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So Wonder Woman #0 is pretty much the best thing ever. WONDER WOMAN #0 )

Batwoman #0 wasn't bad, except it tells us nothing new about Kate or her origin. It does assure us Renee existed in DCnU at some point, which I suppose is better than the fate of Steph or Cass or Helena Bertinelli. It did, however, make my heart hurt over the 'Elegy' arc all over again. Sometimes I think I want Alice to be Kate's Joker* just so Kate can suffer till eternity.

*insert Warehouse 13 crossover here
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+ Rec:
Mama Said Knock You Out by AbsoluteDestiny
, featuring everybody's favourite mother-and-daughter duo, Toph and Lin Beifong. Watch it, because it's glorious.

+ I'm all caught up on Warehouse 13, and spoilers till 4.04 ) One of the best things about Warehouse 13 is all the unusual love stories it tells, and its commitment to telling these stories and not pushing them to the sidelines in favour of yet another love story between the two heterosexual leads.

+ I read Wonder Woman #12, and can we discuss this please, guys? spoilers )

And that wasn't enough, we had a Batwoman and Wonder Woman team-up in Batwoman #12! Which is a three-issue arc! spoilers )

Batwoman also teamed up with Batgirl in Batgirl #12, spoilers )

Birds of Prey #12 was fun, although I'm not entirely sure where they're headed? Oh well. The #0 issues next month should be something to look forward to.
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Up so early on a Sunday morning, why why why.


DCnU Week 2:

Superboy #1: A. The first surprise of the week. I picked it up with zero expectation, and was very, very surprised. spoilers )

Demon Knights #1: A. The second surprise of the week. This was so much fun. Could YOU say no to a title with SWORDS, SORCERY and DINOSAURS DRAGONS? In love with all the characters (the Shining Knight, OMG), looking forward to more. ♥

Batwoman #1: A-. No, let me explain: the only reason it gets an A- is because like Batgirl, the issue felt like a set-up issue more than anything else. While it gets A+++ on art alone, the lack of Rucka shows in the writing, at least in this issue. I did however LOVE spoilers )

I considered reading Batman and Robin, but you know what, I'm not sure I care that much about Bruce and Damian's relationship. Damian is a character who's at his best when he's not being taken too seriously, and contrasted with someone like Dick or Steph. With Bruce and Damian, you have grimdark Batman and grimdark Robin, and... I don't care. Right now.

Next week: Wonder Woman! Blue Beetle! Birds of Prey is also out next week, and I'm a little confused: so the Batverse isn't rebooted, but Birds of Prey is? With a new origin? None of it makes sense!


There was this adorable post in [community profile] scans_daily that made me go awww: Huntress: Protector of Babies. Because yes, she is. She is fierce and scary and a ~loner, and also the protector of babies and children everywhere. If you threaten her kids she will END you.


Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy Basara (up to chapter 45 now): it's quite surprising to find something with a heroine after my own heart (SHE HAS A SWORD, your arguments are invalid) and so many male characters that push all my buttons. I'm also very pleased by the variety of queer men in the title. So far we've met:

- a mysterious pretty boy who loves and is loved by beautiful men, one of the lead players
- a (probably male-leaning) bisexual man
- an evil king
- a sexy prisoner
- a possibly gay morally ambiguous pretty boy
- 'cousins'

I approve.
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I haven't read the end of Flashpoint and neither do I intend to - and anyway, judging by the spoilers, none of it makes any sense. My personal explanation is 'Flash ran really fast and rebooted the universe', and I'll stick to it. It's like the Superboy Punch, in a way.

Meanwhile, Justice Leauge #1 was a light, fast read, spoilers ) I wish it was Wonder Woman time already. Also Batwoman, eeee. And Blue Beetle. ♥
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I... haven't posted in a while. I'm not sure why. There are a hundred things I want to talk about and many photos - of ancient tombs! ruins! dramatic sunsets! - I'd like to share. I even have the photos cropped and ready for upload, it's just the actual uploading part that's oddly difficult. Perhaps it's just that real life has been sort of overwhelming lately - not necessarily in a bad way (except for the bouts of I want to go home, but that can hardly be helped), just, overwhelming. A lot of things happening at once, a whirlwind of arrivals and departures and days passing by in a blur of activity.

I have also taken upon myself the task of introducing a couple of my friends to the wonders of the DCAU, and you'll be pleased to note that it's going very well. So far, we've watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (many Wonder fans disapprove of Loeb's characterisation of Diana in this one, but my friends now have a crush on Diana - a sign of good taste, I must say), Under the Red Hood (this one was new for me as well; good enough as an animated feature, but I like the trade better), and about 12 episodes of JLU, which has become an instant hit with the n00bs. Especially Wally and Diana. JLU Diana, of course, is very different from Actual Diana, but if this version goes over well I might hand them some of the actual comics. *\0/*

Speaking of comics, I've been reading Secret Six, which is just as great as advertised. But more importantly, Gail Simone reblogged a post of mine on Tumblr, informing us that one of my crack fanon ships (Scandal/Jeanette, to be precise) was apparently canon sometime in the past, how awesome is that?

Reading Secret Six also made me realise that Deadshot is essentially Cara's long-lost brother in the DCU. Observe: feelings are stupid )

On even more comics-y note, apparently the release of Batwoman has been delayed to April. Why universe why? ;_;
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Sometimes Tumblr produces GOLD. COMEDY GOLD. Batman City )

Also, OMG, Batwoman #0, why is it not February yet?
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A scene from Batgirl 13. Note the graffiti at the back:

Who knew Batwoman did graffiti in her downtime? Or does Huntress have a crush after all?

The issue itself was adorable, spoilers )

Speaking of Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, I really enjoyed Pas de Deux by [profile] jengrrl. Nostalgia, lost opportunities and second chances, with spot-on Renee and Kate characterizations.

And did you know Batwoman is coming back for a short stint in November?

This November, fans will see BATWOMAN #0, a one-shot primer that brings together the new creative team for a special tale that sets the tone for the upcoming ongoing series, which will hit in February 2011. The #0 issue features an artistic collaboration in the truest sense, as both Williams and Reeder will be splitting the work on almost every page, and working off a script from Blackman and Williams. As previously revealed, the ongoing series will kick off with Williams on art duties for the first arc, followed by Reeder.



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