelry, though. My head, it still spins.


This is entry #1 for the [ profile] cuddy_fest. No, I have no other prompt to finish. None at all. Why do you ask?

Title: Between Walls
Author: [ profile] swatkat24
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG, I guess
Words: 1610
Summary: She's not a vapid celebrity and she doesn't care to play God, doesn't have delusions of saving the world – no matter what House likes to think. But it's an idea.
A/N: Set after 3.18, ‘Airborne’; spoilers through S3. Title from this poem by William Carlos Williams. Despite Coherence Issues, this was not actually written under intoxication. Your thoughts would be cherished.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Playing.

she’s not a vapid celebrity and she doesn’t care to play God, doesn’t have delusions of saving the world – no matter what House likes to think )
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Title: Touring the Facility
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: Foreman/Cuddy
Words: 5389
Rating: PG
Summary: 'And besides, I'm your boss. I could be sued for sexual harassment,' Cuddy will say, her tone entirely somber, and Foreman will be left wondering if he merely imagined the twinkle in her eye.
A/N: Not mine, merely playing. This is my entry for the [ profile] foreman_fest, prompt at the end. Many, many, many thanks to [ profile] hihoplastic for her infinite patience with my whining and her insights on the dreaded first draft, to [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] roga for their magnifying glasses and red marker pens. Title from Cake's 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket'. Concrit is cherished - I'm not known for my unique snowflake soul. ETA: It occurs to me that I should mention that this takes off from 2.05, 'Daddy's Boy.'

and besides, i`m your boss. i could be sued for sexual harassment )
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Improv. It's been raining rather a lot. So I wrote fic where nothing happens and there is a lot of rain. Also, do not forget: last day of prompts at [ profile] cuddy_fest!

Title: Like Lament or Rain
Fandom: House
Character(s): Wilson, House, Hector
Genre: Gen (House/Wilson if you squint)
Rating: PG
Words: 1,103
Summary: The air smells of rain.
A/N: Not mine, playing. Set post-3.24, and contains spoilers through S3. Title from Pablo Neruda's Death Alone. This is a writing exercise; your thoughts would be cherished. Extra-special thanks to [ profile] leiascully for doing some of my work for me her words.

real men prefer pneumonia? )
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Title: All In A Day's Work
Fandom: House, M.D
Genre: Crack!fic. With zombies.
Character: Cuddy, ensemble
Words: 2253
Summary: There are zombies in Cuddy's hospital.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Playing.
A/N: I don't know where this came from. Not beta'd; all the insanity is mine. Much plagiarism has been committed from the trusty Uncyclopedia guie to survive a zombie outbreak. For the [ profile] housefic50 prompt 047: Death.


are there zombies in my hospital? )
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Title: One Time Thing
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: House/Wilson/Cuddy ♥ (yes, threesome)
Words: 4445 words
Summary: 'Shit,' he says again. It feels like the most appropriate thing to say.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Playing.
A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] severuslovesme and [ profile] queenzulu for looking through this. Could be read as a sequel to Talk of This and That, but doesn't really matter. ETA: Now with added italics!

shit, wilson says. it feels like the most appropriate thing to say. )
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A very happy new year to all of you! This was not the story I was supposed to write, but I seem to have written it anyway. I have no idea where this came from. *facepalm*

Title: The Measure of a Man
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: Chase/Cuddy
Words: 865
Summary: Paedophile, said a little voice inside her head. Unsurprisingly, it sounded a lot like House.
Disclaimer: Chase, Cuddy, House and Mrs. Robinson do not belong to me. I am merely playing.
A/N: For the [ profile] housefic50 prompt 'Lovers'. Warnings for general silliness.

paedophile, said a little voice inside her head )
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For the [ profile] housefic50 prompt: hospital. 872 words, Cuddy, gen. I'm not entirely sure if it makes sense. Not beta'd; your comments/crit will be loved. I'm not sensitive, as you know. Also, LJ won't let me x-post to the [ profile] housefic50 comm (which I'm supposed to) for some reason. I'll try again later.

Talk of This and That


another day, another hospital fundraiser )


Jun. 22nd, 2006 07:34 pm
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Once upon a time, I said here (upon viewing The Socratic Method): You know who he reminds me of? Sam Vimes (from Discworld, for those who haven't read). Take away the cane and vicodin and replace it with a policeman's badge and alcohol and send him to Ankh-Morpork, and you'll have Sam Vimes. The misanthropy. The way he cares. The intense hotness. And it fits - Vimes is a Discworld version of Sherlock Holmes. Pterry frequently uses him to mock Holmes (Clues *giggles*).

I even had Proof to back it up.

See? (Sam Vimes icon courtesy [ profile] hyel and House icon courtesy [ profile] awakencordy)

There was more.

House's line: 'Everybody lies.'

Vimes' line: 'Everyone is guilty of *something*'. (this is a paraphrase, but you get the idea)

Vimes doesn't like people, and has been called a very angry man, more than once. House is, to quote Cameron, 'an angry misanthropic s.o.b'.

You want more? There was a discussion in [ profile] house_md today, where I compared House to Vimes. A poster ([ profile] charliesmum) told me this: When I saw Terry Pratchett last summer, I asked him if he thought Hugh Laurie would make a good Vimes, and he said yes, if he were being 'House-like'.

Yes, Pterry said that (which means he watches House *dies*). There cannot be enough squee in the world to express how I feel about this.

... there should be a crossover. In which the Patrician is ill again, and Doughnut Jimmy has failed, so Commander Vimes has no option but to take him to the Ankh-Morpork Teaching Hospital (after being persuaded by Lady Sybil), which is run by Lady Lisa Cuddy (who happens to be a friend of Sybil's). Their only hope is the eccentric Dr. House and his sidekicks (Dr. Chase is from XXXX). I can picture Vimes being rude to Cuddy and Carrot blushing at the sight of her cleavage, and Vimes wondering once more how on *earth* Angua manages to stay with him (even if it is a very fine cleavage, as far as he is a judge. Vimes doesn't make a habit of looking at ladies' bosoms).


Pterry also said (says [ profile] charliesmum) that he thought Rowan Atkinson would be a good Vetinari (incidentally, [ profile] jaybee65, you will *love* Lord Vetinari), and that his favourite movie is Galaxy Quest. Yes, that one, with Alan Rickman, and the affectionate riffs at Trek and the delightful portrayal of fans. How awesome is this man?
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Remember [ profile] h8meme? Now we have [ profile] house_fu - [ profile] h8meme's House version. *And* I have been added by the said journal. WTF?

I'm kind of tempted to join in with something like 'Yes, it is possible to like more than one ship. No really.', or 'Stacy saved his damn life so STFU already'. Or, or, 'House is not a w00bie'. That's something I really want to say. And 'Yes, it is possible to like Cuddy *and* Cameron *and* Stacy. No really.' But then, it's way more fun watching *other* people rant. I do like that no one's posting anon, though. It's nearly not as nasty as [ profile] h8meme.

Also, the Cameron fans are kinda batshit. The Cameron hate in my section of the fandom annoys me to no end, but there's no freaking way I'm hanging out with *those* people. *shudders*
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First things first:I've Got a Theory, House style. It's a thing of beauty. *wipes tears*

I've got a theory, that he's allergic!

[House] (hitting Chase on the head with the cane)
To breathing AIR? Uh, something isn't right here.

I've got a theory, House is acerbic --
'cause you're repeating dumb ideas that don't help here.

I've got a theory we should solve this case...
Or else I'll throw these whiteboard markers right in your face.


And now for the pretty. Hugh Laurie at the Bafta's. To quote RSL: homina homina homina.

Jennifer Morrison in the OK magazine. Just how hot is she?

Omar Epps. Guh.

The entire cast in some event. RSL IN GLASSES! *fans self*

Last, but most certainly not the least - a scientific fangirling of Dr. Lisa Cuddy and her cleavage. ♥

What, were you expecting *content*?
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Foreman has really long eyelashes. Just saying.
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I seem to have a swollen thingie behind my ear. Both ears. Might be a swollen gland - hurts a bit. I wish I could go to Dr. House's clinic - I'd ogle him and he would be rude to me and then find out whatever it is in his usual cool way. *happy sigh* That's right, I'm obsessed with this show. ♥

House 1.6 - the socratic method. with CAPSLOCK OF SQUEE )

But before that, I was channel-surfing. And they were airing FLYF. And because I'm a masochist, I watched.Madeline - suicide or pseuicide? with CAPSLOCK OF RAGE )

I also watched Angel S3, Loyalty. wesley is love )


The internet is a lot better now, but the computer is still misbehaving. There might be a virus. Norton won't run for some reason. I'll call the tech guy tomorrow. *headdesk*
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Could they *be* anymore obvious with the House/Wilson subtext? [she says in her best Chandler Bing voice] Wilson has Christmas dinner with *House* instead of his *wife*, and they laugh and have Chinese and there's slo-mo and Silent Night playing in the background…

Cuddy is teh awesome. Even when she's wrong and about to kill a patient. 'You did good with the nun' – that's as close to an apology House is ever going to get from her, and he knows it. Hence the 'thank you'. *hearts*

I don't really dislike Cameron. She's uptight and earnest, which is annoying, but also oddly endearing.

Chase is pretty. So, so pretty. I like looking at him.*stares*
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Watching House made me remember why exactly it is that I've always avoided medical shows: the medibabble is annoying unless spoken with a lot of snark (which, thankfully, is the case in this show), but what really, really gets to me is the actual action. All the seizures and injections and the pain – I spent a lot of time gritting my teeth and clutching a pillow to myself. I don't know *why* medical shows affect me this way - Rome had a doctor operating on Titus Pullo's skull while he was tied to a bed, and *that* wasn't nearly as horrifying as this.

But the show is funny. House and Cuddy are teh awesome, House and Wilson are married, and everyone is v. pretty, so I'm still watching.


Also, GIP. The base was made by [ profile] xbroadwaydivax, and I made some minor modifications (the postcard frame. am really fond of it. and the brush). I don't know who the actor playing Elphaba is (can't be bothered to look. sorry.), but she's gorgeous and exotic here and I can't stop looking at it. *stares*
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* Right now, I have with me Going Postal and Wicked. [ profile] jaybee65, I'll tell you what I think as soon as I can get my hands on it (the Sister says: 'Wow. It's like, a book about the Wicked Witch of West!').

* I have been reading rather a lot of Pratchett lately. This makes me happy.

* I wish RL would stop being so depressing. I don't foresee that happening in the near future, though.

* I do, however, foresee a lot of Pratchett-related babbling in this journal in the near future.

* I amused myself in the bookstore by looking at the tie-in novels from various tv shows. There were a couple on Lost, both featuring OCs. The best one, however, was the sole Buffy novel. The blurb went something like this:

Spike has fallen, so has the Rogue slayer, Faith. Buffy is all alone and Sunnydale is ruled by vampires.

Rupert Giles is Vampire King.

The photo of Giles on the cover, however, was rather fetching.

* There were also Angel comics. With a number of photos of DB in them. *dies*

* Rome continues to rock my socks.

* I saw House. Hugh Laurie is disturbingly hot. I don't generally enjoy medical shows (because of the very annoying patient-doctor interactions. you know, the parts were the patient lectures the doctor and gives him Will to Live etc. there was some of it in this ep as well), but considering how much time I spent today thinking about people I'd ship House with (Wilson. because they are so married. Cuddy. the snark. *and* she's his boss) and laughing over lines like "Oxygen is so important during those pre-pubescent years, don't you think?", I'll probably watch some more of this show.

* I have a new moodtheme, courtesy [ profile] a_girl_icons. There isn't enough Edie in it, but I love it all the same.


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