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+ Rec:
Mama Said Knock You Out by AbsoluteDestiny
, featuring everybody's favourite mother-and-daughter duo, Toph and Lin Beifong. Watch it, because it's glorious.

+ I'm all caught up on Warehouse 13, and spoilers till 4.04 ) One of the best things about Warehouse 13 is all the unusual love stories it tells, and its commitment to telling these stories and not pushing them to the sidelines in favour of yet another love story between the two heterosexual leads.

+ I read Wonder Woman #12, and can we discuss this please, guys? spoilers )

And that wasn't enough, we had a Batwoman and Wonder Woman team-up in Batwoman #12! Which is a three-issue arc! spoilers )

Batwoman also teamed up with Batgirl in Batgirl #12, spoilers )

Birds of Prey #12 was fun, although I'm not entirely sure where they're headed? Oh well. The #0 issues next month should be something to look forward to.
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This is serial-killer-making weather. Dear rain gods, please make this stop. Can it be October already?

1. Morning Glories is one of the most disturbing comic books I've ever read (not that I'm very well-versed in comics outside the Big Two), but also good and strangely addictive. I keep thinking Casey is Steph (damn you, Morrison, for giving us that glimpse of AWESOME *weeps*), but I like her even if she's not-Steph. Also, spoiler for a recent issue, I forget which )

2. Wonder Woman #11 )

3. I'm really enjoying the new BoP. I miss the old team so much it hurts, and I found the conclusion to the earlier arc rather lacklustre, but Duane Swierczynski gets a few things right, like team dynamics and character moments, and that's what make it work for me. Birds of Prey #11 )

I actually enjoy Barbara more in this book than in Batgirl. I mean, Batgirl #11 )

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I was re-reading Batgirl #24, and god, I hope someday I'm able to revisit this series without getting a little teary-eyed because this was, for about the course of the fifteen months or so when I followed the title every month, my #1 pick-me-up, the one thing that never failed to cheer me up. I do not know how Stephanie Brown replaced Barbara Gordon as the Batgirl of my heart, except that I now think of the DCnU and realise that Barbara's Robin is now Damian, and a part of my heart just shrivels up and dies.

It is a difficult time to be a Bat-fan, in some ways—Snyder's Batman might be on fire, but for those of us who had fallen in love with a particular set of characters and relationships in a status quo that was never going to last (I realise now, reboot or no), and who are, perhaps, less used to reboots/cancellations/resurrections the way long-term comics fans undoubtedly are, the Batverse doesn't feel like our Batverse anymore. Barbara's Robin is Damian and Damian's Batman is Bruce and Stephanie and Cassandra are god knows where, and that is very, very painful. Equally painful is the knowledge the Black Canary and Oracle, as I knew them, were probably never friends that way, or that Huntress, as I knew her, no longer exists. It's only the end if you want it to be notwithstanding, fandom is hard.

It's also a difficult time to be a Barbara fan, in some ways—because I am, Barbara's girl through and through, and even the loss of Oracle won't change that, even if I despair over how much they have erased along with it. Apart from Wonder Woman, Barbara is the only female character of the DCU to have any sort of legacy, and it isn't coincidental that both Diana and Barbara's legacy's have been severely affected in the DCnU—with the erasure of Donna Troy, with the seeming disappearance of Diana's supporting cast (even STRIFE—yes, I refer to her in ALLCAPS now—cannot make up for the loss of Phillipus or Artemis), with the erasure/benching of all the three women who wore the Batgirl suit after Barbara, with the re-writing of the history of the Birds of Prey (from what we've seen of it).

It was, therefore, a bit of a surprise when I finally picked up the new Birds of Prey and found myself enjoying it tremendously: spoilers till BoP #5 )

I will also admit to shamelessly shipping Dinah/Evelyn. The subtext is certainly there, and while I was earlier held back by my Babs/Dinah OTPness, I've now come to accept the fact that Barbara and Dinah as I knew them don't exist anymore. (This is not to say I won't ship Babs and Dinah once more once we get to know these characters a little better, note.)

Wonder Woman, of course, has been an utter joy—despite my various misgivings, I've enjoyed the title thoroughly. spoilers for Wonder Woman #5 )


I'm not sure I'm going to finish reading the Huntress mini right now. I thought I was reading about my Huntress, and I wasn't—I feel a little cheated to be honest. This will, of course, change if the new book is good and I grow to like Helena Wayne, but right now I need some time to mourn the Huntress I loved.


[personal profile] netgirl_y2k has written fabulous DVD commentaries of Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle (Morgana/many female characters) and Walk Softly and Carry a Large Stick (Cara/Kahlan), with wonderful insights into the characters that you should run to read right now. Or read the stories first, if you haven't already.

High D'Haran Love Poetry by [personal profile] nike_ravus (Legend of the Seeker, Berdine/Raina): This is not a pairing I normally read, because I don't care about the bookverse and I don't know the characters at all, but the writer introduces them as 'their TV-show version incarnations. These are the girls who would hang out with our Cara and (sometimes) put up with her shit', which is really all I needed to know. At 20K words, it's a sharp, intriguing - and at times disconcerting - look at the world of the Mord'Sith, and a consideration of the eternal problem: "How do Mord'Sith fall in love? No really, how?" Read this right now, and go shower your love upon the author so that she writes more stories in this fandom.
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I still think the new default comment page is ugly and comes with a lot of user issues, which means I'm not going to consider renewing my paid account until I see a response from LJ's side. This however means that the comment page on my LJ, as of now, will be the new comment page, which, I'm told, has been triggering headaches for some people - something about the bright blue on white. I'm not turning off comments on LJ, but if you're perhaps in danger of getting a headache, you can comment on DW instead (the link is on the bottom of every LJ post, since I crosspost and will continue to do so).


Meanwhile, comics. spoilers for Batman: Leviathan Strikes and Wonder Woman #4; there is a gif under the cut among other images )

Nightwing #4 was rather unimpressive, despite Babs' presence: I don't know any 'Richard' Grayson, sorry, unless it's someone like Diana calling him Richard. I think I'm ready to pick up Birds of Prey now though - Babs is back and Dinah is still Dinah (even with a new girlfriend), and I've only been hearing good things about the book.


Dec. 19th, 2011 10:06 pm
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+ This is Bridget Regan on Person of Interest. You're welcome. ([profile] favouriteyear pointed me to it - I haven't actually seen the episode, but I am tempted).

+ This is the preview for Batman: Leviathan Strikes. It... appears to be set in pre-Flashpoint DCU. But Steph is Spoiler. Wut?

This, meanwhile, is the preview for Wonder Woman #4. Strife is my very favourite. I want her to stay forever and ever and be the Loki to Diana's Thor. Seriously, her EXPRESSIONS, and Diana's responses - Cliff Chiang is a god amongst men (he's also clearly having fun with his rockstar!Diana headcanon): image under cut )


(It feels strange, being excited about a Wonder Woman issue. Strange, and awesome.)
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RL remains all-consuming. V. jealous of my mother, who is traipsing around London with my aunt even as we speak (Londoners, if you run into two eccentric Indian lady travellers, say hi, and tell them I asked them to buy me something nice behave themselves. If they get into trouble, please call my cousin who is currently in-charge of their well-being). No one gives me a fifteen day holiday, humph.


Verdict on DCnU so far:

JLA #1: B-
Stormwatch #1: A (basically what GJohns hoped JLA #1 would be)
Action Comics #1: A
Batgirl #1: A-

People keep recommending Animal Man, but I have no interest in that title as of now. I'm looking forward to Batwoman this week! \0/

Speaking of Batgirl #1, spoilers )

If Black Canary doesn't show up in this title sometime soon, I'm going to be very, very disappointed.


I am also reading Basara, a manga written by Yumi Tamura set in a post-apocalyptic Japan, featuring a young heroine who dresses up as her twin brother to FULFILL A PROPHECY and SAVE THE WORLD. Oh, and she has a SHINY SWORD. You can see why this is relevant to my interests. I'm only up to chapter four so far, but I will keep you all updated.
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Miller says goodbye to Batgirl. I cry a bucket.

Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;
For nothing now can ever come to any good. /melodrama

No, seriously, I cannot express how disappointed I am about this. It's late and I should be off to sleep because I have to wake up at SIX tomorrow, ugh, but all I can think is: WHY ARE THEY TAKING THIS AWAY FROM ME WHY?
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I am back, internet - I have been travelling (which was fun - if I ever end up editing the 500 million photos I took, I will share) - and mostly caught up on my flist, but in case there's anything you think I should see, please point me to it. ♥


Thoughts on comics:


2. When did Jaime get those abs?

3. Batgirl #23: My heart. ;_____; Good issue, if a little rushed - it's very clear that Miller was asked to wrap up what was going to be a longer storyline.

4. Birds of Prey #14: It might have been a fun adventure? Andreyko was fantastic in Manhunter, but the art was hideous, and anyway I am too heartbroken about Gail Simone not writing the book anymore after just having her back to care. There were a couple of nice moments with the ladies hanging out.

Speaking of which, who is Starling in the new BoP? Have we met her somewhere before? Is she a Wildstorm character?

5. The other day I was watching Batman Begins, and okay, possibly I am a philistine who does not get the magnificence of the Nolanverse, but it's easily the most boring Batman movie I have seen. So boring, in fact, that I would rather watch Batman and Robin, because silly or no, it has ridiculous cartoony villains and Robinwing and StephBabsgirl. This, meanwhile, has whiny emo Bruce who spends most of the movie being whiny, like the worst of ~manpain!Bruce, but without any of the emotional payoff that usually accompanies ~manpain!Bruce in comics. Morgan Freeman is wasted as Yoda!Lucius Fox, and I'm not sure why Liam Neeson is Ra'as al Ghul. Also, Bale's 'Batman voice' doesn't work for me at all.

There's one piece of casting I will keep, however, and that's Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon. Because I love ♥Jim Gordon♥ and want to draw hearts around him and Gary Oldman looks the part. In fact, I would pay good money to watch a Batman movie about him - Snyder's current 'Tec run, preferably, with DickBat and Babs and James Jr (Detective #879 highlights once again why Jim and Babs are my favourite father-daughter duo in comics ever. EVER). It has every element of a good Batman movie, without being bogged down by emo or an idea of a so-called 'serious' Batverse, where seriousness apparently means a lot of OTT manpain and everyone wearing grey.


I also have read Wee Free Men, A Hatful of Sky and I Shall Wear Midnight in the last couple of weeks, and OMG, why did I not read these before? Possibly because I was stupidly prejudiced against the Feegles because I did not particularly have a good impression of Wee Mad Arthur in the Watch books, but that was just a silly misconception! I have now seen the error of my ways. The Feegles are ♥, Granny and Nanny and the rest of the witches are, as always, fabulous, and Tiffany Aching - following in the footsteps of Angua and Susan - is a Pratchett heroine of my heart. He just loves his sensible girls, doesn't he? I think I love I Shall Wear Midnight the best, and I squeed when Carrot and Angua showed up in their little cameo. Can Tiffany please hang out with Susan next? <33
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I've come to the conclusion that if Batman is the King of Manpain, then Jaime Reyes is the anti-Batman.

this post is an excuse to shirk work and post panels. tl;dr, and there are images under the cut )

I cannot believe I've failed to mention this here, but Bryan Q. Miller said he liked gabzilla-z's Oracle!Steph comic. \0/
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Total lunar eclipse, whee! It's very hard to actually see anything - monsoon just arrived (finally) and the sky is cloudy - but. TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. This is so exciting.

In lieu of a photo of the sky right now, have one of the 'super moon' I took last month:

image under cut )


I read Batgirl #22, and I think I want to cry now. Not because of the issue, but because I can't believe they're cancelling this book. The issue itself was vintage Batgirl: Steph goes to London, teams up with another superhero and has an accidental adventure. Some mocking of Bruce is involved.

this happens )

And now we just have two more of these left.


"To not get credit? Always!"

And that's Batgirl for you, in a nutshell.

I don't have words for how much I'll miss this.
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+ While I still have many feelings about the rebootylicious DCnU (most of them involve Oracle; one of these days I'll put together all my comments everywhere on this topic), there's one thing that never fails to cheer me up: TIM HAS WINGS NOW. TIMMY WILL FLYYYYYYY, LIKE A BIRD IN THE SKY.

And then there's always the Steph as Oracle comic that I keep looking at every now and then.

+ I'm heartbroken about the Birds of Prey (whyy can't we have the real team and Renee along with it, why do Hawk and Dove have a book), I'll admit I like the September solicit:

Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ
On sale SEPTEMBER 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
One is wanted for a murder she didn’t commit. The other is on the run because she knows too much. They are Dinah Laurel Lance and Ev Crawford – a.k.a. Black Canary and Starling – and together, as Gotham City’s covert ops team, they’re taking down the villains other heroes can’t touch. But now they’ve attracted the attention of a grizzled newspaper reporter who wants to expose them, as well as a creepy, chameleon-like strike team that’s out to kill them.

It's intriguing. Who knows, maybe Barbara will show up soon, once things settle down in her book? And Huntress, obviously.

+ Glee S2 premieres here in a few days, so the channel airing it made this promo:

embed under cut )

I ♥ the mash-up.* The Bollywood comparison is apt, although I do think Glee would have to work a lot harder if it were ever to match up to the mainstream Hindi melodrama at its best, where the comics plotlines and serious plotlines don't feel like two different stories and where the songs are really that good.

* Yes, that's 'Character Dheela' from Ready. Which, BTW, I watch last weekend and dear god - watch it only if you're fluent in Priyadarshanese. And preferably after consuming a lot of alcohol.

+ random photographs )


Jun. 12th, 2011 12:52 am
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It's not exactly a secret that I have many ~feelings about the DCU not-reboot, especially the decision to unceremoniously cancel Bryan Q. Miller's 'Batgirl' in order to make Barbara Batgirl again. I always have a lot of feelings about Batgirls in general, and this title in particular. Barbara, meanwhile, is my favourite, and all of this combined together makes for a very agitated me. If you have been anywhere near my Tumblr or the forums, you have probably had to witness me spew my feelings all over the internets (sorry).

THAT SAID. Since humour is my natural mode of Dealing With Things, I wrote a tiny bit of dialogue the other day, where Steph is Oracle, and gabzilla-z asked if they could draw it. To which I obviously said yes because I'm a huge fan of gabzilla-z's art (Jason and the Gingercats! Bruce and Steph have a slight disagreement! Pride and Prejudice and Robins!), and NOW LOOK AT THIS: ORACLE STEPH AND BATGIRL BABS, THE ILLUSTRATED FANCOMIC EDITION (the link goes to gabzilla-z's Tumblr, and the large version of the image is here). IS IT NOT THE BEST THING EVER? THEIR LITTLE FAAAACES! *FLAPPY HANDS*

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+ The Good Wife renewed, moved to Sunday opposite Desperate Housewives. \0/

This is a wonderful interview with Robert and Michelle King, where they have fun things to say about Alicia as a character and some thought on the direction the third season might be taking. This, meanwhile, is a lovely article on The Good Wife and its women:

“The show keeps asking: At the end of these women’s lives, what will success mean to each of them?”

These women could have followed stereotype. They include Jackie (Mary Beth Peil), the blueblood mother-in-law, who derives power vicariously through her marriage to a judge and by furthering her son’s ambition; Diane (Christine Baranski), a single, childless second-wave feminist who is the firm’s managing partner; the enigmatic investigator Kalinda, in her mid-30s, whose moral compass and sexual appetite keep viewers’ heads spinning (“She’s the most masculine fantasy figure and she’s probably mostly from me,” remarked Mr. King, who is directing the finale); Alicia, the 40-ish heroine, a working mother; and Grace (Makenzie Vega) her naïve, idealistic 14-year-old daughter.

Watching each of them wander off script, so to speak, is indeed at least half the fun.

ETA: Via [personal profile] hibernate, here's another great interview with the Kings, wherein they say, among other things: possible spoiler for the next season )

+ Fringe has some casting news: you have probably heard this already )

This, meanwhile, is a fun post-finale interview with John Noble and Joshua Jackson, where they said the following things and won my heart COMPLETELY:

blahblah )

If that weren't enough, Anna Torv said: this was all over tumblr )

+ Discussion on pre- and post-Crisis Wonder Woman; makes some fascinating points. Phil Hester comes across as a writer with a good grasp on the older stories - I hope after Odyssey (and whatever nonsense Flashpoint is up to) is over, he gets an opportunity to write Diana the way he wants to.

Also, people need to STOP speculating about the possible cancellation of Batgirl after Flashpoint. We all know they're going to do something gimmicky post-Flashpoint, but I don't want to hear ONE WORD about how Stephanie does not fit the role and Babs should be Batgirl again. Not a word.

[from phoenixpen; press ESC to stop the gif]

+ Tumblr tells me that Tears aired exactly a year ago. ;__; Ya'll should sign up for [community profile] femslash11/[community profile] thelittlebang/[community profile] ladiesbigbang to make me feel better about losing Cara and Kahlan.

I have a feeling Legend of the Seeker will be my Firefly, aka the stupid show I'll never shut up about. I'm not sure how a silly, silly show like Seeker ended up being the ♥Show of My Heart♥. The heart has its reasons and all that.

mama spank

Apr. 26th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Grading is hell. At least I have found my red pen.

This post in [community profile] scans_daily on Barbara's love for blondes however offered me great joy, especially the part where Peej - noticing Steph and Cass - says, 'You're picking them younger and younger, Oracle.' Someday, Steph is going to find out that Barbara's bitter ex-girlfriend thinks she's one of her ~conquests, and troll Babs for the REST OF HER LIFE. Possibly calling her 'Sugar mommy' all the time.

Also there was this: Quiet or... )
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'ZLOPP!' is the best sound effect ever.

embedded video under cut )

Which is my way of saying, dear DC/WB, stop making boring GrimDarkMan movies and get on with that live-action Batgirl: Year One already. Or at least the animated feature.

Even Dick agrees.

image under cut )

Also, Steph's new Batgirlmobile aka 'The Compact'? Totally a homage to Batgirl's 'electronic Batgirl compact' in the Adam West show. I ♥ Bryan Q. Miller SO MUCH. <333

ETA: Speaking of comics, Birds of Prey #11 was fun. Huntress FTW )
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Thank you, comic book gods, that's all I asked of life. And another title for Wonder Woman.
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So, Wonder Woman has been cast! images under cut )

Speaking of comics, is Batgirl the greatest thing ever or what? The Valentine's Day issue, featuring Klarion and his cat, had me all ♥_♥! 'Accio fist'! ♥ I think Steph is becoming my favourite Batgirl, which is saying something, given how I feel about her predecessors.
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If this preview of Batgirl 15 isn't the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is. I won't even complain about the lack of Cassandra. ILU BATGIRL ♥

PS: Masterful summation of 70 years of Bat-history, I must say, albeit with the GLARING OMISSION of Cass (all the more ludicrous because Cass and Steph are friends, FFS).


hideously large images under cut; i mean it )

Slightly belated Diwali wishes to all. I only took about 300 or so photos yesterday. *facepalm*
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A scene from Batgirl 13. Note the graffiti at the back:

Who knew Batwoman did graffiti in her downtime? Or does Huntress have a crush after all?

The issue itself was adorable, spoilers )

Speaking of Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, I really enjoyed Pas de Deux by [profile] jengrrl. Nostalgia, lost opportunities and second chances, with spot-on Renee and Kate characterizations.

And did you know Batwoman is coming back for a short stint in November?

This November, fans will see BATWOMAN #0, a one-shot primer that brings together the new creative team for a special tale that sets the tone for the upcoming ongoing series, which will hit in February 2011. The #0 issue features an artistic collaboration in the truest sense, as both Williams and Reeder will be splitting the work on almost every page, and working off a script from Blackman and Williams. As previously revealed, the ongoing series will kick off with Williams on art duties for the first arc, followed by Reeder.



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