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The sister saw 'A Hole in the World' for the first time. Her reaction was, "Oh God". And then, "Not like that. It's not fair."

Even I teared up at "Why can't I stay?"

I love the LOTR-ish feel of the place that Angel and Spike visit. The bridge, the well - reminded me of Isengard, and the mines of Moria. And the grand music playing at the background. Even the person who guards the well looks like someone out of LOTR. It fits, of course. Illyria is one of the Old Ones, and Angel and Spike are heroes fighting against odds.

We also watched 'Lessons' - nope, still don't like Principal Wood. And Buffy does not look old enough to be Dawn's mother, so there.

I first watched this season alongside Angel S4 - no wonder I thought this Buffy show was kinda lame compared to Angel. *facepalm*


My cat is afraid of my cellphone's charger. Not just afraid, *terrified*. Cats are weird.


Nov. 12th, 2005 01:21 am
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Watched that Lost ep. You know, *that* ep in S1 – the one in which the Death occurs.

That hurt.

rage, RAGE against the dying of the light )

The sister and I also saw 'Seeing Red' today. Her comment on the AR? "This is kinda stupid." She was very shocked by Tara's death, "Yes Willow, go and *murder*
that bastard Warren".


Nov. 5th, 2005 12:09 am
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I don't think that sacrificing character development – especially that of minor characters – for the sake of the plot is necessarily a sign of bad writing. Maybe this is coming from those endless spy thrillers and ancient sci-fi/western/crime novels that I grew up reading (my parents would buy me only a certain number of books because otherwise I'd be reading them all day and do nothing else. so when I was tired of reading the same books over and over again, I would just invade my father's/grandfather's bookshelves for more), but I do know that plot-driven writing can be good and entertaining, and that there *are* readers who will put plot over character. It's not my cup of tea, certainly – I'm all about the characters. I will read/watch as long as the characters entertain me. I mostly don't even *notice* plot-holes the way other people do. I can't exactly tell *when* I discovered that, except that after I did, there was no going back. I can never enjoy my dad's spy thrillers the way I did back then. But poor writing? I don't think so. If the HP books suffer it's because they try to be somewhere in the middle.

All hail Jane Austen. No one could get plot *and* character right the way she did.


Edie is officially my favourite Desperate Housewives character. Did I mention that she needs to be slashed with Susan by [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65 ?


It's November. It *feels* like November, with the chill and the lovely sunshine and the short days. I love November.

Of course, November also means changing seasons, which means the Inevitable Cold, and considering how quickly I go from cold->cough->*iz ded from asthma*, I'm going to have to be very, very careful. I've had enough of this shit this year. Now I just have to remember to take the meds in time.
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The Buffy S6 rewatch with Sister has been going surprisingly well so far, considering all the signs she's shown of becoming That Kind of Spike Fan. She was horrified with the forced resurrection/breaks out of her coffin thing and said that she felt very sorry for Buffy, which is always A Good Thing. We'll see what happens when the Buffy/Spike storyline develops a bit more, but right now she's way too traumatised by Giles' departure ("How can Giles LEAVE?") and the Willow storyline to pay much attention to anything else, lol!

Desperate Housewives continues to be the best show ever. Lice politics? Bwahahaha! And ohmygod [livejournal.com profile] jaybee65, how can people *not* write Edie/Susan? After the bonding over drinks and gossip? And the breaking into Paul's house? *flails*


Now seems to be a good time to do that 'five things you may not know about me' meme that had gotten so popular a while ago, so, without further ado:five things you may not know about me. and may not want to, for that matter. )
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Wonderfalls is the bestest show ever.

I'm no rabid fangirl, but OMG can someone please horribly murder the Heidi woman? She made Jaye cry! No one makes Jaye cry!

Wait, I *am* a rabid fangirl. *stabz Heidi*


Did I mention this is the best show ever?

I can't believe they cancelled it.
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Am finally home. Just got in (after being stuck in the damn traffic for an hour or so with a very whiny cat and a very jittery father), unpacked (don't you just *hate* unpacking?), and am now (slowly) going through the flist and my e-mails. I wish my brain would work. *sigh*

On other news, how come no one told me that Boone/Shannon is canon? *dies* more tv: lost, buffy, desperate housewives )
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I’ll be out of town for the next week or so, with very little internet access. So if I’m a bit late replying to e-mails, that’s why. *g*


Reading Jingo. How much do you love Sam Vimes? *squee*

I’ve been thinking of reading Discworld fic – after I’m done with the series, of course (at least the Vimes books); I think what I want to read most is gen. With some Vimes/Sybil and Carrot/Angua. I’ve heard Vimes/Vetinari is a popular pairing, but I’d rather read Vimes/Carrot – there’s enough interesting stuff between them in this book itself to make a good slash pairing. Lord Vetinari just doesn’t interest me much. Angua/Sybil could be a good pairing as well… even though they haven’t actually met (as far as I know) – I’m sure they would get along really well if they *did* meet…

I’d also read Vimes/Angua. Yes, I do heart their respective canon partners, but you know – they’re my favourite characters! It’s irresistible!


‘The Body’ has to be the scariest Buffy episode ever. Scary because it’s so *real*. The way Buffy panics, and babbles, and works on autopilot; the awkward silences; Xander being silent for once because wisecracks don’t help here; Willow’s obsession with her clothes and being ‘proper’, contrasting with Anya’s confusion and honest despair; Tara’s mute sympathy; Giles’ horror…


I love how Desperate Housewives keeps getting darker, without losing its humour. Yesterday, I *really* felt sorry for Gabrielle – which is saying something. And somehow, I can’t bring myself to hate Rex, because he, like Bree, demands a more complex reaction than that.
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[livejournal.com profile] delle, I watched it. in which she uses multiple exclamation points )

And, in conclusion, think of the pretty. *g* so, so pretty )
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They'll finally be airing AtS S5. I'm glad, because now I can watch them at ease instead of insane back-to-back viewing sessions in grainy tapes. I'm not sure what caused the delay – they usually aired a new season in May. But then, this is the network that has been airing all the new shows, and I've seen it all anyway, so yeah, not complaining. Maybe they wanted the new season to coincide with their new shows.

Not sure if I can watch NFA without crying, though.

Meanwhile, more television:
Walk On By )

Consquences, Doppelgangled, Enemies )


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