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The latest Warehouse 13 did contain spoilers )

I'm getting a little concerned about how attached I'm getting to this season's over-arching plotline - I never watch shows for plot, and whenever I do, they always let me down (see: BSG, Fringe, Legend of Korra; the only exception I think is TGW so far, and who knows how things'll go in the future? and TSCC, because it died).

I was also watching the pilot with my friend A (who is now hooked to the show), and wow, am I glad that they discarded those versions of Pete and Myka - very Generic Bickering Spy Couple Forced to Work Together, although some elements of them being them are already in place. Pete, especially - he has grown on me as a character, but that's largely because he's very often played as such a loving parody more than anything else. Eddie McClintock has a very... smug face, and I do not think I could have watched a lot of the Suave(ish) Spy Pete Show.


I keep having amusing encounters with The Youth. The other day a couple of girls - very clearly new to the world of higher education and therefore, not aware that I am not exactly One Of Them anymore - had a very earnest conversation about their love for a rapper known best for his porny, expletive-ridden and often disturbingly misogynistic lyrics. The conversation ended in a high five. I spent the rest of the day cackling inappropriately.
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Intimidating young people should not be as much fun as it is, but I can't seem to help myself. Today I took great pleasure in traumatizing - smiling beatifically all the while, I should add - a poor young man barely out of his teens who, apparently, had been forced to chat me up on a dare. Perhaps it should have been kinder not to mention what I do for a living, but his expression after 'Which college are you in?' was just too good to pass up on.

It was just the kind of entertainment I needed after last night's blackout trauma, some sort of a power grid failure that led to mass power outage in eight states.


Some fan fiction I have been reading (and you might want to read too):

snip )

I also cracked and read World's Finest #1 and okay, I give. I miss my Huntress, but the banter! The friendship! The backstory! I guess I will have to read more of this title now.
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From the library catalogue of 19th century-early 20th century texts, a couple of summaries:

A pastoral story depicting the joys and sorrows, love and disappointments and other experiences of goats and sheep.

A work on the prognostications from the cry of the lizard*, with a foreword by Major T.L. Bomford.

* considered an omen in some circles

I really love my work sometimes.


Jan. 25th, 2012 12:50 pm
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Working on some lecture notes in the computer lab. Undergrad student (a girl) sitting beside me reading Yahoo answers for the eternal question: "What is the Indian Medicine which increases the stamina for long time erections?"
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ME: Oh no no, what ladies, please go ahead and have that fistfight. I have the best seat.

Possibly I'm not very good at this 'lady' thing.

Also, hi, flist. How have you been? I ran away to the hills again for the weekend. There was, as always, a lot of eating and self-indulgent photography. From now onwards I think I would like to spend every weekend like this.
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Last night I dreamed that Kate Winslet had joined the cast of Sherlock Holmes 2 as a former naval officer turned privateer who is currently doing her best to lead a straight life while also bringing up her two children. There was a lot of swashbuckling action and explosions while RDJ flirted with Kate Winslet.

My subconscious is a strange place.


I'm not sure why I get into headbutts with people on the messageboards every time a new issue of Wonder Woman comes out. Last time it was the dude who insisted that Cliff Chiang had an 'anti-female' agenda in drawing Diana in an 'unfeminine' fashion (by not dwelling on her 'female 'figure', whatever that means) and Zola was 'unfeminine' because she's a skinny woman with short hair. I was forced to point out that it's downright offensive to suggest that any female body type other than the standard comic book stock 'hourglass figure and large breasts' type is somehow not feminine enough, and then garb that in the language of social justice. This time it was a female poster who found Zola 'indecent' because she happened to say that she enjoys sex with men and is unapologetic about having multiple partners. /0\

I continue to enjoy the new Wonder Woman, especially Cliff Chiang's art, although I don't understand why spoilers )
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Things you never want to hear at the gym:

Trainer: Today we're going to have fun with abs! *manic gleam*

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+ This morning, at breakfast, a guy smiled at me and said, 'Hello, my mafia friend.' Now, I have a bazillion people in my FB Mafia Wars filter, and I have no idea who they are - to think one of them stays in the same building and knows my face is weird. I should have probably asked for his name, shouldn't I? Because I know I'll forget what he looks like (I already have) and not smile at him the next time I bump into him, and it'll be terribly rude.


+ Then I watched Dr. Who, and okay, I give: spoilers for 5.4 )
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The Cowardly Dog is a non-violent dog. If I pretend to mock beat up, say, my sister, she will growl in protest, or hang to my hand to prevent me from striking (while also vigorously wagging her tail). If both of us pretend to mock beat up each other, she will look very confused while simultaneously growling at us and wagging her tail. I can only imagine how she would have reacted if she were around when we were kids and prone to having real fights.
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'Where's V?'
'He was hungover, so he went to the library to sleep in the AC.'
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Do dogs watch television? Because the Cowardly Dog is watching lions on Animal Planet with my mother and getting more agitated by the minute.
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Today I saw a sign that said 'PRINTED CRAP AND GEORGATE 500/- ONWARDS'. After staring at it for a while I realised that it was a saree shop of some kind. 'Crap' was, in fact, 'crepe', and 'georgate' was 'georgette'.
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There was a time when I had a life. On the internets and off it. I had friends. I had work to do. I had term papers to write.

Now all I do is play the damn Mafia Game on Facebook (why won't my energy refresh dammit?).


Apr. 9th, 2009 11:11 pm
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This is stolen from [livejournal.com profile] roga, who posted videos of pretty commercials here. Although mine are less 'pretty' and more 'quirky', I think.

I would've done this earlier, but YouTube is addictive, and I've spent the last couple of hours looking at the oddest videos, from old Doordarshan shows and commercials to various bizarre commercials to snatches of the magnificent India vs. Pakistan match in the '96 cricket world cup to Jonty Rhodes taking amazing catches...

embedded videos under cut )
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There was a quaint gentleman who would visit the bookfair every year. Unlike most of us, he didn't go there to buy/sell books, or to even hang out and eat junk food. He went there to propagate a scientific theory: the sun goes around the earth once every year. He would have complicated diagrams to prove his theory, and little pamphlets that explained things in detail. He would even draw graffiti in some places to prove his point. I would watch him curiously every year, but I never quite gathered the courage to go and speak to him.

This was, of course, a while ago. I've had a busy few years, shuttling between two cities and in the meantime I'd forgotten all about him. I came home last Wednesday for ten days; today, I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted this bit of graffiti: 'The sun goes round the earth once a year. Challenge for scientists!'

It's good to know that some things are still the same.


Apr. 8th, 2009 09:01 pm
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Lines written on the back of a guy's T-shirt on the bus:

What you hands on your
or can the trigger of you have
when the low heart to days
how you gonna from come to
sit down can the permanent
death now forest

I kid you not. If you know what this means, do tell.
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Note to hospital administrators: do not paint your hospital a shade of hideous orange. Especially when you advertise the said hospital as a haven for people with a weak heart.

What would Cuddy say? *shakes head*
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Never try to drink a cup of tea while on a moving bus.
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I lost my purse (and the Very Important Things in it) in a library and spent an evening running about and investigating, and then, finally, in the police station, filing a missing complaint so that I can apply afresh for a variety of things. Watching the policemen at work was a little like watching Sergeant Colon at work: it's not that they don't try to help - it's just that they're not very good at it.


The night before G. and I had gone out to buy A's birthday cake (chocolate - awesome). We ran into a black man dressed head to toe in Rastafarian gear, Bob Marley on his t-shirt and on the multicoloured beret he was wearing. He was talking on the phone and had along with him, on a red leash, a pretty (mostly) black rabbit. A RABBIT.

I may have stared. The rabbit was very cute, and completely comfortable in spite of being in a crowded public place.


I figured out how to use bluetooth on my laptop last night. After two years.
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"...because if you punch 5318008 into a calculator and then turn it upside down, it spells BOOBlES."

From the BBC live text of the first India vs. England one-dayer.

I wish they'd stop discussing Andrew Flintoff's future tombstone now, though.


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