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a. Why is Hardison not shirtless in every episode?

b. If it weren't for Eliot and Hardison and Sophie and sometimes even Nate, Parker would be my very favourite. I'm certain of it.


I've been reading various things on the female character debate and I'm tired. So, meme. Comment with the name of a female character and I'll tell you why I love her. In return, you can do the same in your journal.


Off to watch a play, be back shortly. :)
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Levarage is back! I have nothing spoilery to say about the episode except that it was fun, as always, and I just love how they all love each other and how each and every member of the team is respected. okay, a little bit spoilery here ) It's such a relief, coming after a lot of other things. *glares at Merlin*

Meanwhile, I've been watching The Legend of the Seeker. I'm only up to the third episode of the first season. It's... very pretty, cheesier than Merlin and possibly as incoherent (I haven't watched much, so I wouldn't know yet), and has women who get to do things. Richard is adorably noble and dim, Kahlan is fabulous and Zedd is insane but scarily competent. And did I mention that Kahlan gets to do things?

I'm quite charmed. (Morgana would fit very well into this universe. Zedd could teach her a thing or two about magic, for instance. I'm just saying.)


Past in Present: This is a [community profile] festivids entry, based on the movie Chak De! India. It's an underdog sports movie, featuring a women's hockey team and their coach, and I don't have words for how much I love it. This vid does justice to the movie, to the spirit of the characters - please watch it. ♥
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About 15 minutes into Castle 1.06: it's a little difficult to take Aldis Hodge's 'African' character seriously when all I can think of is Hardison and his terrible accent as the Ice Man and Sophie asking him, 'What accent is that?'

Also, I've been resisting doing the DVD commentary meme popping up all over my flist because I may not remember what I was thinking when I was writing something, but there's this bit in my [profile] femslash09 fic that mentions Andy's new book:

That night, Emily orders her books—the essays as well as the award-winning one about thieves and time-travel. They are decent books: smart, well-written. The time-travelling thieves are funny, and also a bit mad, and Emily is—she must admit—charmed in spite of herself.

She says so over coffee. Andy flushes and beams, and shyly divulges her plans for the sequel featuring Elizabeth I and, possibly, William Shakespeare.

That's actually the Leverage team. Only with time travel. Sophie takes great pleasure in getting the costumes and manners right, and scolds Hardison for not getting the accent right. Parker does not understand why she has to wear all those petticoats whenever they travel to the Victorian age. Eliot on the other hand does not appreciate when people compliment him on his 'wig' ('It's my HAIR, you idiots.').


Sep. 10th, 2009 08:41 pm
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So. Leverage.

No, wait.


mid-season finale )

*The image isn't messing up flist views, right?
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Yesterday I fell and hurt my back. This is nothing new or unusual, since I frequently trip/fall/bump into things and injure parts of my body (my ankles, I fear, might be permanently damaged). My friends have often suspected that I have springs attached to my feet, on account of how I manage to spring right back up immediately after falling down. Besides, it's hereditary, from my mother's side of the family. The back thing is a bit surprising, though - I don't think that's ever happened to me once I grew past running carelessly (sometimes, barefoot) down the really strange and slippery stairs at my childhood home.


Meanwhile, Leverage: spoilers )
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New Leverage: funniest episode of the season so far, or funniest episode of the season so far?

I now also want the AU where Nate is a magician, er, illusionist and Parker is his assistant.
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I may not have finished writing [profile] femslash09, but I did finish all of Leverage, and in conclusion? TEAM OMG! spoilers for 2.01 )
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First, an apology and a clarification: when I mentioned people you cannot talk to in my previous post, I was not referring to anyone in my flist. It was a post that has been building for a while, as I watch more and more people in my flist talk about their reluctance to voice their opinions because they fear wank. Talking, for me, is an important part of being fannish, and I can't imagine what would happen to me if you guys stopped talking to me and arguing with me over details. I am no one to tell other fen how to deal with wank, but I wanted to share my experience and say that laughter, for me, has always been a more effective way of dealing with wank than silence, both online and IRL. I'm sorry if any of you felt I was referring to you, personally. I really did not mean it that way.


Today has been a good day to be a fan. First, I booked tickets for HBP on Saturday (Saturday because I wanted to watch it with the family before I leave on Sunday evening :[) in IMAX! I can't wait!

Second, I have watched up to Leverage 1.05. It's adorable and I hearts; it and I can't decide which character I love more. I have a complaint, though - I have discovered some excellent Alec/Eliot and Eliot/Nate and Alec/Eliot/Parker out there, but where are the REST of the pairings? Where is the Sophie/Eliot (tell me I'm not the only person who sees the potential) and the Parker/Eliot and the Nate/Sophie and the Sophie/Parker and the Nate/Father Paul (shutup) and and and...

Recs would be welcome, by the way.

And third, I watched the ST movie today, again in giant screen! It was awesome and I loved it! More importantly, so did the Sister, who knows even less Trek canon than I do - she loved it so much that she vows to *force* her friends to watch the movie. Now that is an achievement (the awesome experience ended on a slightly sour note when she slipped and fell and injured her already troublesome tailbone; one hopes it's not much, but she's still going to get that X-ray done).


Jul. 11th, 2009 02:10 pm
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In a bid to lessen my Sarah Connor-induced heartache, I watched the pilot of Leverage. It's cute and funny, and I love all the characters. I particularly love that Lindsay Elliot is the muscle and Hardison the geek. I may watch more. After I stop listening to Sarah Connor's theme, that is. It makes me want to cry, and hug Sarah (I love how it begins with a haunting, lonely sound - Sarah Connor, essentially - and picks up in the middle, bringing back many lovely memories of Sarah beating the crap outta people, and then the thumping end, because Sarah Connor is a bad bitch).


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