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Watson for Batman!

Because Sherlock would play an excellent twitchy little Tim Drake and Gregson IS Gordon.

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Elementary? (Shh, you may not discuss episodes beyond 1.14 with me.) I may also have developed a slight Gregson problem, in that [personal profile] tanndell and I have taken to squeeing in an unseemly fashion whenever he is on screen and shipping him shamelessly with Watson, because unf.


I still have to watch the new Warehouse 13and the OUAT finale (although, going by Tumblr gifs alone: show, your gay is showing). What is my life. :/

I had many thoughts about the last few episodes of TGW, but then I forgot to talk about it and right now it all boils down to spoilers )
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+ This story about Cliff Chiang drawing Black Canary for a fan is the cutest thing ever*. Even if I generally want comics!Ollie to be far, far away from my Dinah.

* Except today's Gunnerkrigg Court, which is beyond adorable. <33333

Speaking of which, I have seen the second episode of Arrow, and it is still quite fun. Ollie is still very pretty, Stephen Amell is still hilariously bad most of the time (his angsty voiceovers, my god), his inappropriate chemistry with his sister is still inappropriate but also gripping (the only scenes where his acting works, as far as I'm concerned), and his Hamlet backstory is still ridiculous and cheesy (he cannot be the man his mother wants him to be! because he has to be the man his ~father wanted him to be). I do like the actor who plays Dinah Laurel a lot, and her relationship with her father has excellent potential, I think. I hope they tell us eventually that her mother was the first Black Canary - followed, obviously, by her taking up the mantle.

+ I continue to make my way through OUAT S1. It's great fun, and spoilers till 1.13 )

+ HIMYM 8.10 )

+ ribbonspooncat's thoughts on Bering and Wells (there is a moving gif in the link - I used Readability for better reading)

ladyshinkicker's thoughts on Bering and Wells:

So, HG Wells is actually a woman – she provided the ideas, her brother provided the moustache, but who wrote the books? Each of them bears Helena’s name, but we know that she was bronzed before all of HG Wells’ books were published. Her exact status – author or muse – is ultimately an ambiguous one, and I know that this is a plothole which some fans like to criticise the writers for, but I honestly think it works. Helena isn’t quite a muse, she isn’t quite an author, and she isn’t quite a character: her presence queers the narrative (many of her lovers were men; many of her characters were men; many of her authors were men) but it also deconstructs the act of narration itself. She’s introduced before she’s ever introduced – Myka read HG Wells’s novels, Pete’s seen the movies, and Myka spots ‘Edward Prendick’ in the guestbook. Pete’s Genre Savvy, he knows how this works, but he’s still thinking in terms of actors and performance and guesses; Helena can’t quite stay away and the pseudonym she uses is her real name. When she introduces herself as Helena, that’s an implicit admission of her identity as HG Wells as well as a denial. They’re looking for Charles, the one with the moustache, but they’re calling him HG – she is HG, but she isn’t, too. Identity is never that simple for her.

ladyshinkicker's thoughts on HG Wells:

I think that she works brilliantly within the narrative as a sort of ghostly presence, lurking in all of the dark places and threatening to huff and puff and bring down the narrative around them – and, through that haunting, serves to shore up the narrative itself. Helena is the act of deconstruction and she is constantly deconstructed – what else is left, when the story tears itself apart, begins again, and rips that one up too?
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I realise this does not merit a LJ post by itself (a tweet or two perhaps), but god, spoilers for Warehouse 13 season 4.0 )

I'm sorry, I just have a lot of feelings about HG Wells. I also want to read fic in which she hangs out with Mrs F and they talk about what it feels like being loved by the Warehouse, among other things.
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+ My week of doing nothing at home is nearly over, alas. I'm trying not to think about it, though - or the sheer amount of work I have to do once I get back.

The last time I was at home, my sister had taken to obsessively watching The Big Bang Theory, which I didn't mind because it is funny a lot of times (and rather offensive on other occasions). This time she has taken to watching Grey's Anatomy (season three), and so far I have learned that Christina Yang is awesome, Patrick Dempsey is annoying but oh-so-prettily-rumpled, Bailey is awesome, and I really do not like George. Also Addison, I like her too. I don't actually intend to watch the show beyond the glimpses I catch from my sister's viewings, but I'm gleaning a lot of amusement from it at the moment.

+ This is a very interesting analysis of the Kalinda scenes in the TGW season opener by [personal profile] sophia_gratia. Fempop has a similar, very interesting analysis here, and I agree on both accounts. I couldn't quite put my finger to why certain elements in the storyline were making me so uncomfortable, but these posts illustrate the point very eloquently.

+ Tumblr has been shamelessly bombarding me with hot images of the Merlin cast. In this one they look like they've walked out of 'Drastically Redefining Protocol'. I can't even!

+ Speaking of Tumblr, I do love Tumblr, but I hate what it has done to fannish conversations now. Sigh.

+ I'm full of a lot of HG Wells feelings, and in the absence of A LOT OF FANFIC WRITTEN TO CATER TO MEEEEE I have been rewatching bits of S2, which has been the cause of even more feelings. I also really want a Warehouse 13/Avengers crossover now, mostly because I want HG to ~bond with Steve, and also because I want to witness Mrs F take on Nick Fury (she wins).
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Coherence is overrated, but I'm going to try anyway. It's just that I've been browsing Tumblr - finally, because I was avoiding spoilers - and it seems I'm a little out of sync with parts of Tumblr fandom that shows up in the few Warehouse 13 tags I follow. spoilers for the Warehouse 13 mid-season finale )
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Warehouse 13 4.07 )

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The latest Warehouse 13 did contain spoilers )

I'm getting a little concerned about how attached I'm getting to this season's over-arching plotline - I never watch shows for plot, and whenever I do, they always let me down (see: BSG, Fringe, Legend of Korra; the only exception I think is TGW so far, and who knows how things'll go in the future? and TSCC, because it died).

I was also watching the pilot with my friend A (who is now hooked to the show), and wow, am I glad that they discarded those versions of Pete and Myka - very Generic Bickering Spy Couple Forced to Work Together, although some elements of them being them are already in place. Pete, especially - he has grown on me as a character, but that's largely because he's very often played as such a loving parody more than anything else. Eddie McClintock has a very... smug face, and I do not think I could have watched a lot of the Suave(ish) Spy Pete Show.


I keep having amusing encounters with The Youth. The other day a couple of girls - very clearly new to the world of higher education and therefore, not aware that I am not exactly One Of Them anymore - had a very earnest conversation about their love for a rapper known best for his porny, expletive-ridden and often disturbingly misogynistic lyrics. The conversation ended in a high five. I spent the rest of the day cackling inappropriately.
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+ Rec:
Mama Said Knock You Out by AbsoluteDestiny
, featuring everybody's favourite mother-and-daughter duo, Toph and Lin Beifong. Watch it, because it's glorious.

+ I'm all caught up on Warehouse 13, and spoilers till 4.04 ) One of the best things about Warehouse 13 is all the unusual love stories it tells, and its commitment to telling these stories and not pushing them to the sidelines in favour of yet another love story between the two heterosexual leads.

+ I read Wonder Woman #12, and can we discuss this please, guys? spoilers )

And that wasn't enough, we had a Batwoman and Wonder Woman team-up in Batwoman #12! Which is a three-issue arc! spoilers )

Batwoman also teamed up with Batgirl in Batgirl #12, spoilers )

Birds of Prey #12 was fun, although I'm not entirely sure where they're headed? Oh well. The #0 issues next month should be something to look forward to.
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My rec:art tag runneth over, flist - there are too many bookmarks for me to parse through and individually link to. Go and take a look, it's all awesome. I do not entirely love this shift of activity from LJ-sphere to Tumblr, but I am grateful to Tumblr for exposing me to so much good fan art. Some of it also comes, I suppose, from being in fandoms where art is important - be it comics or animation fandoms - and I'm glad that it is so, although ideally all fandoms should be like Homestuck where you'll never run short of good fic or art.

Meanwhile, on Warehouse 13: spoilers for 4.01 )

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+ (via [personal profile] zorana)A fantastic review of Brave:
Far be it from me to say that the film is perfect, or that there aren’t real critiques to be made of it. The pacing is sometimes off and there are stretches that are less compelling than others. But there are three things Brave absolutely isn’t, and there’s something pernicious about the fact that reviews repeatedly refer to it as precisely those three things. Whatever Brave is, it’s not predictable, it’s not Just Another Princess Movie, and it’s not — my God! — lacking for deeper layers.

Insofar as Pixar is a teenager fighting its ancestor, this story needed to be written. They needed this story in order to be able to write a different kind of story. Having fought through the strangling thicket of princesses, it’ll be easier to fill the space on the other side with many more female characters, most of them commoners. We need them, badly, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do now that they can start work on a less exhaustively populated canvas.

Note that it contains a major spoiler for the movie.

+ The Korra renewal for a TOTAL OF FOUR SEASONS! \0/ We all knew this was coming but OMG, so nice to have confirmation.

+ Korra panel on SDCC, with ALL THE JUICY INFORMATION: spoilers )

+ I'm glad DC Comics has saved me some money on the Smallville comic by benching Steph AGAIN - their generosity and thoughtfulness, it's unbelievable. /sarcasm


+ I have been slowly watching, among other things, the second half of HIMYM S6 (I am, even after all these years, a staunch brOTP shipper, and I have many angry feelings about Barney asking everybody but Robin to play laser tag with him) and the first season of Xena (♥).
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I owe people comments. I will get on that shortly - things have been... disorienting. Yesterday I traveled halfway across the city early in the morning just to cater to my paranoia (I did get a lift from a generous friend, but nonetheless). *facepalm* The heat, I think, is slowly melting my brain.


Thoughts on Lois Lane's place in the DCU, which then veers on to a fascinating discussion about Steve Trevor as well. The discussion continues here. I'm lacking in brain cells at the moment so I have nothing insightful to offer, but as a fan who is mostly apathetic towards Steve Trevor's presence in Diana's life, this is a great read:

In the 40s, in the middle of wartime, there would be scenes with General Darnell, Colonel Trevor and other high-ranking military officers standing around listening to Wonder Woman’s ideas. That in itself is amazing. What is even more amazing is when you stop to think that she is the girlfriend of one of these officers, and she is not being written off and he has no problem whatsoever with his girlfriend being better at his job than he is.

And that’s why we still need him in the narrative, because even today we have parts written out of movies because they feel an action heroine saving her husband emasculates him. With Steve we have a guy who is uniformly happy with being outmatched in the “manly ways” by not just a woman but a woman he’s involved with, and retains a traditionally masculine demeanor. This is pretty much the only character who plays this role to a heroine of iconic status, and it is a tragedy we never got to see him developed in the modern-story-telling line as we did Lois Lane.

I caught up on Wonder Woman after a couple of months separation, and spoilers ) It's a good thing the previews for the next issue are up because I cannot wait, Tony Akins art notwithstanding (GUESS WHO IS IN THE PREVIEW? ♥♥♥).


[personal profile] hibernate has a Myka/HG recs post that looks utterly fabulous. I haven't read all of them yet, but there's this one story I insist all W13 fans read at once:

Perhaps not to be by [profile] ladyshinkicker. Long post-S3 not-fix-it. In fact, it's so far from being a fix it that it will break your heart into tiny little pieces and then stomp all over them, grinding them into dust. It's also the best HG I've read.

For as long as Helena still exists, there is a chance that she will find the artefact, or perfect her time machine, or find some other way to save her daughter: knowing this is not hope. Knowing this is to count every passing second as another one in which Christina is in danger, waiting to be saved. Knowing this is to spend every moment without Christina cursing her failure as a parent, because Christina is still in danger, because at a point in time Helena believes she may still access, her daughter is dying, and Helena doesn’t know how to save her. And if there is the slightest chance, however remote, that she can change the rules of linear temporality itself, Helena will do so because there still exists a time in which her daughter is alive and that means she can still be saved.

That smile

Oct. 17th, 2011 10:18 pm
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+ The preview art for Wonder Woman #2 is out, and OMG, Diana, how are you so prettyyy. ♥__♥

PS: The article is crap ("she's Superman, but kinky", really? also, the clay origin is fantastic, if reviewers cannot grasp the concept of, say, Galatea coming to life, it's their problem and not Diana's or her creators'), but whatever, look at the preview art. I have hearts in my eyes.

+ A lovely HG/Myka ship manifesto by [personal profile] lysachan that is relevant to your interests.
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I have been trying to have a coherent response to the Warehouse 13 finale, but all I can come up with is: Warehouse 13 3.11-12 Emily Lake/Stand )

PS: Rec me fic.
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+ I have watched Warehouse 13 3.05! There was a lot of clutching my chest and making hearteyes at the computer screen, you know my feelings on HG Wells )

The episode also felt like a backdoor pilot, which, given the rumours of a spin-off featuring HG, isn't surprising at all. The last bit with Claudia and Artie did feel like a hint of sorts: don't get used to having HG around, except in small doses. In some ways, HG Wells works so well as a character because she's a recurring - she's like the Han Solo who drops by occasionally and charms everyone with her swagger before disappearing just as quickly, maintaining an aura of ~mystery, or the Cara of 'Reckoning', adding a new life to the stable Richard-Kahlan-Zedd set up, as opposed to the more domesticated Cara of S2. This is not to say I wouldn't want HG around forever - she could grow and change as a person and hook up with Myka and bring in her own unique brand of fun to the team, but I enjoy this too. And I would so watch the show about HG and Agent Ianto's adventures in Victorian London, where they sometimes run into historical personalities. Sometimes those personalities are RDJ and Jude Law's Holmes and Watson (which, okay, difficult in universe because Helena knows Arthur Conan Doyle, but whatever), with bonus Irene Adler, and much fun is had by all.

+ Speaking of crossovers, I now want this AU where Bruce, Clark and Diana are the heads of Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff respectively. Barbara - as [personal profile] musesfool suggested - may or may not be the head of Ravenclaw, the brightest witch of her generation, the youngest to be the head of a house, ever. Dick is Head Boy. His crush on her is extremely ~inappropriate. Donna is Head Girl and also Hufflepuff Quidditch co-captain. Wally is the Hufflepuff Seeker.

+ I also seem to be watching Revolutionary Girl Utena (don't ask, apparently I watch anime now). I am up to episode 8, and so far there has been girls with swords, sword-fighting, defending of honour, forced co-habitation, accidental engagements (yes, ~symbolic, whatever) and bodyswap. I just... I give up, okay. It's clearly tailormade for my narrative kinks. I will watch more of this. I love everybody, but I hope Anthy gets more of a personality soon. And hey, [personal profile] hibernate, did I mention the ~stoic sword-fighting lesbian with a tragic past who does not believe in miracles?
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This sneak peek for the next Warehouse 13 is making me full of feelings.

In other news, wow, where did the week go?

Oh Antony

Jul. 15th, 2011 10:48 pm
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1) I watched Warehouse 13 3.01, and spoilers contain exclamation marks )

2) Greg Rucka is writing a webcomic. Greg Rucka is writing a webcomic called Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether with Rick Burchett, and it's going to be about this:

Swords are cool. People fighting with swords are cool. Airships are cool. Cowboys are cool. Pirates are cool. Clockwork men are cool. Smart, savvy, witty women are very cool. Laconic gunslingers? Totally cool. Steampunk? Frosty.

That’s what Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether is, that’s what it’s about. The adventures of the Lady Seneca Sabre and those she meets along the way as she travels the Sphere. Who she fights, who she foils, who she befriends. It’s about adventure and romance and excitement and, to paraphrase the great Zaphod Beeblebrox, “really wild things.”

And most of all, what it’s supposed to be? It’s supposed to be fun.

And if that did not convince you to take a look (LACONIC GUNSLINGERS, I mean, really), I would like to point out that in the past, Greg Rucka has written some of my favourite stories about Huntress, Batwoman, Renee Montoya/The Question, and, of course, Wonder Woman (his Wonder Woman run is easily my favourite), as well as created fascinating original characters. Rucka likes writing women who are complex and flawed and brave and fierce. He likes writing queer women, and he likes writing them as people. And if you want to read more of his work, you might consider starting with Batwoman: Elegy or Gotham Central.

I find it interesting that Rucka and Burchett are talking about writing 'fun' comics here, because if there's one thing Rucka is known for it's his love for writing tragedies. There are some Wonder Woman fans who dislike his run precisely because of the so-called joyless Diana he wrote (I disagree - his Diana isn't so much 'joyless' as she is thrown into difficult situations. And Wonder Woman is an ambassador for peace, equality and justice in a violent, hateful world, and a warrior and a champion - there's plenty of tragedy there, and it's a valid way of looking at Diana, as valid as, say, George Perez's reboot post-COIE):

You remember fun, right? That thing that most print comics seems to have forgotten in their desperate attempt to cling to readers, continuity, and a market that has outstripped and overtaken them? The thing that comes from enjoying a good story where you want to know what happens next and the characters are cool and the villains are villainous and the heroes are heroic because they’re heroes?

Now don’t get us wrong. We’re all for tugging the heartstrings and bringing tears to the eyes. That’s part of a good story, too, and – perhaps paradoxically – those emotions can also be fun. And we aim to play the heartstrings, to move you as much as to entertain you, to make you care about the people in this world we’ve created.

It will be quite fun to see Rucka do lighthearted, I think.

3) There was going to be a 3, but I forgot what that was. Whoops.
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3:56: Tabrett Bethell offers her thoughts on yaoi. Well, on Cara and Kahlan if you're going to be nitpicky now.

embedded under cut )

The entire clip is lovely, and did I mention lately that I really miss Cara?

Meanwhile, among other fannish things:

Things I have watched: Merlin 3.02, Hellcats 1.03, Warehouse 13 2.12

Things I will watch: House 7.01. It's ready and waiting for me, but I told A. I'd watch it with her and we haven't managed to hang out after that, and TBH, I'm a little afraid of the character assassination that might happen. Feel free to reassure me, guys.

Things I will probably skip: Merlin 3.03, because no, really not my thing, I could barely watch 2.05-6.

Things that are KILLING me with anticipation: OLIVIA DUNHAM FRINGE 3.01 YAYYY


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