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Random nonsense that one comes up with when one has not written anything for days, is shirking work and browsing through kinkmeme prompts instead. One also refers to oneself as 'one' and fails get to the actual kinky bits. Oh well.


In which Cara has a new possession )

girl power

Aug. 30th, 2011 09:00 pm
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I spent a significant part of the day thinking about the parallels between Buffy|Utena and Nanami|Cordelia, which obviously lead my mind to the possibility of Nanami/Cordelia, and then my brain kind of broke. They would be absolutely glorious together, guys. Gloriously mean, that is to say. The trick would be to insult everybody else and not each other.

Faith would also make for a fabulous Black Rose Duelist.


[personal profile] hibernate picked five of my icons, so here they are: snip )
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+ Dear fandom, I wish more of you would consider backing up your LJs/crossposting from DW. I realise the LJ outage was not about LJ being stupid or shady for a change, but the lack of LJ for two whole days also made me realise how much of my fannish experience is just on one platform, even after DW and Tumblr, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

+ As much as I love that Cara/Kahlan is pretty much the most popular ship in Seeker fandom, sometimes I wish there was more genfic in it. About Cara - post-Tears, being bored to death in Aydindril while Kahlan is busy and distant and Richard is bored and clingy, dragging Cara to taverns and teaching her to fish (a tiresome activity, she doesn't catch a thing) and challenging her to arm-wrestle because he's just that bored (but don't tell Kahlan). Or how she takes off to ~see the world, despite protests from Richard and Kahlan (Zedd, being the wisest, knows she'll come back; he simply pats her on the back and tells her to be careful), and falls into adventure that somehow involves teaming up with Nicci. And then she comes back, and Kahlan is really happy to see her, but she also has odd scratches in her hands and her face because she was apparently attacked by the Chicken That Was Not a Chicken (but Evil Incarnate). Or about Cara and her son! Who is, without question, alive and being brought up by a secret brotherhood of monks somewhere and who just really does not want to kill people or become like his father. Cara and her sister! Like the time Cara visits, and her niece - who is not even remotely terrified of Cara anymore - pesters Cara to teach her to use a bow and arrow (for self-defence! and hunting!), and Cara's sister displays a shocking degree of skill in the same because she learned a lot of things while fending for herself after losing her entire family to the Mord-Sith.

The last one really breaks my heart. I'm just really invested in Cara's relationship with her family, okay.

+ Legend of Korra might be far, far away, but you can count on Tumblr fandom to produce excellent fan art in the meantime:

spoilers for the Korra trailer )

I'm also somewhat amused by the Korra/Bolin vs. Korra/Mako fights that appear to be already breaking out. I've heard things about the legendary Katara/Aang vs. Katara/Zuko shipwars - one hopes we'll not have to see a repeat of that here. And anyway, Korra/Chief Metalbender of Awesome >>>> the universe, so whatever. Pfft.

+ I am glad that the outrage over SDCC grossness from Dan Didio and co. has prompted such fabulous back-pedaling. A lot of it is old news - we already know Nicola Scott and Amanda Connor have been working on projects that will be announced after September. But the fact that they made an effort to cover up after the PR nightmare that was SDCC means something.

+ It is really hot. As in, *really* hot. Why won't it rain, universe, why?
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I have actual physical difficulty pairing Cara and Kahlan* with anyone else. Is this what an OTP is like?

I don't think I've experienced it before. It is... an odd sensation.

* Cara/Dahlia is an exception. As is Richard/Kahlan, although I don't really read R/K fic as such. It made me happy on the show and that was good enough.


Pseudo-Science in the Magic City by [profile] tcbg77, Astrid/Debra Morgan, Fringe/Dexter x-over. The Fringe team travel to Miami and solve a case, and Astrid meets a cop called Debra Morgan. I don't follow Dexter, but I could not resist a well-written Astrid story.

white as snow by thememoriesfire, Quinn/Santana, Glee. Porn. I have a secret fondness for this ship, and porn is always appreciated.
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The Prelate, that is, the former Commissioner of Police, a once semi-competent officer who discovered religion and a fetish for odd hats, and promptly re-invented herself as a supervillain. It was not particularly unusual by D'Haran standards, but matters were complicated by the fact that the Prelate also happened to be a practitioner of magic at par with Zedd himself, unmatched in skill and knowledge in some of the most obscure branches of sorcery.

Cara was in outer space when she took over D'Hara Central in her signature orange hat and announced her intention of converting it to a nunnery and saving D'Hara's soul, but she's heard many versions of the story from Richard and Zedd since. It is now remembered as one of Zedd's greatest battles.

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+ The Good Wife renewed, moved to Sunday opposite Desperate Housewives. \0/

This is a wonderful interview with Robert and Michelle King, where they have fun things to say about Alicia as a character and some thought on the direction the third season might be taking. This, meanwhile, is a lovely article on The Good Wife and its women:

“The show keeps asking: At the end of these women’s lives, what will success mean to each of them?”

These women could have followed stereotype. They include Jackie (Mary Beth Peil), the blueblood mother-in-law, who derives power vicariously through her marriage to a judge and by furthering her son’s ambition; Diane (Christine Baranski), a single, childless second-wave feminist who is the firm’s managing partner; the enigmatic investigator Kalinda, in her mid-30s, whose moral compass and sexual appetite keep viewers’ heads spinning (“She’s the most masculine fantasy figure and she’s probably mostly from me,” remarked Mr. King, who is directing the finale); Alicia, the 40-ish heroine, a working mother; and Grace (Makenzie Vega) her naïve, idealistic 14-year-old daughter.

Watching each of them wander off script, so to speak, is indeed at least half the fun.

ETA: Via [personal profile] hibernate, here's another great interview with the Kings, wherein they say, among other things: possible spoiler for the next season )

+ Fringe has some casting news: you have probably heard this already )

This, meanwhile, is a fun post-finale interview with John Noble and Joshua Jackson, where they said the following things and won my heart COMPLETELY:

blahblah )

If that weren't enough, Anna Torv said: this was all over tumblr )

+ Discussion on pre- and post-Crisis Wonder Woman; makes some fascinating points. Phil Hester comes across as a writer with a good grasp on the older stories - I hope after Odyssey (and whatever nonsense Flashpoint is up to) is over, he gets an opportunity to write Diana the way he wants to.

Also, people need to STOP speculating about the possible cancellation of Batgirl after Flashpoint. We all know they're going to do something gimmicky post-Flashpoint, but I don't want to hear ONE WORD about how Stephanie does not fit the role and Babs should be Batgirl again. Not a word.

[from phoenixpen; press ESC to stop the gif]

+ Tumblr tells me that Tears aired exactly a year ago. ;__; Ya'll should sign up for [community profile] femslash11/[community profile] thelittlebang/[community profile] ladiesbigbang to make me feel better about losing Cara and Kahlan.

I have a feeling Legend of the Seeker will be my Firefly, aka the stupid show I'll never shut up about. I'm not sure how a silly, silly show like Seeker ended up being the ♥Show of My Heart♥. The heart has its reasons and all that.
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1. This has been doing the rounds in FB for the last couple of days, and it makes me smile every time I hear it - Jingle Bells, the Punjabi edition.

video embedded under cut )

2. Last evening we had guests over - much fun was had and I ate too much. I think I'm going to be really homesick when I leave. Also, later I dreamed I was at a beautiful, picturesque place with a beautiful, picturesque lake where beautiful, picturesque things were happening, but every time I tried to take a photo, it was either too late or the shot came out terrible.

3. Some great Yuletide stuff I've been reading: Oglaf, Fringe, Warehouse 13, Birds of Prey, Batwoman, Batgirl )

ETA: Today's Oglaf also features the Lesbian Mercenary: Ravine (NSFW). \0/

I won't lie, I'm having thoughts about Cara the Mord'Sith Mercenary now. It'd be absolutely brilliant.

ETA 2: And one non-YT story you should read at once: As Soon As I am Able by [personal profile] allothi, Merlin, Gwen/Morgana: Superhero AU. I repeat, superhero AU, and Morgana (also Le Fay, protector of Camelotatham) at her spoilt, self-absorbed superhero best.
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Wedding has been attended and done with (much fun was had), Fringe has been watched, brain has been broken, so until I'm capable of coherent Fringetalk, can we discuss CARA'S SECRET CHEERLEADER PAST instead?

image under cut )

I strongly feel that there should be an entire sub-genre of cheerleader AUs in this fandom. Such as, Legend of the Seeker: Bring It On. And Legend of the Seeker: Hellcats, where Kahlan is Marti, Cara is Alice (Richard and Darken Rahl can play too, we need a Lewis and Jake as well), there is no dull relationship drama and a lot of awesome.

I'm also deeply amused by the fact that Gail Simone reblogged my post about the cracky romance novel AU where spontaneous!Dinah is trying to convince emotionally-stunted!Babs to that they are meant2b!!1! and added, 'What? Gay subtext in a Gail Simone comic? RIDICULOUS!' Hee.
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+ I need to get back into the habit of posting on LJ. I have photos to share (but coding is hard), I have fandoms to talk about (but typing is hard), I have books and movies I'd like to talk about (but formulating coherent sentences is hard), I have things to discuss re. LJ/Tumblr (but talking about things is hard). WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME

I'm also avoiding work. On a Sunday morning. Yesss. Deadlines suck (although I should not have put it off for so long so the fault is really mine).

+ The Young Justice cartoon is weird. It has Dick!Robin (who is a hacker, WTF), Wally!Kid Flash... and Kon. I may not be Tim Drake's biggest fan, but man, YJ is Tim and Kon and Bart, why are Tim and Bart not on this show? Aqualad looks cool, but I hope Miss Martian and Arrowette and Wonder Girl (once they get past legal hurdles; also, if it's Dick!Robin, then will it be Donna!Wonder Girl and not Cassie!Wonder Girl? will they ship Dick/Donna? will they ship Donna/Kon???) show up soon. The DCAU is weird. Great fun, but weird, and you have to keep reminding yourself that this is an alternate universe where Bruce/Babs is canon.

Bruce/Babs is actually interesting (yes, he's Dick's daddy, yes, he's like a crazy older brother to her and her father's friend and 'partner', that aside), because the little I have seen of Batman Beyond has a Babs who is only slightly less broken than old!Bruce, and Babs in canon is in some ways most like Bruce than any of the other Batpeople (thankfully, because they share some of the worst qualities: paranoia, control, lack of trust, obsessive need to know everything and push people they love away, freaking plans for EVERYTHING). But DCU Babs is also not Bruce-lite, because unlike Bruce, she won't let herself be broken the way Bruce has - Bruce needed about 80 issues of NML to figure out that he shouldn't have pushed his family away and another bazillion issues of Morrison's run, a blast of Darkseid's Omega beams, a trip across time and space and momentary death to figure out that he was never alone, he's always had help; Babs usually manages to figure the same thing out after some moping, and a hug from Dinah or her father. Nonetheless, Beyond!Babs is interesting because she's a might have been, and if I cared more about the Beyond!verse or Terry I'd watch more of the show.

Also I want to read a storyline that takes this seriously: 'Someday you're going to go mad with power, Oracle. Won't that just irk Batman to no end?' Batman vs. Oracle, scariest thing in the world.

+ PS, [profile] applesred: Phil Hester has been talking about taking over the reigns from JMS here. He comes across as pretty well-versed in things, from Perez to Simone, especially here,

To me, WW represents righteousness. Not sanctimony or piety, but an innate drive to find the right, just course and follow it whether it leads to mercy or violence.

That's what I love about Rucka's Diana, I have to say (among many other things that is).

+ I still need to do something about how much I miss my sparkly Seeker show. I mean, just look at this gif, under cut )

+ I'm going for HP 7 today! \0/
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TBH, in my ideal world, she'd be playing Cara on the silver screen in a world famous movie franchise with a bazillion sequels (co-starring Bridget Regan), but I'll take whatever I get. <333

+ Speaking of which, a couple of utterly brilliant Cara-centric vids via the lovely folks at Tumblr (again, thanks to [personal profile] hibernate for reminding me about them):

Cara is a genius. BECAUSE SHE IS.

A kiss with a fist. Cara/ Kahlan. NSFW, featuring manipped kissing and more. And, uhm, I may not be much for manips guys, but this is really incredibly hot.

+ There's been a lot of talk about Fringe being on the bubble, and yes, I too am worried about losing Olivia Dunham and her brilliant, smart show and Walter, but here's the thing. It will be a pity if Fringe isn't renewed after this season, because I seriously think it's one of the smartest things I've seen lately, and Season 3 so far has been mindblowing. Olivia Dunham is a worthy successor of Sarah Connor, and I will miss her desperately if the show dies before its time. BUT. If I managed to cope with the loss of Cara and Kahlan and my pretty, sparkly show, I can also live with this. I'll find something else to squee about, I'm sure. Yes, this is what I'm telling myself. I WILL SURVIVE.

+ I really miss Cara and Kahlan, you guys. :( I feel like I should do a picspam or a love meme or something, just so we can squee about them.

+ Also, Fringe: I really need to make a post about the various interesting things about the last couple of episodes. Hmm.

+ Today's lesson learnt IRL: it's very hard to edit a book when it mostly leaves you thinking 'OHNOYOUDIDN'T'/'Wait, did you really defend THAT?'/'STFU RIGHTWING PONDSCUM.' I'm very glad that's over. Why do I always end up with projects like this?

+ ETA: 4 am. Why am I not asleep?

many hearts

Oct. 6th, 2010 08:34 pm
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+ I have recently discovered that my camera can, in fact, focus manually, thanks to my sister (since I was too stupid to figure it out), and have been playing with the feature ever since. It is hard, S. (BFF with a bad case of Obsessive Photographing Disorder) is a genius for doing such great stuff with it. I admit, since my sole focus while taking photos is usually 'ooooo pretty' and 'ooooo bright colours', I tend to forget about technique and finesse and other such things.

ooooo bright colours )

+ I have not watched the latest House and last week's Nikita yet. Humph.

+ I have, however, watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and [profile] applesred, everything I heard was true: it's a great movie, packed with action and Diana is wonderful in it. It really felt more like an ensemble movie, with great roles for Diana and Big Barda, who have an absolutely EPIC battle scene in Apokolips. And, of course, Supergirl, who is in fact given more agency in the movie than she'd been in the comic (even if it meant we missed out on a fabulous Diana blocking Darkseid's Omega Beams with her bracelet scene because of the changes made). Also, Superman punches fire. Batman and Superman also have some adorable bickering, with Diana chipping in at times. In fact, the GREATEST SCENE in the movie involves Diana elbowing Bruce for being Mr. Crankypants, I don't have words for how adorable it is.


+ I was really missing Cara and Kahlan today. A good thing I had [personal profile] hibernate's [profile] lotsbigbang to read, which is so fabulous that I inhaled the story and am now mostly speechless and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with ~feelings. So please do yourselves a favour and go and read Confession, and Other Trouble a Mord'Sith Can Get Into. It is about Cara and Kahlan having a lot of feelings. I have hearts in my eyes. ♥_♥
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3:56: Tabrett Bethell offers her thoughts on yaoi. Well, on Cara and Kahlan if you're going to be nitpicky now.

embedded under cut )

The entire clip is lovely, and did I mention lately that I really miss Cara?

Meanwhile, among other fannish things:

Things I have watched: Merlin 3.02, Hellcats 1.03, Warehouse 13 2.12

Things I will watch: House 7.01. It's ready and waiting for me, but I told A. I'd watch it with her and we haven't managed to hang out after that, and TBH, I'm a little afraid of the character assassination that might happen. Feel free to reassure me, guys.

Things I will probably skip: Merlin 3.03, because no, really not my thing, I could barely watch 2.05-6.

Things that are KILLING me with anticipation: OLIVIA DUNHAM FRINGE 3.01 YAYYY
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Dear [personal profile] hibernate, I believe this Fringe video to be Relevant To Your Interests. Especially the bit around 1:20, wherein they discuss 'part man, part machine' creatures designed Over There.

+ Apparently, a JLA movie is in the works, which may not feature Batman and Superman in favour of 'introducing' WW, MM and Aquaman to the general audience. I can't see a JLA movie without the two of them, and neither do I understand why Diana needs to be 'introduced' in a JLA movie instead of a movie of her own, but that's not what I want to talk about right now. Fans are speculating about who will play Diana, and one name that frequently comes up in discussions is none other than our very own Bridget Regan (who, if I recall correctly, once mentioned that she grew up worshipping WW). It's just fan speculation, obviously, but I absolutely love the idea of B as WW. She's got the height, she's got the figure, she's got the blue eyes, and most importantly, if anyone can sell Diana's particular combination of sweet, wise and scary, not to mention a kick-ass warrior, it's her.

I offer Proof. large images under cut )
Also check out Nigel Halsey's gallery for a few more manips, all beautifully done.

+ I am slowly gearing up for the return of Merlin. I haven't looked at spoilers or any of the trailers, let alone fan reactions to the screening of the first two episodes, because I think not reading fan reactions is the key to enjoying ones shows. I think I am more or less prepared for the inevitable Evil McEvil Morgana, but I still don't how I'll cope when her relationships with her friends fall apart. Sigh. And maybe they'll tell Arthur things this season? A girl can hope.

+ I wrote 100 words yesterday. It was hard. Then I gave up and rewatched Legend of the Seeker. BTW, it's hilarious how Kahlan has Cara (and Richard and Zedd) wrapped around her little finger, without even trying.

+ I'm still waiting for my copy of Mockingjay arrive so that I can talk about it, and the other two books. I also read Unseen Academicals, which was great fun, and then re-read a bunch of other Discworld books. The Sister seems to have misplaced my copy of The Fifth Elephant, humph.

Speaking of Discworld, [personal profile] roga drew Death putting on nailpolish! Go tell her how cute and awesome it is. <333
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So most Seeker people will already have seen this, but I'll repost them nonetheless: deleted scenes from S2, coming soon on DVD (via [personal profile] hibernate).

Richard and Cara decide who gets first watch
Cara learns of her fate in the alternate timeline
A behind the scenes look at Cara's costume

embedded under cut )



May. 23rd, 2010 11:24 am
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Seeker 2.22 )

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Dear Seeker peeps, in case you don't hang out at [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies, they're having a FINALE BEACH PARTY which you should check out, if only for this awesome bit of fanart featuring Cara on a f-ing sea unicorn narwhal. And the one where she can't swim. And, um, Zedd wearing very little clothes. For the ladies.

God, I love this fandom and its sense of humour. I hope it rocks on, show or no show.

macros under cut; spoiler for the finale )
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Why I Love Bridget Regan #34564667

Because she tweets things like this. (spoiler for the Seeker finale)



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