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Elementary is still the best, spoilers have mathematics in them )

But ANYWAY. [personal profile] tanndell has been fancasting Lucy Liu as Batman for a while now, and now I have added Harry Shum Jr as her Nightwing and Michelle Yeoh as her Gordon to the cast list. Idris Elba is a strong contender for Alfred, except that then I might ship Batman/Alfred and I don't know how to deal with that.
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Sometimes I entertain myself by thinking of alllllll the Legend of the Seeker tropes as applied to other fandoms. For instance, what would happen if Bruce Wayne found himself split into two like Kahlan in Torn*? Would it be Weepy!Feelings!Bruce vs Stone Cold Villain!Bruce? What would happen Emma Swan found herself split in two? Would she be torn between Angry Drunk!Emma who cannot take the trauma of all of this at once and Lost Puppy!Emma who just wants a family of her own? And Regina would probably be Really Evil Queen!Regina and Feelings!True Love!Regina, but I admit my thoughts here are coloured by fan fiction. And how about a character like Dick Grayson, who does not have a lot of ~inner pain or conflict, regardless of how much trauma he has been through? I suspect Dick 1 and Dick 2 would get along like a house on fire and mostly just hang out and make fun of Bruce.


[* Basically, Kahlan is torn between ~duty and ~desire, powerful magic goes wrong and she ends up being split into two halves - one that is duty with no conscience and the other one full of feelings.]
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The other day my phone was pickpocketed (I suspect) at the bookfair. It was somewhat traumatizing, but it did lead us to spending about half an hour in the surveillance room reviewing footage from surveillance cameras, thanks to the generous offers from the policemen on duty. It was not particularly of any use in recovering my phone - the camera angles were bizarre and we are no experts at this sort of thing - but it did give us the pleasure of imagining we're in some crime show, intrepid detectives in search of Clues! I was cautioned on various occasions for smiling too much by my friends, who were of the opinion I was not being appropriately upset.


Hansel and Gretel was really ridiculous fun, and I now wish to see crossovers with every universe, including one where Hawkeye and Kate Bishop are hunters, and the one where Hansel and Gretel are the Hansel and Gretel of OUAT universe.


[community profile] scans_daily claims S2 of Korra may or may not premiere on March 29. Discuss.
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A recent fic (Unresolved Tensions and Peace Treaties Time Forgot [Bagshot, B.] by [personal profile] sexonastick) the other day reminded me just how much I love Hogwarts AUs. I heart AUs of all sorts -- pirate AUs, space AUs, boarding school AUs, historical AUs, and so on. But Hogwarts fusion AUs especially are something I can never get enough of, and the last round of memeing just made me want more. I mean, wouldn't you want to read more about the adventures of Myka Bering, Ravenclaw Prefect and future Head Girl, and HG Wells, mad Slytherin (bordering on Ravenclaw) genius who just really wants to get into Myka's pants? For the sake of scientific curiosity, of course - she's only slept with a couple of Ravenclaws, and none of them female. And maybe some crack time travel adventures featuring a time turner, dinosaurs in the Forbidden Forest, one Pete Lattimer (Gryffindor Beater, Myka's best friend) and ickle Claudia (Ravenclaw second year, she just really looks up to Myka). Or the epic and unlikely friendship of Richard Cypher, Gryffindor Seeker, and Cara Mason, Hufflepuff Beater, forged after that infamous Quidditch match in which Cara hit Richard squarely on the head with the Bludger. Kahlan, of course, is the Slytherin Prefect, who is being relentlessly pursued by that slimy Rahl, Richard's half-brother and the current Head Boy. Then Nicci can jump into the fray and there can be SHENANIGANS, while Headmaster Zeddicus benevolently looks on and eats a lot. And so on. The possibilities are endless!*

* [I still want to write that Merlin Quidditch fusion AU, where Morgana Le Fay is Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies (even though her name or her surname does not begin with a 'G', and no, her middle name doesn't either, and NO SHE IS NOT CHANGING HER NAME). Her rivalry with Arthur Pendragon (who also happens to be her stepbrother)—currently Beater and Captain of the Montrose Magpies—is legendary, ranging back from their Hogwarts days (Arthur took great pleasure in aiming every Bludger at Morgana's head; however, Slytherin usually won). The Harpies, however, lost their British and Irish League as well as their European League matches to the Magpies the previous season, much to Morgana's dismay (which was further increased when the Quidditch Today only printed a tiny, five-page interview of hers and DID AN ENTIRE PHOTOSHOOT WITH ARTHUR). Apparently Merlin is that fandom I can't quite get over.]

And now I've gone and re-read a bunch of Hogwarts AUs:

+ The not toothache inducing adventures of Myka and Helena at Hogwarts by [profile] thedevilsheart: Adorable fluff that really, really makes me want to read A LOT more about Myka and Helena meeting at wand point.

+ John Egbert and the Goblet of Sick Fires by tigerpellets: Homestuck! With shiny art and Vriska playing an adorable cameo (among others)! A WIP I ♥.

+ No Glory Descends by gatty: Vriska-centric, in which Vriska is her very special brand of fucked up and heartbreaking. Aaaah.

Tell me about your favourite Hogwarts AUs, flist! What fandom should have more of them? Where would YOU sort your favourite characters? Who would play Quidditch? Who is Muggle-born? Etcetc.
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Gah, Avengers fandom, what have you done to AO3? No more playing with Thor's hammer (no, not that hammer), you guys. You're breaking my favourite archive.

Speaking of Avengers, I might not be reading a lot of Avengers fic, but [personal profile] roga said that Natasha/Thor could be as much fun as Angua/Carrot, and she's right. I want this story, fandom. CATER TO ME.


Nick has a promo clip for the next episode of LoK! The bad news is that it's tiny, but hey, still a promo. embed under cut )

Is it Saturday yet?


In a bid to keep writing, there were ficlets:

To Bedlam, Lin, Tenzin. Episode tag for 1.08. Lin has a visitor.

Green wind, green branches: Korra/Lin, post-canon. Perhaps Lin is growing soft in her old age.

Lin is great fun to write. I want fandom to write me volumes about Lin Beifong and the Republic City Watch - the mundane everyday paperwork (piles and piles of it - no thanks to Avatar Korra), the thieving scum and the Triad, the Council and their politics, Korra being alternately exasperating and endearing (not that Lin is telling her that).

There was, I am also pleased to say, some work on long-stalled projects as well! \0/ (Funny how I write fanfiction when I'm avoiding studying. Shh, don't tell anyone I said that.)
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Non-spoilery moral of the episode, and every other episode of Legend of Korra: Lin goes away for one day and EVERYONE is in trouble. Legend of Korra 1.08 When Extremes Meet )


Via Tumblr: The secret of Lin's parentage, NOW REVEALED.
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Random nonsense that one comes up with when one has not written anything for days, is shirking work and browsing through kinkmeme prompts instead. One also refers to oneself as 'one' and fails get to the actual kinky bits. Oh well.


In which Cara has a new possession )


Mar. 8th, 2012 12:00 am
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I am home for a week, and as a result have been forced to watch The Big Bang Theory with my sister, who watches it incessantly. It is quite funny, but what I enjoyed most so far was Christine Baranski as Leonard's mother, because she is fabulous and because it is fun to imagine her as Diane's twin sister. She would, no doubt, ask Diane if she has consummated her relationship with her much-younger male colleague/partner every time they met and pester her to get a brain scan, because it's crucial for her understanding of her own brain.
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The other day I was bored at work, so I entertained myself by daydreaming about fan things (naturally). I've now come to the conclusion that ALL my fandoms need Detective Agency AUs - the more the merrier. Can't you just see it? "Cypher's Seekers: We Help the Hopeless" (Cara insists they were floundering before she showed up). Arthur and Morgana's detective agency, in which most of the actual detecting is done by Gwen (premonitions are hard, okay?). Dunham and Dunham - they will hunt down crime in every corner of the multiverse! Bering and Wells, time-traveling detective/crimefighting team of awesome. And so on.

Meanwhile, on Wonder Woman #6 which I wish was drawn by Cliff Chiang )

ETA: On the subject of detective AUs: Santana Lopez as the Question! Or really, Santana Lopez as a detective in a fedora. ♥
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I ran away to the hills last weekend. There was a lot of food and no work, plus a lot of self-indulgent photography. Why do I have to go back to work why? /whine


I have watched three episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum, and while it's quite enjoyable (and disturbing, which is to be expected) so far, the transformation sequence is not as epic as Utena's:

embed under cut )

I feel like my life could use some dramatic transformation sequences. Catching the metro? ZETTAI! UNMEI! MOKUSHIROKU! Going for class? ZETTAI! UNMEI! MOKUSHIROKU! Complete with a sword and a sparkly uniform. Anyone caught talking in class can TALK TO THE SWORD.

When I told [profile] zorana84 the same thing she said she would rather transform into a car, which is also quite awesome I suppose, but A SWORD is just so much better, if slightly impractical.
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Apologies for being repetitive, but allow me to reiterate: in the magenta!verse, Dunham and Dunham run a detective agency. They bicker a lot and fight crime. Peter Bishop is the resident ghost who haunts their mansion. The green!verse is actually the DCU, and Olivia "Deadshot" Dunham (© [profile] fivewhatfive) is a superhero. She may or may not have an evil(ish) twin who is in fact even a better shot than she is and wishes to claim the 'Deadshot' title for herself. Sometimes Olivia spars with Wonder Woman.


Jun. 12th, 2011 12:52 am
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It's not exactly a secret that I have many ~feelings about the DCU not-reboot, especially the decision to unceremoniously cancel Bryan Q. Miller's 'Batgirl' in order to make Barbara Batgirl again. I always have a lot of feelings about Batgirls in general, and this title in particular. Barbara, meanwhile, is my favourite, and all of this combined together makes for a very agitated me. If you have been anywhere near my Tumblr or the forums, you have probably had to witness me spew my feelings all over the internets (sorry).

THAT SAID. Since humour is my natural mode of Dealing With Things, I wrote a tiny bit of dialogue the other day, where Steph is Oracle, and gabzilla-z asked if they could draw it. To which I obviously said yes because I'm a huge fan of gabzilla-z's art (Jason and the Gingercats! Bruce and Steph have a slight disagreement! Pride and Prejudice and Robins!), and NOW LOOK AT THIS: ORACLE STEPH AND BATGIRL BABS, THE ILLUSTRATED FANCOMIC EDITION (the link goes to gabzilla-z's Tumblr, and the large version of the image is here). IS IT NOT THE BEST THING EVER? THEIR LITTLE FAAAACES! *FLAPPY HANDS*

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The Prelate, that is, the former Commissioner of Police, a once semi-competent officer who discovered religion and a fetish for odd hats, and promptly re-invented herself as a supervillain. It was not particularly unusual by D'Haran standards, but matters were complicated by the fact that the Prelate also happened to be a practitioner of magic at par with Zedd himself, unmatched in skill and knowledge in some of the most obscure branches of sorcery.

Cara was in outer space when she took over D'Hara Central in her signature orange hat and announced her intention of converting it to a nunnery and saving D'Hara's soul, but she's heard many versions of the story from Richard and Zedd since. It is now remembered as one of Zedd's greatest battles.

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Actually, I just have a cold, but I feel like complaining at the moment. It does not help that I'm homesick and also really cold (look, I'm sure you're used to worse, but I come from the tropics). And I really miss my dog. My friends, lovely people that they are, have kept me too busy to be really mope-y, but tonight I refused their offers to ~nurse me back to health and retreated to my own bed, where I could mope in peace (albeit with interruptions, like 'WHAT PLAY ARE WE GOING FOR ON SUNDAY?' - Hamlet Machine, S. and B. once did a brilliant two-person production of the same, it'll be fun comparing their effort with a legit big-budget production - and 'ARE YOU STILL SICK? Y U NOT COMING OVER?').

But anyway. Enough whining. What I really want to know now is, who's going to write me the Cara/Kahlan superhero AU? Because after this pic, IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. *eyes flist*
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Wedding has been attended and done with (much fun was had), Fringe has been watched, brain has been broken, so until I'm capable of coherent Fringetalk, can we discuss CARA'S SECRET CHEERLEADER PAST instead?

image under cut )

I strongly feel that there should be an entire sub-genre of cheerleader AUs in this fandom. Such as, Legend of the Seeker: Bring It On. And Legend of the Seeker: Hellcats, where Kahlan is Marti, Cara is Alice (Richard and Darken Rahl can play too, we need a Lewis and Jake as well), there is no dull relationship drama and a lot of awesome.

I'm also deeply amused by the fact that Gail Simone reblogged my post about the cracky romance novel AU where spontaneous!Dinah is trying to convince emotionally-stunted!Babs to that they are meant2b!!1! and added, 'What? Gay subtext in a Gail Simone comic? RIDICULOUS!' Hee.


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