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EURO 2012: Another draw. Bleh. It felt like the entirety of the second half was being played in England's half. Also why did Theo Walcott come in so late? Can't have people scoring goals? Nasri's goal, though, was simply perfect.


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The Korra soundtrack uploaded by Jeremy Zuckerman! All of it seems to have hit dl limit, but I bet there are workarounds for that...

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Aaaand time for Leechblock again. Sigh. Let me know if the links aren't working.
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I like that has a bazillion epic Azula redemption stories.* I love a good redemption arc. I like it when a narrative takes a character who has done horrible things/is a horrible person apart, piece by piece, and then makes them something far more than anyone ever thought they were capable of. It's a narrative kink. And I'm even willing to trawl through reams of badfic to fulfill that need because hello, narrative kink! But ugh, I hate it when well-written stories - stories I have invested sixteen chapters in - end up with things I like the least, causing me to backbutton: Marty Stu OCs, ~past sexual abuse and healing penises**, not to mention a botched Ursa-Azula reunion. And it was going so well! It had the right build up! It had one of the best Character is Accidentally Heroic/Jaded Character Receives Benediction moments ever. *wails*

I get that sexual abuse/healing penis is a standard h/c trope that many readers are fond of, but I wish it wasn't such a cliched shortcut to ~explain away a character's shortcomings. That's just lazy writing (see also: Korra fandom's FIXATION with miscarriage/infertility in Lin's backstory. BEING SINGLE/CHILDLESS IS NOT A TRAGEDY).

And while we're complaining: Tahno is not Zuko. Tahno/Korra is not Zuko/Katara. Please stop.

* It's an interesting phenomenon, sort of like how Buffy fandom had a bazillion epic Faith redemption stories, a lot of them action-y stuff written by fanboys.

** I don't always mind healing penis/vagina. But not an OC and healing penis.
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+ I followed all your links to the Female Character Trope Fest (hosted by [personal profile] such_heights) and was about to leave a couple of prompts when I realised one of them was completely redundant: Birds of Prey is a buddy cop AU featuring Black Canary and Oracle (and then Huntress and Lady Blackhawk). It's kind of awesome. ♥

+ Something hilarious happened the other day. I visited Eddie Olmos' twitter on a whim (after [personal profile] roga mentioned it was LOLarious) and then asked to follow him, although I never log into to twitter or follow tweets (the last time I logged in was about three months ago. I think?). And then he followed me back. Which was funny, but I thought, how sweet of him, following people back like that. And then Gail Simone followed me on Tumblr! Which actually makes more sense, because I do gush about BoP and Batgirls and Robins and Wonder Woman very frequently on Tumblr, which makes it relevant to her interests. But then she left Tumblr (there were some... disagreements, it's probably for the best if she takes a little break), and IDK, guys. It's just weird. And hilarious.

+ I had to unfollow a number of Fringe blogs on Tumblr today. I'm generally not one to whine about spoilers on Tumblr, I know how impossible it is, but five minutes after the show has aired in the US, really? It was of course rather stupid of me to log into Tumblr in the first place, but ugh, so annoying. (I will go and watch the actual episode now, I've been saving it up.)

+ I'm not done with AtLA yet, but I probably shouldn't like Azula as much as I do. I don't even like villains in general, but Azula belongs to that certain type - competent, powerful, deeply committed to winning everything in the world (some people call it megalomania, they just call it perfectionism), secretly vulnerable and CRAAAAAZY (seriously, she has the best crazyeyes ever). It's precisely why I absolutely refuse to watch Camelot. Apart from the fact that it's a trashy Starz show, I know that I'll start rooting for Morgan to win within five minutes of watching, and that's not how the story ends. Morgan can't win.
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I kind of love Azula. There is no way this will end well, will it? /rhetorical question
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It is 4 am and I just finished AtLA S1 and I'm wondering if Zuko has a cult and if they're as bad as the Cult of Spike. He just seems the type to have a fannish cult of his own.
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So basically, Zuko is what HP fandom wished Draco would become, right? /has watched three episodes of A:tLa


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