Mar. 12th, 2010 01:28 am
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Vote Buffy.

I am sure Sheldon Cooper is funny and smart and entertaining, but we're talking about Buffy Summers here. Remember this?

Angelus: No weapons... no friends... no hope. Take all that away and what's left?
Buffy: Me.

I'm getting all soppy and nostalgic now.


Meanwhile, someone should tell Bridget Regan to stop being so awesome. I'm not supposed to fangirl real people like this. It's not my style.

Anyway. Some things of note:minor spoilers for future episodes )

Galactica: Sabotage. Man, this vid makes me miss that show so much.

Oh, my show

Mar. 5th, 2009 02:42 pm
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Various disjointed thoughts on the last three BSG episodes. spoilers, obviously )

In conclusion: BRAIN. BROKEN.

holy frak

Feb. 5th, 2009 10:21 am
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This show leaves me incapable of coherent thought. I have no words. No words. BSG 4.13 The Oath )
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I finally got to see BSG 4.12. brief thoughts on BSG 4.12 )

I haven't watched the next one yet. SPOIL ME AND DIE.
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1. BSG is coming back! Okay, so 4.0 was choppy and occasionally bizarre, too much plot (not enough good plot), too much Baltar's Sex Cult (not enough good Baltar interactions with other awesome characters, like 'The Hub'), a lot of insanity and not enough answers... BUT. My show is coming baaaack!

2. I only have very brief thoughts on the webisodes: they go like this )

3. And okay. Fine. So I saw the first episode of Merlin. It's... very Harry Potter meets King Arthur, with added cheesy SFX and dragon.

But seriously, flist, if you wanted me to see the show, all you had to do was tell me about Gwen and Morgana. And maybe posted a couple of Uther Pendragon picspams (ASH = ♥♥♥).

4. Rewatching House 4.11 with A. last night, cut )
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I'm counting days till the Return of BSG. Therefore, lists!

Top #5 BSG Moments I Wish Had Never Happened:

lalalala NOT LISTENING )

And Top 10 BSG Moments I Will Cherish Forever:

awesome )

Show me yours.
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* Hey guys, have you heard about this Cuddy fest thing going on? You probably have, but let me tell you about it again anyway:

[ profile] cuddy_fest!

Shiny fic prompts!
Cuddy/Amber - desperate administrative need
Western AU. Cuddy as inkeeper/bartender. (Gen/het/slash)
Missing scenes: Post Human Error, Cuddy hires Chase and Cameron to work for her at PPTH.
One thing that happens when Cuddy drinks? She dances! (and pretty damn well, actually)
Cuddy/Foreman - No strings attached.
and many, many more...

Shiny Art Prompts!

You know you want to...

I'm particularly pleased with the fact that people have been claiming art prompts. We were worried that it wouldn't work, but people are coming to play, and that makes me happy. I'm also happy with the gen and House/Cuddy claims. But you know what would make me happier? Cuddy/Other people, and MOAR genfic. Please? *bats eyelashes*

* [ profile] roga met David Shore and then wrote an awesome write-up of the event. No juicy spoilers for S5, I'm afraid, but a lot of interesting stuff about Jewishness on the show, among other things.

* Mary McDonell did a wonderful interview with Zap2it, where she says nice things about Laura and Lee and Adama. ([ profile] delle, you must read it!) This bit made me laugh: snip )

* Iron Man fandom, you are made of awesome. Thank you for all the Pepperlove. ♥

* The other day I read Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things. I've been meaning to read it for ages; I have high regard for Roy - I've met her in person and read her non-fiction (and while I think much of her politics is posturing, you cannot deny the power of her political writings), and I had been seriously looking forward to reading this. And I was seriously... underwhelmed. thoughts on the dysfunctional )

BSG 4.10

Jun. 14th, 2008 04:53 pm
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spoilers for the BSG mid-season finale; now with added incoherence and CAPSLOCK )

Bear McCreary has an excellent post on this episode's music here. (the post contains spoilers)

The post-hiatus teaser in slo-mo is here.
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+ Pretty, pretty Roslin picspam from the mini. ♥

+ You know, a lot of the Kara/Lee shippers (no, not you, [ profile] delle :p) give me really unpleasant flashbacks from the LFN fandom. You know, like when Madeline freaking *died* and all the Michael/Nikita shippers could talk about was how the show *really* should've ended with UTRH. *gags* (ETA: Spoilers for 'The Hub' in comments)

+ Is there anything prettier than Roger Federer in black? Okay, maybe Rafael Nadal's behind.

Federer seems oddly out of it today.
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Before I go ahead with my episode rambling, let me tell you about my BSG dream. It began with Adama dying because someone put a bomb under his pillow and then everyone cried (I did too. in the dream. I'm not sure why I was in Galactica). And there was something about Baltar and evil cosmetics dealers. Yes, I was horribly excited about this episode, can you tell?

The Hub, or a BSG Christmas Carol )
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I read a couple of fabulous essays on Narnia today. The first one was The Problem of Susan by [ profile] truepenny, which is a reading of Narnia through Neil Gaiman's story, The Problem of Susan. I haven't read the story, but I kind of want to read it now, because it sounds wonderful and thought-provoking, as is the essay. Lipstick on My Scholar, on the other hand, is a great *defence* of CSL (you heard that right). I don't buy into every argument of his, particularly where he cites Susan being courted by various suitors as an instance of Lewis' acceptance of adult, female sexuality, but it's well-written nonetheless.

The discussion in [ profile] truepenny's journal also made me go and re-read a couple of wonderful stories, The Ivory Horn by [ profile] kaydeefalls, a His Dark Materials/Narnia x-over from this years Yuletide (which just blew me away the first time I read it), and The Queen's Return by [ profile] honorh. Both Susan-centric, both approaching the 'problem of Susan' in two different ways.


Speaking of Narnia, I forgot to mention that I saw Prince Caspian and loved it. I loved the changes they made, spoilers )

I also watched the BSG miniseries today, all of it, and how cute *were* these people back then? Also, it's interesting how hindsight makes me see these characters in a different way. I want to squish Tigh and throw things at Baltar, and the sheer AWESOMENESS of Laura Roslin makes me squee. This is not the reaction I had the first time, where I was mostly watching Kara and Adama and trying to absorb things; it took me quite a while to warm up to Laura, in fact.


Rec: deaths and resurrections of the cylon laura roslin by [ profile] firenze083, Roslin (Adama/Roslin): This is a wonderful AU about the life and times of Laura Roslin, Cylon, with lovely little cameos by Athena and Bill. [ profile] firenze083 takes us through Laura's journey to Cylonhood, and it's heart-breaking and wonderfully detailed.
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I've had a couple of suspicions for a while now, and Sine Qua Non confirmed all of them for me. (I've also decided I don't dislike the episode, if only because it made me think about Adama.)

tl;dr musings on Our Emo Admiral; spoilers through S4.08 and Razor, and some unspoiled speculation )
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Well that was... bizarre. LELAND! )
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Happy Lilac Day, fandom! Here's to truth, justice, freedom... and a hard-boiled egg!


I'm all caught up on BSG. cut for spoilers; with some CAPSLOCK )

ETA: ARGH where is all the readable Roslin/Adama? And Adama fic in general?
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+ LJ Advisory Board Nominations are on. Please spare some time and vote. I realise that this is just an advisory board, but it's nice to have fannish representation nonetheless. My first preference was [ profile] legomymalfoy, because she's One of Us and has been an active HP slasher for years now, not to mention a LJ volunteer. [ profile] icarusancalion has a detailed and informative post about the candidates in question here which you might also want to take a look at before you vote.

I *did not* vote for [ profile] jameth, who comes across as nothing but an anti-fannish asshat. (scroll down for some lovely comments re. fandom)

+ [ profile] femslash08!

+ I'm halfway through BSG 4.2, and all I have to say is:cut for spoilers )

+ And this is just a heads up, because we are still not ready with dates and such, but [ profile] ijemanja, [ profile] hihoplastic and I are about to start up another round of [ profile] cuddy_fest, and you are expected to join in and play or I'll make you.
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It's April 4, and the sister has already sent me five hundred million "!!!!!!!!!" messages. April, of course, is the cruellest month for *me*, so I have asked her to shut up and not bother me about such silly things. But that said, my bet on the Final Cylon: and the winner is... )

Who do you pick?
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Today I saw a peacock dance. No, really, this is not an April 1 joke (which would be lame and I've played enough of them today). For the first time in almost two years, after growing to treat peacocks as our friendly neighbour crow-substitutes, I finally saw one dance. It had rained early in the morning, and I was on my way to class through my usual short-cut through the forest. The peacocks were really creating a ruckus, but since they *always* create a ruckus I was mostly ignoring them, stopping once or twice to appreciate a couple of pretty shiny tails on the rocks. And then I saw it. It had spread its blue-green tail, which is magnificent even under ordinary circumstances, and like this, just *spectacular*. And it was going round and round, shimmering that tail just a little bit, and all that dazzling blue and green against wet leaves and rocks... I have no words. There were a couple of other guys around, appreciating his dance, and a peahen who was looking mighty interested. They were all too far away to photograph, unfortunately, but man. It was something.


Speaking of April, my sister sent me a message this morning: "April 4th is on Friday!!!!" To which I replied, "Shut up. And if you don't brings the CDs when you come I'll kick you out of my room." She comes to visit on the 19th of May, when I'll be done with the semester. Before that, I have no access to new BSG. April will be a crazy month for me, but I hope to check the flist everyday, or maybe once in a few days. USE CUT-TAGS, people. USE IT. They're very simple. No post headers with "The One Where Character X kicks it", no episode summaries before the cut (why do people even do that?), no spoilery cut tags (yes, people do that too), just NO. Spoil me?* And I'll personally make sure Laura Roslin tosses you out of the nearest airlock, so there.

* House fen, of course, are always free to spoil me once the new episodes air. They're more than welcome, in fact. Yes, I have double standards.
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[ profile] topaz_eyes talks about FanLib.


[ profile] thedeadparrot wrote Obama/Clinton. No, really. Electioneering.


fleeting thoughts on BSG 3.14 and 3.16; general spoilers for the season )


For the record, I've been meaning to talk about House 4.11 and 4.12, but somehow everything comes down to spoiler )


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