Jul. 11th, 2009 02:10 pm
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In a bid to lessen my Sarah Connor-induced heartache, I watched the pilot of Leverage. It's cute and funny, and I love all the characters. I particularly love that Lindsay Elliot is the muscle and Hardison the geek. I may watch more. After I stop listening to Sarah Connor's theme, that is. It makes me want to cry, and hug Sarah (I love how it begins with a haunting, lonely sound - Sarah Connor, essentially - and picks up in the middle, bringing back many lovely memories of Sarah beating the crap outta people, and then the thumping end, because Sarah Connor is a bad bitch).
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I have just two more TSCC episodes left to watch. *weeps*
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I haven't been watching TSCC - I've been inhaling it. I had been told about the quality of this season, but it's still unexpected, how good this is, how entranced I am. It reminds of Angel S4, or BSG's run from 'Kobol's Last Gleaming' to the Pegasus arc. It's too good to be coherent about. I can just watch.

And now I know why this show was cancelled, of course. It was too smart for its own good. It passed the Bedchel test in almost every episode. It explored what it means to be human (a theme it has in common with BSG; my bullet-proof kink in sci-fi), and what it means to be a woman. A mother. What it means to be a warrior woman, with a woman's body, her weaknesses and her strengths, and who wants to watch that? /sarcasm

I will try to be coherent later, when I'm done with the season. But meanwhile, I insist that the last few episodes, from 2.12 to 2.16, were written personally for me.
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If I had my way, this would be the Sarah & Cameron Blow Things Up Show, with cameos from Derek and Charlie and Agent Ellison. John Connor could go and be broody and emo wherever he wanted, I don't really care. It would also, of course, not be cancelled, but that's a different story.

TSCC 2.01 Samson and Delilah )

TSCC 2.02 Automatic for the People )
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You know, I realise that John Connor is only fifteen (sixteen), and I realise that his life has been hard and he's had no childhood and being mankind's future saviour is really hard, and I also realise that he *has* to grow up and become a man, but while watching the show I frequently have this feeling that he needs to shut up and listen to his mother. It's like CAPSLOCK Harry. Only without the CAPSLOCK.

And now I want to read a TSCC!HP AU story where Lily Potter is on the run with her son Harry, who is the future saviour of the wizarding world. There can be time travel! With bonus werewolves! And Snape! (I'm not sure where Cameron fits in, though - can we just have her anyway?)

I should start being more coherent about this show now (have watched till 2.01).
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In a bid to get my Terminator canon straight, I decided to watch T1 and T2 (this will also have the added benefit of stopping [profile] zorana84 from making fun of me). come with me if you want to live! )
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Um. I seem to have a new fandom. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is awesome. Why are all the good shows cancelled?


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