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I will be very happy if I never have to hear a comics fanboy ranting about feminism focusing on women (of every stripe) ever again. Or men in general, for that matter.

ETA: New Frontier!Wonder Woman would like to say a word or two on the matter )
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I write fan fiction because I CAN.

I realise this must be a difficult concept for some pro-authors to grasp, but people who write fan fiction are in fact people who buy their books. Which, sometimes, are rather expensive (usually always if it's an English-language book, where I am. for a variety of reasons). And when you annoy your potential/buyers, do you know what happens? They no longer pay for your books, that's what happens. There is a reason why the HP fandom is one of the biggest fan fiction producers out there.

I wonder what Terry Goodkind might think of LoTS fen writing 'LoTS (bookverse)' fan fiction, ahaha! I still think the evil chicken should have featured on the show. B would have done a wonderful job with it.


So, who's excited for 'Unbroken'? Here, look at pretty pictures of Cara having feelings and Kahlan being a good, supportive girlfriend.

~unbreak my heart~ )


Mar. 11th, 2010 06:25 pm
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+ Via [personal profile] heathershaped, Syfy's character blurb for Gwen:

If there's one thing Gwen might wish for, it's that she could be just a little bit prettier. With her wonky teeth, uncooperative hair and glasses, not even the most charitable person could call her beautiful. She secretly wishes that someone would see beyond the obvious and like her for the person she is...but in Camelot, she doubts that will ever happen.


Gwen might be poor and simple now, but unbeknownst to all concerned she is destined to be the Queen of Camelot, and the most notorious adulteress in the world.

So they copy/pasted Gwen's physical appearance and desire for a makeover from Ugly Betty BUT managed to leave the Camelot-destroying vagina intact.

In case you haven't met her, this is what Gwen looks like:

+ Meanwhile, today I had to read things like this: content might give you a headache )

On my way back home I decided that I want to read a Cara/Kahlan Pirate AU where Kahlan is Commodore James Norrington and Cara is her archnemesis, a very Cara version of Captain Jack Sparrow. Richard can be either Will or Elizabeth, I wouldn't mind either way.

Alternately, I want to read a Gwen and Merlin Detective Agency AU where they have been hired by Arthur Pendragon to solve some Mysterious Burglaries. His estranged step-sister Morgana Le Fay may or may not be a suspect. Gwen may or may not like Morgana more than she should.

Someone write me these stories. *snaps fingers*
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All right. Unfunny racewank; all hail [personal profile] zulu for being her wonderful self.

(A request, for my sanity's sake. Please don't respond to this post with 'thank god I'm out of this fandom,' or 'oh, how typical, I don't expect any better from this fandom.')


Tending to My Lady's Bath: Gorgeous, gorgeous piece of Gwen/Morgana fanart by anonymous. NSFW. The warm colours, their expressions! Just looking at it makes me happy.

A lovely Gwen/Morgana futurefic on the kink meme which should be read by more people. The author's warnings: sex, bit of an NCS edge at first, adultery.


And now I have to go out and socialize, when all I want is to curl up under a blanket. Darn cold.
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Oh look, a Merlin Series 2 trailer!

embedded video under cut )

What? I did warn you that I was going to talk about this show all the time now, right?


Is September 19 a confirmed date? That's two days before the House premiere, which is a good thing, because Leverage goes off this week and I will need something adorable to cheer me up when House is depressing as usual.

On a less cheerful note, though, my illusion about the Merlin fandom being a relatively multi-shippy, female character friendly place was, as I've discovered today, well, an illusion. Proof? This (spoiler-y, although I'm not sure why this requires spoiler warnings, but anyway) post at [community profile] fandomsecrets, #121. some rage underneath )
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Then why were no girls interested in Trek before this new movie, and why did they have to change so much in order to cater to girls if original Trek already (supposedly) had these elements? Why ramp them up so much?


*From here. I may not be a Trekkie, but I do enjoy 'OMG, GIRLS IN MAH FANDOM!' wankery.
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If you are 'squicked' by m/m pr0n, you should probably not be READING m/f/m threesomes. *headdesk*

This is especially irritating in the context of the typical 'straight guy' threesomes in the mainstream, where two men 'take' a woman together and are still not even a little bit gay, oh no, because they're just having sex with her, not each other. I would rather be spared that in fandom, thank you very much.
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I did not know writing women in fandom was so hard.

But then, what do I know? Damn feminists.


Jul. 25th, 2008 12:42 pm
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+ Via [livejournal.com profile] icarusancalion: spare our eyes and DO NOT use STUPID SPARKLY FONTS and WEIRD CUSTOM LAYOUTS, people.

+ I don't get dogs. I adore them, don't get me wrong, but what is *up* with them eating everything under the sun? Have you *ever* seen a self-respecting cat eat *cabbage*?

+ I was watching BSG 2.13, and I'm ashamed to say that I giggled when Roslin had a seizure. Thank you, House. But otherwise spoilers )

+ I was browsing through my past entries, and look what I found: reaction after watching House 1.1. I wrote: I saw House. Hugh Laurie is disturbingly hot. I don't generally enjoy medical shows (because of the very annoying patient-doctor interactions. you know, the parts were the doctor lectures the patient and gives him Will to Live etc. there was some of it in this ep as well), but considering how much time I spent today thinking about people I'd ship House with (Wilson. because they are so married. Cuddy. the snark. *and* she's his boss) and laughing over lines like "Oxygen is so important during those pre-pubescent years, don't you think?", I'll probably watch some more of this show. Hee.

+ And since we are reminiscing, let me tell you about another thing that I was thinking about today: badfic. That is, the first time I became aware that I was *reading* badfic. See, I found fandom after reading GOF in 2000 - I was going *crazy* waiting for OotP, and I needed something. Anything. And then I found ff.net. And I started reading fic. Fifth year fic. I devoured novel-length fanversions of OotP, loving everything to *pieces*. Till I read this one where Harry was emo and depressed and there was a lot of CAPSLOCK (at least the author was right about this part!), and there was a lot of crying. And Harry cutting himself. And there was a scene where Harry cries and Sirius cries and Remus cries and they hug each other and cry together. This was when I had that moment of recognition, wherein I realised that something was off with this story. I wasn't sure *what*, at that time, except that it didn't seem like something they would do.

Do you remember the first time you read badfic and *knew* it was bad?


Jan. 18th, 2008 08:42 pm
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What on earth is an 'authentic House/Wilson' story? Can there be an inauthentic House/Wilson story? Is there some authenticity criteria no one told me about? Some manual, perhaps? Can it be bought, or do I have to be a part of some secret underground organisation to access it? *worries*
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Just when you thought fandom couldn't sink any lower, you learn that [livejournal.com profile] boyan_fraser has been plagiarising [livejournal.com profile] thamiris, who passed away in 2006. Not just her fic, but also her posts, her comments, her user profile and journal title... God, what kind of sick person does that?

I knew [livejournal.com profile] thamiris as the person who wrote ...Lies in the Rookery, aka. the first Snupin I ever read and fell head over heels in love with. This is just... *obscene*, to do to this to someone who's not even there to be outraged or mock the idiot.
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I was at ff.net. So, naturally: summary executions. Concept stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mctabby.

R&R? )
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"House another thing, I know you don't get along with patients well. Can we please stay below the part where they or their family starts hanging dead animals on my door," Cuddy seethed.

"Prove it," House challenged.

Cuddy held up a dead cat which had to have been dead for at least eight hours now. House visibly stiffened just looking at it.

"Believe me now. House this isn't just about you being mean to patients, your mean to your staff and anyone else who tries to be nice to you. You may like being a misantrope, but start acting like a human for once and by the way I expect you to be in the clinic no later than an hour from now," Cuddy finished.

- from ff.net
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I was bored. So I entertained myself reading HP reviews at amazon.com.

spoilers, obviously )
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Yes, TWOP again. God.
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I was at ff.net again, looking for fic. So: House Summary Executions II, concept stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mctabby.

Pls R&R! )
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The concept is borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] mctabby, the stories are from ff.net. I was poking around, looking for hidden gems. Theme: babies. Mostly.

babies )

In conclusion? We really like babies in this fandom. [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65, it's time you wrote your House/Wilson mpreg epic Fetal Position AU.
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So we have yet another JKR vs. Pterry wank, courtesy some asshat reporter who obviously thought it would be cool if he could get something 'controversial' out of this weirdo author who people seem to like so much for some reason (the article's titled: Sod the Booker, this is popular. how much more condescending can you get?). Pterry, as usual, wins the Coolest Author Ever award by his response. Someday I'd like to hear JKR comment on this as well - although, knowing her fans as she does, she probably thinks it's wiser to not say anything at all. It's kind of ironic that the wank coincides with the airing of the Hogfather TV movie. Susan would reduce Mr. Hattersley's brain to jelly with a blink. *hearts Susan*

What's even more fun about the F_W post is the number of HP/Discworld crossover pairings that it has been throwing up. Wouldn't *you* want to see Snape meet Ridcully? Or Granny meet McGonagall? Or Susan meet the Trio? And, of course, Dumbledore/Nanny Ogg for the win. *dies imagining the ship*

There should be more Discworld/[insert fandom here] xovers in the world. Because Discworld makes *everything* better.


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