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Jul. 30th, 2014 12:42 am
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I have been super impressed by the five (or was it six?) episodes of Korra S3 I've caught so far, not in the least because they seem to have not lost their pacing after picking up magnificently mid-S2 and taking the mytharc to epic AtLA-worthy levels in the S2 finale. More than ever, it feels like an organic extension of the Avatar 'verse - does, in fact, make it richer in its exploration of the spoilers )

So far, my only complaint seems to be NEEDS MORE CHIEF SOKKA. But that's always my complaint.
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I appear to not be dealing with responsible adulthood very well. How is it that I blink and it's the weekend, and I still haven't got anything done? However, [personal profile] marina was in town last month, and despite work + life being a black hole of nothingness, we managed to have a great time, and I even managed to take a couple of satisfactory photographs.


[personal profile] tanndell and I watched the Elementary season premiere, and I'm delighted to report that it's as delightful as ever. spoilers ) In all, immensely happymaking.

We have also been watching Korra, which continues to bite issues that it can't quite manage to chew, but I'm nonetheless thoroughly entertained by it. spoilers till 2.04 )


We've also watched the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow, which is ridiculously good, and by that I mean it is good because it is so utterly ridiculous. It appeals to that part of me that is enamoured by OUAT, so the very fact that GEORGE WASHINGTON'S BIBLE is an actual plotpoint is enough to keep me watching. The two leads are utterly charming, and I'm convinced that Ichabod Crane needs to meet Steve so that they can start a Democracy Club where they talk about TRUTH, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY in a really earnest fashion.

Also, Fringe fans should note that John Noble is now joining the cast.

I have not yet watch TGW or OUAT, but I will soon!
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A little while ago, this article by Slavoj Žižek on TDKR was doing the rounds on FB, which prompted a rather lengthy, rambling conversation between [personal profile] zorana, A (that girl shows immense fangirl potential, I must say), and myself about certain narrative problems and disappointments in TDKR, and its parallels with LoK. FB is hardly the sort of place for this sort of a thing, so re-posted here for archival (and further discussion!) purpose:

spoilers for TDKR and the Legend of Korra )
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This is serial-killer-making weather. Dear rain gods, please make this stop. Can it be October already?

1. Morning Glories is one of the most disturbing comic books I've ever read (not that I'm very well-versed in comics outside the Big Two), but also good and strangely addictive. I keep thinking Casey is Steph (damn you, Morrison, for giving us that glimpse of AWESOME *weeps*), but I like her even if she's not-Steph. Also, spoiler for a recent issue, I forget which )

2. Wonder Woman #11 )

3. I'm really enjoying the new BoP. I miss the old team so much it hurts, and I found the conclusion to the earlier arc rather lacklustre, but Duane Swierczynski gets a few things right, like team dynamics and character moments, and that's what make it work for me. Birds of Prey #11 )

I actually enjoy Barbara more in this book than in Batgirl. I mean, Batgirl #11 )

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Things I am doing:

1. Entertaining myself imagining all the ways in which Toph tormented Lin while in office, including making her (and/or poor Saikhan) do ALLLLL the paperwork while being insufferably smug and cracking numerous blind jokes.

2. Basking in the glory of the various cop/PI AUs fandom has been coming up with for Lin. GIVE ME FIC DAMMIT

3. Coveting Wonder Woman's coat.

(No, she's not giving us fashion advice, she's talking to the actual Hermes.)

(Also, Cliff Chiang, sir, welcome back, welcome back. You were missed. Your Diana is statuesque, and I never want anyone else drawing her again - unless it's JH Williams III.

Speaking of JH Williams III: I will be very upset if Kate doesn't hit on Diana at least once. Very upset. I've, uh, fallen really behind on Batwoman, not having read beyond #4, but I intend to catch up before Diana shows up. It's just, the absence of Renee Montoya depresses me so much.)

4. Considering watching more Xena. (Hyperion is evil and has greasy 80s hair. Keats would be so upset.)

Things I'm Not Doing:

1. Finishing this damn sentence and writing the next one. Oh god, WHY did I opt for higher education again? *wails*
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+ (via [personal profile] zorana)A fantastic review of Brave:
Far be it from me to say that the film is perfect, or that there aren’t real critiques to be made of it. The pacing is sometimes off and there are stretches that are less compelling than others. But there are three things Brave absolutely isn’t, and there’s something pernicious about the fact that reviews repeatedly refer to it as precisely those three things. Whatever Brave is, it’s not predictable, it’s not Just Another Princess Movie, and it’s not — my God! — lacking for deeper layers.

Insofar as Pixar is a teenager fighting its ancestor, this story needed to be written. They needed this story in order to be able to write a different kind of story. Having fought through the strangling thicket of princesses, it’ll be easier to fill the space on the other side with many more female characters, most of them commoners. We need them, badly, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do now that they can start work on a less exhaustively populated canvas.

Note that it contains a major spoiler for the movie.

+ The Korra renewal for a TOTAL OF FOUR SEASONS! \0/ We all knew this was coming but OMG, so nice to have confirmation.

+ Korra panel on SDCC, with ALL THE JUICY INFORMATION: spoilers )

+ I'm glad DC Comics has saved me some money on the Smallville comic by benching Steph AGAIN - their generosity and thoughtfulness, it's unbelievable. /sarcasm


+ I have been slowly watching, among other things, the second half of HIMYM S6 (I am, even after all these years, a staunch brOTP shipper, and I have many angry feelings about Barney asking everybody but Robin to play laser tag with him) and the first season of Xena (♥).

True love

Jun. 22nd, 2012 08:47 pm
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My bookmarks folder is getting too big. Also I'm procrastinating. So, some Korra/AtLA fanfic:

snip )


Cliff Chiang is a life-ruiner. He ruins lives. The fill-ins in Wonder Woman #10 were decent enough, but I can no longer be satisfied by anything less than his Diana. spoilers )


Right, I'll try and work now.
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I have a lot of feelings. This is tl;dr and image heavy, a vague attempt to ensure things aren't lost in the vast ocean of Tumblr.


that lady is my hero )


Part II


Jun. 15th, 2012 01:20 am
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Korra doesn't 'swoon' and Lin is not a man: 3 Fangirls and a Rant| DW ([personal profile] tanndell)

This was written - after a lot of feelings and asides about beer - in response to this post on Tumblr (which might be a little hard to read, given all the reblogs - but worth it, in my opinion). [personal profile] zorana has it up on Tumblr here, if you'd prefer to read it there. Very rarely do I respond to posts with this sort of a knee-jerk wrong on the internet feeling, but in this case? It had to be said. If showing weakness/failing makes you a useless girlie girl and throwing a punch makes you a man, then it seems there is no middle ground, no right way left to be a girl at all, and there is something seriously wrong with that assertion.

There's one element not really addressed here (it didn't fit, and we were exhausted by our feelings at that point), and that's the statement that Korra's apparent failures vs Aang's apparent successes is somehow 'racist' because Korra is 'darker' than Aang, and I don't even know, guys, just what. The OP sees a 'Western story of the pampered noble who has no real training ON TOP OF what should have been the grueling story of a youth filled with training, training, training', which makes very little sense to me, given how it is clear that Korra has had a youth filled with nothing but (combat) training. I don't think I'm over-reading when I say that the narrative of clueless privilege* parallels that of Siddhartha, and I'd be very disappointed indeed if you claimed that that too is a 'Western story'. AtLA/LoK does not exist outside the American culture industry and there are valid discussions to be had in this context**, I think, but the bid to co-opt everything into a 'Western = white = EVIL' frame - if only to criticize it - is rather unfortunate.

* Does brown skin somehow repel cluelessness and/or privilege somehow? And if that's the case, how come no one told me? Or is 'privilege = white privilege' in every discussion?

** For instance, how does jazz fit into Republic City's culture? How does AtLA-verse come up with a name like 'Republic City'? Etc.
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EURO 2012: Another draw. Bleh. It felt like the entirety of the second half was being played in England's half. Also why did Theo Walcott come in so late? Can't have people scoring goals? Nasri's goal, though, was simply perfect.


Korra stuff.

Other Media

The Korra soundtrack uploaded by Jeremy Zuckerman! All of it seems to have hit dl limit, but I bet there are workarounds for that...

Fan Art

snip )

Fanficsnip )

Episode Commentary
snip )


Aaaand time for Leechblock again. Sigh. Let me know if the links aren't working.
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I think it has been established at this point that Lin is the Avengers, and the writers are just messing with my head. Legend of Korra 1.09 Out of the Past )


And now I will leechblock LJ/Tumblr/Twitter/etc and return to work. Ugh.
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Korra stuff, mostly on Tumblr. If the layouts bother you, a good way to bypass that is using the zap colors and zap images bookmarklets. I find them immensely useful. Only a couple of these have gifs, but if that bothers you you can press the ESC button to get them to stop.

Fan Art
snip )


snip )

Episode Commentary

As much as I enjoy Tumblr as a platform, it simply isn't designed for a… sedate pace of doing things, which makes keeping track of things really difficult. Even more so if you're as haphazard as I am, and have nothing in place but a very basic tagging system. And what's lost is those amazing snippets of discussion or stray observations that deserve an instaclick on the like button. I've been trying to keep track of things with a 'rec' tag, although that needs further expansion—like separate 'rec:discussion' and 'rec:art' tags, maybe, and post the links on LJ/DW every now and then. snip; spoilers for Korra 1.08 )
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Gah, Avengers fandom, what have you done to AO3? No more playing with Thor's hammer (no, not that hammer), you guys. You're breaking my favourite archive.

Speaking of Avengers, I might not be reading a lot of Avengers fic, but [personal profile] roga said that Natasha/Thor could be as much fun as Angua/Carrot, and she's right. I want this story, fandom. CATER TO ME.


Nick has a promo clip for the next episode of LoK! The bad news is that it's tiny, but hey, still a promo. embed under cut )

Is it Saturday yet?


In a bid to keep writing, there were ficlets:

To Bedlam, Lin, Tenzin. Episode tag for 1.08. Lin has a visitor.

Green wind, green branches: Korra/Lin, post-canon. Perhaps Lin is growing soft in her old age.

Lin is great fun to write. I want fandom to write me volumes about Lin Beifong and the Republic City Watch - the mundane everyday paperwork (piles and piles of it - no thanks to Avatar Korra), the thieving scum and the Triad, the Council and their politics, Korra being alternately exasperating and endearing (not that Lin is telling her that).

There was, I am also pleased to say, some work on long-stalled projects as well! \0/ (Funny how I write fanfiction when I'm avoiding studying. Shh, don't tell anyone I said that.)
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Non-spoilery moral of the episode, and every other episode of Legend of Korra: Lin goes away for one day and EVERYONE is in trouble. Legend of Korra 1.08 When Extremes Meet )


Via Tumblr: The secret of Lin's parentage, NOW REVEALED.
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I like that has a bazillion epic Azula redemption stories.* I love a good redemption arc. I like it when a narrative takes a character who has done horrible things/is a horrible person apart, piece by piece, and then makes them something far more than anyone ever thought they were capable of. It's a narrative kink. And I'm even willing to trawl through reams of badfic to fulfill that need because hello, narrative kink! But ugh, I hate it when well-written stories - stories I have invested sixteen chapters in - end up with things I like the least, causing me to backbutton: Marty Stu OCs, ~past sexual abuse and healing penises**, not to mention a botched Ursa-Azula reunion. And it was going so well! It had the right build up! It had one of the best Character is Accidentally Heroic/Jaded Character Receives Benediction moments ever. *wails*

I get that sexual abuse/healing penis is a standard h/c trope that many readers are fond of, but I wish it wasn't such a cliched shortcut to ~explain away a character's shortcomings. That's just lazy writing (see also: Korra fandom's FIXATION with miscarriage/infertility in Lin's backstory. BEING SINGLE/CHILDLESS IS NOT A TRAGEDY).

And while we're complaining: Tahno is not Zuko. Tahno/Korra is not Zuko/Katara. Please stop.

* It's an interesting phenomenon, sort of like how Buffy fandom had a bazillion epic Faith redemption stories, a lot of them action-y stuff written by fanboys.

** I don't always mind healing penis/vagina. But not an OC and healing penis.
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I knew I was going to like Lin Bei Fong even before Legend of Korra came out—hell, even before we knew her name. The originally released material called her Chief Bei Fong, the gruff metalbending chief of police and Toph's daughter, and I kind of suspected that I was going to enjoy her character. I have my character kinks, I'm easily pleased, and hey, she's Toph's daughter, what's not to like? What I did not expect, of course, was HOW MUCH I was going to LOVE her, but then I didn't know this was going to happen:animated gifs under cut )

Like I said, I'm easy.

Ever since the sixth episode, I have been scouring the Lin Bei Fong tag on Tumblr, AO3 and The LoK fandom hasn't quite managed the AtLA level epics yet, but I trust that will change over the lengthy hiatus. Meanwhile, recs.

Other Media

Bei Fong Outlaw feat. Toph and Chief Lin Bei Fong, by chongthenomad (also the creator of Private Lessons feat. Tahno): HILARIOUS

Fan Art

snip )


snip )


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