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My internet is dead. But at least I'm all caught up on Fringe.

spoilers for Fringe 4.08-4.11 )

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Today my father demanded that I arm-wrestle with him. It's a part of his physiotherapy, apparently.


I have caught up on Fringe. I was trying not to, because the next episode is TOO FAR AWAY and I HATE CLIFFHANGERS, but then I was missing Olivia's face a lot. spoilers till 4.07 )
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But let's face it, everything I ever say about Fringe is in praise of Olivia Dunham.

Fringe 4.04 Subject 9 )
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Apologies for being repetitive, but allow me to reiterate: in the magenta!verse, Dunham and Dunham run a detective agency. They bicker a lot and fight crime. Peter Bishop is the resident ghost who haunts their mansion. The green!verse is actually the DCU, and Olivia "Deadshot" Dunham (© [profile] fivewhatfive) is a superhero. She may or may not have an evil(ish) twin who is in fact even a better shot than she is and wishes to claim the 'Deadshot' title for herself. Sometimes Olivia spars with Wonder Woman.
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I've always maintained that the Fringe writers are comic book nerds, and the beginning of this new season just further proof: Fringe 4.01-4.02: The Olivia Dunham Show )
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I have actual physical difficulty pairing Cara and Kahlan* with anyone else. Is this what an OTP is like?

I don't think I've experienced it before. It is... an odd sensation.

* Cara/Dahlia is an exception. As is Richard/Kahlan, although I don't really read R/K fic as such. It made me happy on the show and that was good enough.


Pseudo-Science in the Magic City by [profile] tcbg77, Astrid/Debra Morgan, Fringe/Dexter x-over. The Fringe team travel to Miami and solve a case, and Astrid meets a cop called Debra Morgan. I don't follow Dexter, but I could not resist a well-written Astrid story.

white as snow by thememoriesfire, Quinn/Santana, Glee. Porn. I have a secret fondness for this ship, and porn is always appreciated.
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+ The Good Wife renewed, moved to Sunday opposite Desperate Housewives. \0/

This is a wonderful interview with Robert and Michelle King, where they have fun things to say about Alicia as a character and some thought on the direction the third season might be taking. This, meanwhile, is a lovely article on The Good Wife and its women:

“The show keeps asking: At the end of these women’s lives, what will success mean to each of them?”

These women could have followed stereotype. They include Jackie (Mary Beth Peil), the blueblood mother-in-law, who derives power vicariously through her marriage to a judge and by furthering her son’s ambition; Diane (Christine Baranski), a single, childless second-wave feminist who is the firm’s managing partner; the enigmatic investigator Kalinda, in her mid-30s, whose moral compass and sexual appetite keep viewers’ heads spinning (“She’s the most masculine fantasy figure and she’s probably mostly from me,” remarked Mr. King, who is directing the finale); Alicia, the 40-ish heroine, a working mother; and Grace (Makenzie Vega) her naïve, idealistic 14-year-old daughter.

Watching each of them wander off script, so to speak, is indeed at least half the fun.

ETA: Via [personal profile] hibernate, here's another great interview with the Kings, wherein they say, among other things: possible spoiler for the next season )

+ Fringe has some casting news: you have probably heard this already )

This, meanwhile, is a fun post-finale interview with John Noble and Joshua Jackson, where they said the following things and won my heart COMPLETELY:

blahblah )

If that weren't enough, Anna Torv said: this was all over tumblr )

+ Discussion on pre- and post-Crisis Wonder Woman; makes some fascinating points. Phil Hester comes across as a writer with a good grasp on the older stories - I hope after Odyssey (and whatever nonsense Flashpoint is up to) is over, he gets an opportunity to write Diana the way he wants to.

Also, people need to STOP speculating about the possible cancellation of Batgirl after Flashpoint. We all know they're going to do something gimmicky post-Flashpoint, but I don't want to hear ONE WORD about how Stephanie does not fit the role and Babs should be Batgirl again. Not a word.

[from phoenixpen; press ESC to stop the gif]

+ Tumblr tells me that Tears aired exactly a year ago. ;__; Ya'll should sign up for [community profile] femslash11/[community profile] thelittlebang/[community profile] ladiesbigbang to make me feel better about losing Cara and Kahlan.

I have a feeling Legend of the Seeker will be my Firefly, aka the stupid show I'll never shut up about. I'm not sure how a silly, silly show like Seeker ended up being the ♥Show of My Heart♥. The heart has its reasons and all that.
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Fringe 3.22, 'The Day We Died'

So you know how in Final Crisis Superman builds the Miracle Machine and wishes for a happy ending? Grant Morrison called )
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If you haven't read this already: Pull Your Little Arrows Out by [personal profile] hibernate, Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan, "Sharing a bed is really the only rational option." Featuring dirty rhyming, ~powerful magic, menacing cows and a lot of feelings.

Oh Seeker fandom, you bring me so much joy. *happy sigh*


Fringe 3.21 (3.22 promo under cut)

thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening )
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fyeahlittlebitoeverything suggested I take a look at Power Girl V2, because he thought I would enjoy it. And he was right, I did - it's brilliant. I feel so blessed to have friends who know exactly the kind of crack I heart: featuring a six foot tall Kryptonian known - apart from owning the Best Bosom in the DCU and a backstory only slightly less complicated than Donna Troy's - for her temper, sarcasm and love for punching things (she kicked a ten-ton robot in the crotch). Before this, I mostly knew of Peej as the 'other Supergirl' from Infinite Crisis and Oracle's ex-girlfriend, so it was great to see her in her own book, hitting things (she really really loves hitting things ♥), trying to run - and failing, mostly - an ~eco-friendly company, hanging out with her BFF Terra and having bonus chemistry with Dick Grayson. I think my favourite is the part where she ~spiritually bonds with Terra by soaking in 'emofluid' that allows them to ~see things from the other person’s view and ~feel the other person’s feelings. Okay, and also the part where she sort of reproduces (but not in the way you think!) with Vartox, a scantily-clad playboy alien from the Sombrero galaxy.

The book changed creative teams halfway through V2, and I can understand why a lot of people are unhappy with Winick's work here - it's not bad, but it's very different in tone, moving away from the light-hearted CRACK of Gray and Palmiotti to something that heavily ties in with Winick's pet project (Justice League: Generation Lost, which a lot of people aren't following. and why should they, it's seriously time for Max Lord to go away. perhaps Diana could kill him again, but she doesn't need the added melodrama). I do however think Winick gets one thing right - Peej's voice. She's just as hot-headed and lovable as ever, with some bonus flirting with Dick Grayson, and if there's one thing I'll never complain about is hot people having inappropriate chemistry with Dick Grayson. (If PG and Dick ever hook up in canon, Babs is going to be so pissed.)


Okay, so this was basically set-up for the finale so I don't have much to say, except:Fringe 3.20 )


Grading is hard. I realise that being objective and if necessary, harsh, is a part of the job description, but I keep feeling like I should grade everyone well because they'll feel sad if I don't (no, I'm not actually doing that, I'm being very srs bzns about everything).
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+ I followed all your links to the Female Character Trope Fest (hosted by [personal profile] such_heights) and was about to leave a couple of prompts when I realised one of them was completely redundant: Birds of Prey is a buddy cop AU featuring Black Canary and Oracle (and then Huntress and Lady Blackhawk). It's kind of awesome. ♥

+ Something hilarious happened the other day. I visited Eddie Olmos' twitter on a whim (after [personal profile] roga mentioned it was LOLarious) and then asked to follow him, although I never log into to twitter or follow tweets (the last time I logged in was about three months ago. I think?). And then he followed me back. Which was funny, but I thought, how sweet of him, following people back like that. And then Gail Simone followed me on Tumblr! Which actually makes more sense, because I do gush about BoP and Batgirls and Robins and Wonder Woman very frequently on Tumblr, which makes it relevant to her interests. But then she left Tumblr (there were some... disagreements, it's probably for the best if she takes a little break), and IDK, guys. It's just weird. And hilarious.

+ I had to unfollow a number of Fringe blogs on Tumblr today. I'm generally not one to whine about spoilers on Tumblr, I know how impossible it is, but five minutes after the show has aired in the US, really? It was of course rather stupid of me to log into Tumblr in the first place, but ugh, so annoying. (I will go and watch the actual episode now, I've been saving it up.)

+ I'm not done with AtLA yet, but I probably shouldn't like Azula as much as I do. I don't even like villains in general, but Azula belongs to that certain type - competent, powerful, deeply committed to winning everything in the world (some people call it megalomania, they just call it perfectionism), secretly vulnerable and CRAAAAAZY (seriously, she has the best crazyeyes ever). It's precisely why I absolutely refuse to watch Camelot. Apart from the fact that it's a trashy Starz show, I know that I'll start rooting for Morgan to win within five minutes of watching, and that's not how the story ends. Morgan can't win.
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I had thoughts about the last episode, but I think we can postpone that for the moment in favour of squee.
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My Fringe-watching yesterday was severely disrupted by the cricket World Cup (which I have somehow ended up following although I said I wouldn't). Olivia was rather scarce in the episode, Sachin Tendulkar was being superhuman again and our team was snatching glorious defeat from the jaws of victory, so I was caught unawares when Fringe 3.16 Os )

Also, if this were the HP fandom? Walter/William Bell would totally be one of the biggest ships.

Subject 13

Mar. 2nd, 2011 10:51 pm
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I have many feelings about the last episode of Fringe and I'm finally past the keysmashing point.

Fringe 3.15. Subject 13 )
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I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this episode. Fringe 3.14 6B )

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+ Just when everyone thought David E. Kelley's WW show wasn't happening after all, NBC has ordered a pilot. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic about this, I can't help myself! \0/

+ I watched Fringe, and now I want to write a love letter to Anna Torv's expressions in this episode. Although, to be very honest, all my Fringe episode reactions are love letters to Anna Torv in some way or the other. I'm not even ashamed. Fringe 3.10 Firefly )

It's good to know that the episode did pretty well on the Friday slot. Here's hoping for good things.

+ It's past 3. I should probably sleep.


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