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Intimidating young people should not be as much fun as it is, but I can't seem to help myself. Today I took great pleasure in traumatizing - smiling beatifically all the while, I should add - a poor young man barely out of his teens who, apparently, had been forced to chat me up on a dare. Perhaps it should have been kinder not to mention what I do for a living, but his expression after 'Which college are you in?' was just too good to pass up on.

It was just the kind of entertainment I needed after last night's blackout trauma, some sort of a power grid failure that led to mass power outage in eight states.


Some fan fiction I have been reading (and you might want to read too):

snip )

I also cracked and read World's Finest #1 and okay, I give. I miss my Huntress, but the banter! The friendship! The backstory! I guess I will have to read more of this title now.

True love

Jun. 22nd, 2012 08:47 pm
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My bookmarks folder is getting too big. Also I'm procrastinating. So, some Korra/AtLA fanfic:

snip )


Cliff Chiang is a life-ruiner. He ruins lives. The fill-ins in Wonder Woman #10 were decent enough, but I can no longer be satisfied by anything less than his Diana. spoilers )


Right, I'll try and work now.
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EURO 2012: Another draw. Bleh. It felt like the entirety of the second half was being played in England's half. Also why did Theo Walcott come in so late? Can't have people scoring goals? Nasri's goal, though, was simply perfect.


Korra stuff.

Other Media

The Korra soundtrack uploaded by Jeremy Zuckerman! All of it seems to have hit dl limit, but I bet there are workarounds for that...

Fan Art

snip )

Fanficsnip )

Episode Commentary
snip )


Aaaand time for Leechblock again. Sigh. Let me know if the links aren't working.
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Korra stuff, mostly on Tumblr. If the layouts bother you, a good way to bypass that is using the zap colors and zap images bookmarklets. I find them immensely useful. Only a couple of these have gifs, but if that bothers you you can press the ESC button to get them to stop.

Fan Art
snip )


snip )

Episode Commentary

As much as I enjoy Tumblr as a platform, it simply isn't designed for a… sedate pace of doing things, which makes keeping track of things really difficult. Even more so if you're as haphazard as I am, and have nothing in place but a very basic tagging system. And what's lost is those amazing snippets of discussion or stray observations that deserve an instaclick on the like button. I've been trying to keep track of things with a 'rec' tag, although that needs further expansion—like separate 'rec:discussion' and 'rec:art' tags, maybe, and post the links on LJ/DW every now and then. snip; spoilers for Korra 1.08 )
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I knew I was going to like Lin Bei Fong even before Legend of Korra came out—hell, even before we knew her name. The originally released material called her Chief Bei Fong, the gruff metalbending chief of police and Toph's daughter, and I kind of suspected that I was going to enjoy her character. I have my character kinks, I'm easily pleased, and hey, she's Toph's daughter, what's not to like? What I did not expect, of course, was HOW MUCH I was going to LOVE her, but then I didn't know this was going to happen:animated gifs under cut )

Like I said, I'm easy.

Ever since the sixth episode, I have been scouring the Lin Bei Fong tag on Tumblr, AO3 and ff.net. The LoK fandom hasn't quite managed the AtLA level epics yet, but I trust that will change over the lengthy hiatus. Meanwhile, recs.

Other Media

Bei Fong Outlaw feat. Toph and Chief Lin Bei Fong, by chongthenomad (also the creator of Private Lessons feat. Tahno): HILARIOUS

Fan Art

snip )


snip )
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I owe people comments. I will get on that shortly - things have been... disorienting. Yesterday I traveled halfway across the city early in the morning just to cater to my paranoia (I did get a lift from a generous friend, but nonetheless). *facepalm* The heat, I think, is slowly melting my brain.


Thoughts on Lois Lane's place in the DCU, which then veers on to a fascinating discussion about Steve Trevor as well. The discussion continues here. I'm lacking in brain cells at the moment so I have nothing insightful to offer, but as a fan who is mostly apathetic towards Steve Trevor's presence in Diana's life, this is a great read:

In the 40s, in the middle of wartime, there would be scenes with General Darnell, Colonel Trevor and other high-ranking military officers standing around listening to Wonder Woman’s ideas. That in itself is amazing. What is even more amazing is when you stop to think that she is the girlfriend of one of these officers, and she is not being written off and he has no problem whatsoever with his girlfriend being better at his job than he is.

And that’s why we still need him in the narrative, because even today we have parts written out of movies because they feel an action heroine saving her husband emasculates him. With Steve we have a guy who is uniformly happy with being outmatched in the “manly ways” by not just a woman but a woman he’s involved with, and retains a traditionally masculine demeanor. This is pretty much the only character who plays this role to a heroine of iconic status, and it is a tragedy we never got to see him developed in the modern-story-telling line as we did Lois Lane.

I caught up on Wonder Woman after a couple of months separation, and spoilers ) It's a good thing the previews for the next issue are up because I cannot wait, Tony Akins art notwithstanding (GUESS WHO IS IN THE PREVIEW? ♥♥♥).


[personal profile] hibernate has a Myka/HG recs post that looks utterly fabulous. I haven't read all of them yet, but there's this one story I insist all W13 fans read at once:

Perhaps not to be by [profile] ladyshinkicker. Long post-S3 not-fix-it. In fact, it's so far from being a fix it that it will break your heart into tiny little pieces and then stomp all over them, grinding them into dust. It's also the best HG I've read.

For as long as Helena still exists, there is a chance that she will find the artefact, or perfect her time machine, or find some other way to save her daughter: knowing this is not hope. Knowing this is to count every passing second as another one in which Christina is in danger, waiting to be saved. Knowing this is to spend every moment without Christina cursing her failure as a parent, because Christina is still in danger, because at a point in time Helena believes she may still access, her daughter is dying, and Helena doesn’t know how to save her. And if there is the slightest chance, however remote, that she can change the rules of linear temporality itself, Helena will do so because there still exists a time in which her daughter is alive and that means she can still be saved.
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I was re-reading Batgirl #24, and god, I hope someday I'm able to revisit this series without getting a little teary-eyed because this was, for about the course of the fifteen months or so when I followed the title every month, my #1 pick-me-up, the one thing that never failed to cheer me up. I do not know how Stephanie Brown replaced Barbara Gordon as the Batgirl of my heart, except that I now think of the DCnU and realise that Barbara's Robin is now Damian, and a part of my heart just shrivels up and dies.

It is a difficult time to be a Bat-fan, in some ways—Snyder's Batman might be on fire, but for those of us who had fallen in love with a particular set of characters and relationships in a status quo that was never going to last (I realise now, reboot or no), and who are, perhaps, less used to reboots/cancellations/resurrections the way long-term comics fans undoubtedly are, the Batverse doesn't feel like our Batverse anymore. Barbara's Robin is Damian and Damian's Batman is Bruce and Stephanie and Cassandra are god knows where, and that is very, very painful. Equally painful is the knowledge the Black Canary and Oracle, as I knew them, were probably never friends that way, or that Huntress, as I knew her, no longer exists. It's only the end if you want it to be notwithstanding, fandom is hard.

It's also a difficult time to be a Barbara fan, in some ways—because I am, Barbara's girl through and through, and even the loss of Oracle won't change that, even if I despair over how much they have erased along with it. Apart from Wonder Woman, Barbara is the only female character of the DCU to have any sort of legacy, and it isn't coincidental that both Diana and Barbara's legacy's have been severely affected in the DCnU—with the erasure of Donna Troy, with the seeming disappearance of Diana's supporting cast (even STRIFE—yes, I refer to her in ALLCAPS now—cannot make up for the loss of Phillipus or Artemis), with the erasure/benching of all the three women who wore the Batgirl suit after Barbara, with the re-writing of the history of the Birds of Prey (from what we've seen of it).

It was, therefore, a bit of a surprise when I finally picked up the new Birds of Prey and found myself enjoying it tremendously: spoilers till BoP #5 )

I will also admit to shamelessly shipping Dinah/Evelyn. The subtext is certainly there, and while I was earlier held back by my Babs/Dinah OTPness, I've now come to accept the fact that Barbara and Dinah as I knew them don't exist anymore. (This is not to say I won't ship Babs and Dinah once more once we get to know these characters a little better, note.)

Wonder Woman, of course, has been an utter joy—despite my various misgivings, I've enjoyed the title thoroughly. spoilers for Wonder Woman #5 )


I'm not sure I'm going to finish reading the Huntress mini right now. I thought I was reading about my Huntress, and I wasn't—I feel a little cheated to be honest. This will, of course, change if the new book is good and I grow to like Helena Wayne, but right now I need some time to mourn the Huntress I loved.


[personal profile] netgirl_y2k has written fabulous DVD commentaries of Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle (Morgana/many female characters) and Walk Softly and Carry a Large Stick (Cara/Kahlan), with wonderful insights into the characters that you should run to read right now. Or read the stories first, if you haven't already.

High D'Haran Love Poetry by [personal profile] nike_ravus (Legend of the Seeker, Berdine/Raina): This is not a pairing I normally read, because I don't care about the bookverse and I don't know the characters at all, but the writer introduces them as 'their TV-show version incarnations. These are the girls who would hang out with our Cara and (sometimes) put up with her shit', which is really all I needed to know. At 20K words, it's a sharp, intriguing - and at times disconcerting - look at the world of the Mord'Sith, and a consideration of the eternal problem: "How do Mord'Sith fall in love? No really, how?" Read this right now, and go shower your love upon the author so that she writes more stories in this fandom.
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I might be late to the party, but The Good Wife 3.01 )


PS: Please read Nothing About Ecstasy by [personal profile] templemarker, The Good Wife, Alicia&Kalinda (Alicia/Kalinda-ish). In case you want your heart broken by these two ladies some more.
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+ I watched the Utena movie, which I think makes perfect sense if you treat it as a direct sequel to the anime—as Utena's fever dream, which Anthy helps her rescue herself from. I have no idea why Juri hits on Miki in it, however, although I must say that if Juri ever were to consider dating boys Miki is the first person I'd ship her with. Also, a TRAGIC lack of Nanami in the movie—TRAGIC and UNPARDONABLE, because Nanami is the best and my favourite (well, apart from Utena herself. And Juri). Nanami is the Queen Cordy to Utena's Buffy, the comic mirror and the tragic foil, and the ONLY other character who gets an arc that long (even if some of them are filler episodes—but the Nanami filler episodes are the best, Cowbells of Happiness is probably my favourite episode in the entire show apart from the finale itself).

+ It occurs to me that a lot of the problems in the Merlinverse would be solved if someone introduced Morgana to Utena, who could tell her that her that she doesn't have to be either a Princess or a Witch.

+ In a recent Newsrama interview, Brian Azzarello said:

Azzarello: Of course not. I don’t care. It’s not important to the story. Listen, if it were my choice? She’d be wearing that skirt!

Nrama: Wait a minute. Is that a hint? Why the skirt?

Azzarello: Because it looks good! Like her original costume? I think that’s great.

This is a man after my own heart. Also, guh, have you SEEN Cliff Chiang's pages from Wonder Woman #2?

image under cut )

That flirty smile? That's the Diana we know and love, the one I dearly miss. I want her back now. *grabby hands*

I also approve of Diana gaining her own Gabrielle, since the Wonder Girls seem to be off-limits in the main Wonder Woman book for reasons incomprehensible to me.

+ The Ivy Crown by [personal profile] briar_pipe, Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, ~75,000 words, "Late one night, several prisoners escape from the dungeon, Arthur disappears, and fate takes a left turn. Morgana and Gwen are dragged along into a new world of intrigue, magic, and war." This is the kind of Gwen/Morgana I've always wanted to read - long and absorbing, with an absolutely fabulous warrior queen!Morgana.

Archimage by Jude, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Utena/Anthy, ~140,000 words, "What happened to Utena after the end of the series?". Epic post-anime story, featuring the entire cast and doing justice to ALL of them while weaving a twisty tale that would make the creators of the anime proud. PS: GROWN-UP POLICE OFFICER!JURI FTW!!!1!

Roses Grow by sharnii, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Utena/Anthy, novel length. Wonderful post-anime story featuring the entire cast, with romance, intrigue and surrealism. It also has a sequel in progress featuring a fantastic Anthy voice.
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I have actual physical difficulty pairing Cara and Kahlan* with anyone else. Is this what an OTP is like?

I don't think I've experienced it before. It is... an odd sensation.

* Cara/Dahlia is an exception. As is Richard/Kahlan, although I don't really read R/K fic as such. It made me happy on the show and that was good enough.


Pseudo-Science in the Magic City by [profile] tcbg77, Astrid/Debra Morgan, Fringe/Dexter x-over. The Fringe team travel to Miami and solve a case, and Astrid meets a cop called Debra Morgan. I don't follow Dexter, but I could not resist a well-written Astrid story.

white as snow by thememoriesfire, Quinn/Santana, Glee. Porn. I have a secret fondness for this ship, and porn is always appreciated.
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Last night I stayed up to watch the Champions League final. Having no stake in either team - unlike a lot of other people in my FB feed (so much cursing) - I opted to root for the more aesthetically pleasing side, which, of course, worked out very well for me. Messi is pretty and has magic feet. (They were also clearly the better side.)


A little while ago, I finally picked up my copy of A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammad Hanif, after owning it for months but never quite getting around to reading it (Wolf Hall will have to wait, the Thomases were very confusing). Halfway through the book I told [profile] zorana84, 'This is the slashiest book I've read of late.'

'Oh, is it?' she said. 'Sounds interesting.'

Do I have your attention? )


While we're on the topic of recs, I also have a couple more - fan fiction, this time. My Opinions on Glee can be summed up by 'I like Kurt', 'some of the songs are nice', and 'Santana is the best'; my viewing is, at best, sporadic. That does not explain why I wasted days reading Five Stages by thememoriesfire, and its two epic sequels, The Lights That Stop Me and Blind With Casualties.

Five Stages is about Santana - to quote the summary, "Santana deals with the coming out process; set after 2x16, "Original Song", and abandoning canon forever after that" - and it is MAGNIFICENT. It's so easy for stories in this vein to become preachy issuefic, but this is just perfect - raw, messed-up and glorious.

Apart from the three Santana-POV stories, this 'verse also has interludes featuring the other characters, and they're all great (although my favourite is Quinn).

If you read fic in this fandom at all, chances are you have already read it - but in case you haven't, go now. The power of Santana's ~feelings compels you.
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If you haven't read this already: Pull Your Little Arrows Out by [personal profile] hibernate, Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan, "Sharing a bed is really the only rational option." Featuring dirty rhyming, ~powerful magic, menacing cows and a lot of feelings.

Oh Seeker fandom, you bring me so much joy. *happy sigh*


Fringe 3.21 (3.22 promo under cut)

thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening )
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+ So Tabrett Bethel has been cast in a pilot! \0/ further talk )

+ Meanwhile, I keep hearing all sorts of things about the Wonder Woman show and find myself getting excited despite myself. I mean, look at the cast: blah blah blah )

+ I have been watching The Good Wife. It's really great, I should've tried it sooner. To my pleasant surprise, spoilers )

+ You should go and read All The Days by [profile] tcbg77: epic Cara/Kahlan story involving adventures, action and Cara's Feelings. ♥
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+ Guys, you have to read what I got for [community profile] camelotsolstice: The Cupbearers, gen, The story of the Grail Quest is an old one, and mostly wrong. It's a gen fic featuring the OT4, Morgause and Elyan (that really made me squee - the Elyan voice here is a delight!), and the thing I love most about Merlin: family. ♥

And some more Yuletide, though I've haven't been reading much in the last few days: Warehouse 13, Calvin and Hobbes, Disney Princesses, Legend of the Seeker, Hellcats )

+ I watched a brilliant film today: Arekti Premer Golpo (Another Love Story - or should it be Just Another Love Story). Sometimes it's easy to forget that Bollywood is not the be all and end all of Indian cinema, so I've been taking some time to watch as many Bengali films as possible in the theatre. And, gah, it's hard to believe that we can make LGBT-themed films like this now (that seems to be doing fairly well, too *fingers crossed*). Although I kind of wish that there was less English dialogue in the non-flashback parts - it's not unrealistic in a contemporary setting, even more so given the protagonists, but some of the best dialogues would've been so much prettier if it weren't in English.

+ LOLDiana.

+ Speaking of comics, I was re-reading bits of No Man's Land the other day (dear [personal profile] roga, do you know how many hours of my life has been wasted ever since you said I should read Gotham Central and NML? *shakes tiny fist*), and god, Huntress really breaks me. There's a lot of ridiculously OTT Batdickery in NML - to the point where it doesn't make sense! - but. Huntress. dcwomenkickingass had a great post about her last stand before Joker today, which said (among other things):

She won’t let the Joker win and she will defend the people inside with the last breath in her body.

That’s a hero. That’s a warrior, that’s a soldier. Helena has been among despair, hopelessness and misery for months. She’s been treated like dirt by the other Gotham heroes and left with virtually no phsyical or emotional support. She has had little food, little rest and no creature comforts. She’s been living in hell and yet she hasn’t given up. Despite the pain and the beatings she’s received, she holds her ground. As far as she’s aware there is no backup - she is the last line of defence between the Joker, a deeply terrifying madman, and the civilians. Defiant and proud, her one concession to his presence is to state ‘Bite me’.

She’s not doing it for glory or recognition. She’s doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

THIS. SO MANY HEARTS. ♥♥♥ The entire post is worth a read, but especially this.
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1. This has been doing the rounds in FB for the last couple of days, and it makes me smile every time I hear it - Jingle Bells, the Punjabi edition.

video embedded under cut )

2. Last evening we had guests over - much fun was had and I ate too much. I think I'm going to be really homesick when I leave. Also, later I dreamed I was at a beautiful, picturesque place with a beautiful, picturesque lake where beautiful, picturesque things were happening, but every time I tried to take a photo, it was either too late or the shot came out terrible.

3. Some great Yuletide stuff I've been reading: Oglaf, Fringe, Warehouse 13, Birds of Prey, Batwoman, Batgirl )

ETA: Today's Oglaf also features the Lesbian Mercenary: Ravine (NSFW). \0/

I won't lie, I'm having thoughts about Cara the Mord'Sith Mercenary now. It'd be absolutely brilliant.

ETA 2: And one non-YT story you should read at once: As Soon As I am Able by [personal profile] allothi, Merlin, Gwen/Morgana: Superhero AU. I repeat, superhero AU, and Morgana (also Le Fay, protector of Camelotatham) at her spoilt, self-absorbed superhero best.

many hearts

Oct. 6th, 2010 08:34 pm
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+ I have recently discovered that my camera can, in fact, focus manually, thanks to my sister (since I was too stupid to figure it out), and have been playing with the feature ever since. It is hard, S. (BFF with a bad case of Obsessive Photographing Disorder) is a genius for doing such great stuff with it. I admit, since my sole focus while taking photos is usually 'ooooo pretty' and 'ooooo bright colours', I tend to forget about technique and finesse and other such things.

ooooo bright colours )

+ I have not watched the latest House and last week's Nikita yet. Humph.

+ I have, however, watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and [profile] applesred, everything I heard was true: it's a great movie, packed with action and Diana is wonderful in it. It really felt more like an ensemble movie, with great roles for Diana and Big Barda, who have an absolutely EPIC battle scene in Apokolips. And, of course, Supergirl, who is in fact given more agency in the movie than she'd been in the comic (even if it meant we missed out on a fabulous Diana blocking Darkseid's Omega Beams with her bracelet scene because of the changes made). Also, Superman punches fire. Batman and Superman also have some adorable bickering, with Diana chipping in at times. In fact, the GREATEST SCENE in the movie involves Diana elbowing Bruce for being Mr. Crankypants, I don't have words for how adorable it is.


+ I was really missing Cara and Kahlan today. A good thing I had [personal profile] hibernate's [profile] lotsbigbang to read, which is so fabulous that I inhaled the story and am now mostly speechless and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with ~feelings. So please do yourselves a favour and go and read Confession, and Other Trouble a Mord'Sith Can Get Into. It is about Cara and Kahlan having a lot of feelings. I have hearts in my eyes. ♥_♥
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Ahaha! According to DW's stats, only 9350 new accounts were made yesterday (search for 'newbyday 2010-09-01').


[community profile] femslash10 is live! Between this and [community profile] paperlegends, I suddenly have a LOT to read. YOU should run and read [personal profile] netgirl_y2k's Walk Softly and Carry a Magic Sword RIGHT NOW, in which 'Zedd is kidnapped by Denna, Richard goes off to Wizard School and Cara names Kahlan Seeker. Adventure, snark, feelings and a trip up a bloody big mountain ensue.' Cara/Kahlan, PG-13, with enough Cara ~feelings to make your heart grow three sizes.
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I love FB. It has absolutely shoddy privacy, it is messy and irritating and a vortex of procrastination and insanity; it's also one of the things that kept me sane in the past few months when I was far away from home and under immense pressure. That said, I also have no intention whatsoever of reposting my LJ posts/comments to FB, and vice versa. They are two different parts of my life, and I generally prefer to keep it that way - my mother does not need to know what I think of pr0n, and you guys don't want to know which restaurant I'm at right now, and so on. I can understand why LJ is trying to connect the services and expand their userbase (there are, in fact, a lot of fans - let alone other users - who are Twitter/Tumblr only), but it does not interest me in any way. The thing about flocked posts and screened comments, especially, is a major breach of privacy, and I hope they fix it soon.

Meanwhile, I don't want to disable comments on my LJ (although I am considering disabling them on flocked entries for the moment) or move permanently to DW, so here's a request: please don't crosspost anything on this journal to either Twitter or FB. I am not going to enable that option either, so you can expect the same courtesy from me in return.

I also have a few DW codes lying around, so if you're considering crossposting/moving/getting a fic journal over there, just ask.


I haven't been reading all the Merlin Big Bang stories (there's so only so much Merlin&Arthur I can read before I get bored and wander off elsewhere), but I quite enjoyed this one: The Tournament of All Magicks by [profile] corlinnam, post-S2, M/A, 40K words. I love stories that explore Merlin's brand of ~Powerful Magic~ and the world of magic users, and I really loved what the author did here.


I'm slowly trying to get back to the realm of writing, but plot is hard. Why can't I just skip from the characters not being on good terms to feelings and stuff?
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First, Batgirl #11 = ♥ brief spoilers )


ETA: If you are in Seeker fandom and love Cara even a little bit, you will go and read this now: Don't Play With (Powerful) Magic by [personal profile] hibernate. Post-finale Cara/Dahlia fixit with ~Powerful Magic~, time travel, alternate realities and a Cara who will simultaneously make you smile and break you heart. Also, sneaky Cara/Kahlan-ness FTW.


Meanwhile, TODAY IS THE DAY, flist. THE WORLD CUP IS HERE! I am jubilant, and also sad, because this is the first time in my life that I won't be able to follow it the way I should, being away from home and Education keeping me away from everything. And yes, it is kind of a big deal to me, nevermind that my country sucks at football - I was born in a world cup year, and my father will happily tell you stories about tiny me watching football with him. BUT ANYWAY. ARE YOU WATCHING? IS YOUR TEAM PLAYING? WHO ARE YOU SUPPORTING? HOW AWESOME IS THE THEME SONG? TELL MEEEE!

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The AO3 servers seem to be working fine at the moment -- possibly because many of you are sleeping right now -- and so I took this opportunity to dive into the Yuletide archive. And all of you must now read this story:

Lord Wolfe and the Ape-Leader, which is Little Riding Hood + Beauty and the Beast + Regency!AU + awesome women and handsome rakes == AWESOME. It's also very long, about 32K, and an absorbing read. If you like Regency romances and Sensible Heroines Who Are Irrationally Attracted to Melodrama, you cannot miss this story.

Comments are also working now, so please don't forget to comment.

♥ Yuletide.

(Yes, I'm ignoring Very Important Things and immersing myself in fic instead. Shutup.)

ETA: OMG, I didn't know you could bookmark and rec things within the archive! OMG! AO3 ♥♥♥♥♥.


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