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+ I don't have particularly strong feelings towards Sherlock Holmes or the nth Holmes remake, but truer words have never been said about the Lucy Liu casting wank. Because seriously, the virulent misogyny on Tumblr is disturbing.


+ Suddenly I am interested in the story of Helena Wayne, in spite of myself. It's a new world after all, and somehow that makes my Helena's absence less palatable, if no less painful. (I still want that story where Helena Bertinelli finds herself stuck in DCnU and Barbara and Dinah have no idea who she is. ;___;)
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+ Dear fandom, I wish more of you would consider backing up your LJs/crossposting from DW. I realise the LJ outage was not about LJ being stupid or shady for a change, but the lack of LJ for two whole days also made me realise how much of my fannish experience is just on one platform, even after DW and Tumblr, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

+ As much as I love that Cara/Kahlan is pretty much the most popular ship in Seeker fandom, sometimes I wish there was more genfic in it. About Cara - post-Tears, being bored to death in Aydindril while Kahlan is busy and distant and Richard is bored and clingy, dragging Cara to taverns and teaching her to fish (a tiresome activity, she doesn't catch a thing) and challenging her to arm-wrestle because he's just that bored (but don't tell Kahlan). Or how she takes off to ~see the world, despite protests from Richard and Kahlan (Zedd, being the wisest, knows she'll come back; he simply pats her on the back and tells her to be careful), and falls into adventure that somehow involves teaming up with Nicci. And then she comes back, and Kahlan is really happy to see her, but she also has odd scratches in her hands and her face because she was apparently attacked by the Chicken That Was Not a Chicken (but Evil Incarnate). Or about Cara and her son! Who is, without question, alive and being brought up by a secret brotherhood of monks somewhere and who just really does not want to kill people or become like his father. Cara and her sister! Like the time Cara visits, and her niece - who is not even remotely terrified of Cara anymore - pesters Cara to teach her to use a bow and arrow (for self-defence! and hunting!), and Cara's sister displays a shocking degree of skill in the same because she learned a lot of things while fending for herself after losing her entire family to the Mord-Sith.

The last one really breaks my heart. I'm just really invested in Cara's relationship with her family, okay.

+ Legend of Korra might be far, far away, but you can count on Tumblr fandom to produce excellent fan art in the meantime:

spoilers for the Korra trailer )

I'm also somewhat amused by the Korra/Bolin vs. Korra/Mako fights that appear to be already breaking out. I've heard things about the legendary Katara/Aang vs. Katara/Zuko shipwars - one hopes we'll not have to see a repeat of that here. And anyway, Korra/Chief Metalbender of Awesome >>>> the universe, so whatever. Pfft.

+ I am glad that the outrage over SDCC grossness from Dan Didio and co. has prompted such fabulous back-pedaling. A lot of it is old news - we already know Nicola Scott and Amanda Connor have been working on projects that will be announced after September. But the fact that they made an effort to cover up after the PR nightmare that was SDCC means something.

+ It is really hot. As in, *really* hot. Why won't it rain, universe, why?


Jun. 12th, 2011 12:52 am
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It's not exactly a secret that I have many ~feelings about the DCU not-reboot, especially the decision to unceremoniously cancel Bryan Q. Miller's 'Batgirl' in order to make Barbara Batgirl again. I always have a lot of feelings about Batgirls in general, and this title in particular. Barbara, meanwhile, is my favourite, and all of this combined together makes for a very agitated me. If you have been anywhere near my Tumblr or the forums, you have probably had to witness me spew my feelings all over the internets (sorry).

THAT SAID. Since humour is my natural mode of Dealing With Things, I wrote a tiny bit of dialogue the other day, where Steph is Oracle, and gabzilla-z asked if they could draw it. To which I obviously said yes because I'm a huge fan of gabzilla-z's art (Jason and the Gingercats! Bruce and Steph have a slight disagreement! Pride and Prejudice and Robins!), and NOW LOOK AT THIS: ORACLE STEPH AND BATGIRL BABS, THE ILLUSTRATED FANCOMIC EDITION (the link goes to gabzilla-z's Tumblr, and the large version of the image is here). IS IT NOT THE BEST THING EVER? THEIR LITTLE FAAAACES! *FLAPPY HANDS*

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The Prelate, that is, the former Commissioner of Police, a once semi-competent officer who discovered religion and a fetish for odd hats, and promptly re-invented herself as a supervillain. It was not particularly unusual by D'Haran standards, but matters were complicated by the fact that the Prelate also happened to be a practitioner of magic at par with Zedd himself, unmatched in skill and knowledge in some of the most obscure branches of sorcery.

Cara was in outer space when she took over D'Hara Central in her signature orange hat and announced her intention of converting it to a nunnery and saving D'Hara's soul, but she's heard many versions of the story from Richard and Zedd since. It is now remembered as one of Zedd's greatest battles.

WAT x 1000

Jun. 1st, 2011 10:39 am
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Comics is full of WAT! today. Flashpoint blabla )
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I... haven't posted in a while. I'm not sure why. There are a hundred things I want to talk about and many photos - of ancient tombs! ruins! dramatic sunsets! - I'd like to share. I even have the photos cropped and ready for upload, it's just the actual uploading part that's oddly difficult. Perhaps it's just that real life has been sort of overwhelming lately - not necessarily in a bad way (except for the bouts of I want to go home, but that can hardly be helped), just, overwhelming. A lot of things happening at once, a whirlwind of arrivals and departures and days passing by in a blur of activity.

I have also taken upon myself the task of introducing a couple of my friends to the wonders of the DCAU, and you'll be pleased to note that it's going very well. So far, we've watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (many Wonder fans disapprove of Loeb's characterisation of Diana in this one, but my friends now have a crush on Diana - a sign of good taste, I must say), Under the Red Hood (this one was new for me as well; good enough as an animated feature, but I like the trade better), and about 12 episodes of JLU, which has become an instant hit with the n00bs. Especially Wally and Diana. JLU Diana, of course, is very different from Actual Diana, but if this version goes over well I might hand them some of the actual comics. *\0/*

Speaking of comics, I've been reading Secret Six, which is just as great as advertised. But more importantly, Gail Simone reblogged a post of mine on Tumblr, informing us that one of my crack fanon ships (Scandal/Jeanette, to be precise) was apparently canon sometime in the past, how awesome is that?

Reading Secret Six also made me realise that Deadshot is essentially Cara's long-lost brother in the DCU. Observe: feelings are stupid )

On even more comics-y note, apparently the release of Batwoman has been delayed to April. Why universe why? ;_;
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I already mentioned this on Tumblr, but I'll repeat myself, because this bears repeating: I want to watch a Gotham Central live-action show. Preferably now. It's incredibly written, incredibly plotted, has brilliant characters and a vast wealth of storylines apart from the 40 issues - flashbacks to NML, Officer Down, or, ooh, even earlier, with the early days of Gordon, and flashforwards to Batman Beyond and that weird AU future in #700 with Batman!Damian and Commissioner!Babs, and so on - and surprise!Batman and Robin. It has RENEE MONTOYA, being awesome and broken and tragic, what more could you possibly want? ♥

Someone mentioned that they might be apprehensive about lending out Batcharacters to television after the Birds of Prey show, which makes sense (THEY RUINED BLACK CANARY OMG), but I want this so much.


other random comics things that made me laugh; images under cut )

Also, I don't watch Chuck, but I agree that Yvonne Strzechowski looks like Black Canary here: just put her in fishnets )
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A scene from Batgirl 13. Note the graffiti at the back:

Who knew Batwoman did graffiti in her downtime? Or does Huntress have a crush after all?

The issue itself was adorable, spoilers )

Speaking of Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, I really enjoyed Pas de Deux by [profile] jengrrl. Nostalgia, lost opportunities and second chances, with spot-on Renee and Kate characterizations.

And did you know Batwoman is coming back for a short stint in November?

This November, fans will see BATWOMAN #0, a one-shot primer that brings together the new creative team for a special tale that sets the tone for the upcoming ongoing series, which will hit in February 2011. The #0 issue features an artistic collaboration in the truest sense, as both Williams and Reeder will be splitting the work on almost every page, and working off a script from Blackman and Williams. As previously revealed, the ongoing series will kick off with Williams on art duties for the first arc, followed by Reeder.



Apr. 27th, 2010 11:50 am
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BOP #21. Yes, yes, this is EXACTLY how we all greet our 'best friend in the whole world' after meeting them face to face for the first time (and saving their life).

Kind of sold on Bruce/Dick - that is to say, Nightwing!Dick, not Robin!Dick - but I may have to read more of Bruce Wayne: Fugitive to be really convinced. Bruce/Babs - Oracle!Babs that is - is also... interesting.


The Raavan OST is quite lovely, especially Beera. I should have perhaps expected something better from a Rahman/Mani Ratnam combo, but seriously after the duds Rahman has been churning out for the past year or so, my expectations have been suitably lowered.


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