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For [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65, whose amazingness cannot be expressed in words. Happy Birthday. ♥

Title: Red, red shoes
Fandom: Wicked
Pairing: Glinda/Elphaba
Words: 1750
Summary: "I want those shoes," the Witch said, and that was that.
A/N: Apologies for the incoherence, but it refused to come out in any other way. Had I but world enough and time, this would have had another layer or two of polish. *facepalm* Wicked belongs to Gregory Maguire – I'm just playing.

i want those shoes, the Witch said, and that was that )
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[livejournal.com profile] nell65, I forgot to ask you the *real* question about Wicked - what are your thoughts on yaoi the pr0n?


I'm kinda glad that Lisa Edelstein did not get that role in Desperate Housewives. Because I heart both Lisa and Felicity, and I simply cannot imagine anyone else playing their roles in the shows. Can you imagine any other actress playing Cuddy the way Lisa does? The reason Cuddy is so awesome is because Lisa is awesome (and she's written awesomely, that too, but someone needs to portray that awesomeness on-screen). Housewives, of course, would've given her a bigger role, but Felicity kicks ass as Lynette - even when her storyline goes nowhere, like it did in S2.


I saw Three Stories. I knew it was good, but dude. Did not expect it to be *this* good. There will be coherence later.
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Proof that the Gregory Maguire boards are not always full of stupid: a discussion on Dorothy and the Goddess of Gifts. I'd forgotten all the picture of the Kumbric Witch that Boq had discovered. [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65, does Maguire expand more on the Kumbric Witch and Mother Yackle in SoaW?

There's also some interesting speculation on Elphaba's soul in this thread. While I agree about the parallels between Dorothy and Elphaba - it's quite clearly present in the text of the book - I've always thought of it as *symbolic* parallels than the literal 'two halves of the same soul' theory that the posters here are talking about. I can never quite decide on what Elphaba meant when she said that she didn't have a soul - Maguire is so ambiguous about the nature of souls in his universe, and it gets confusing at times. Do animals have souls? Do Animals? And where does Elphaba stand? Hmm. I need to read that book again.

ETA: Excellent discussion on the Philosophy Club. The moaning over the bestiality and orgies annoys me, but it's an interesting discussion nonetheless.
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Today's [livejournal.com profile] metafandom is full of discussions on March- whether or not it is fanfic, and why; whether it is somehow 'better' than what we understand as fanfic; what makes it 'better', if we assume it to be so, etc etc. My first instinct, of course, is to call March fanfic. And while I shouldn't comment on something I haven't actually read, I don't think it's even particularly interesting fanfic. Because in re-telling Mr. March's story, Brooke is telling us the story of an ordinary, sensitive man in times of war (who also happens to be Mr. March, the father of Jo March) – and how many times have we heard that story again? Little Women OTOH is about those left behind, about the *women* left behind, and that, to me, is a more interesting story than the same old Man vs. War story.

This is not to say I'm *against* re-telling stories. No, of course not. Would I be in fandom if I were? It's just that unless Brooke has managed to give us some new and interesting perspective on the old Man vs. War story, or on the Little Women universe (which I love dearly. someday I shall write a post on how this book changed my life. no, really – it did.) in her fic, I don't really care much about it.


And because I'm slightly (*cough*) obsessed with Wicked these days, I naturally started thinking whether you could call Wicked fanfiction. And I was quite astonished by my own answer to the question – I actually hesitated to call it fanfic, though it very clearly is a derivative work (a brilliant AU, if you like). Or 'just' fanfic. Which has a horribly derogatory ring to it, and that is so not what I meant to say. I think what I wanted to say is that fanfic – or to be more specific, shipfic, with its hyperfocus on romance and sex - often does not consider any other issue than romance (not that there's anything wrong with it), which maybe alright for the *fans* of that particular universe, but probably not so for everyone else. Does that at all make sense? *is hopelessly muddled*

P.S - GIP. Okay, so this is not a scene from the book. But Glinda sobbing over Elphaba's hat? There is no bad there. *sigh*
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As you predicted, [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65, Elphaba/Fiyero (which, by the way, is called Fiyeraba. i'm not sure if i hate it more than Gelphie) is indeed quite popular outside LJ. There are also a lot of people who think mixing the musicalverse with the bookverse is perfectly acceptable, which is annoying.

After a couple of musical fansites, I found the official discussion forums at gregorymaguire.com. Homophobia, random namecalling, grammar nazis, theirlovissotrueandpure... I think am in love. LOVE, I tell you.

in which there is mocking. cut for jaybee65 because no one else will probably understand what they are talking about; also, the comments are spoilery - go read the book instead )

This goes on. And on. And on. I love my new fandom!
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My pretty red coffee mug has a chink. WOE!


*Why* do I feel so exhausted?


I went browsing at Amazon, and there are some very - shall we say interesting? - reviews of Wicked out there. Most of them are good, but some reviewers seem to feel that the book fails to 'empower women' and therefore we should watch the musical instead. *dies laughing*

Another reviewer said:But you will wrestle, long afterward, with Maguire's moral pessimism and the snarl of grace and doom that underlies this novel. (emphasis mine)

'Moral pessimism'? Is Maguire pessimistic? I'll have to think some more on this. Thoughts, [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65?
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Desperate Housewives 2.1 )


I need to write this post on Going Postal and Adora and why the Watch is teh best, but all I can think of is: 'Elphie! Glinda! Wicked! Elphie! Theirloveissotragic!' [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65, what did you do to me?


Ooh, look: Should Have Loved a Thunderbird' by [livejournal.com profile] ficbyzee. V. hot Buffy/Faith, with a spot-on Faith voice. I could see this happening in canon.


Mar. 4th, 2006 09:57 pm
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I'm done with Wicked. Oh [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65, it was just so *amazing*! Elphaba! I just –

There are no words.

what movie? )

I think I'll go look for some Elphaba/Glinda now.


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