Oct. 5th, 2012

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+ My week of doing nothing at home is nearly over, alas. I'm trying not to think about it, though - or the sheer amount of work I have to do once I get back.

The last time I was at home, my sister had taken to obsessively watching The Big Bang Theory, which I didn't mind because it is funny a lot of times (and rather offensive on other occasions). This time she has taken to watching Grey's Anatomy (season three), and so far I have learned that Christina Yang is awesome, Patrick Dempsey is annoying but oh-so-prettily-rumpled, Bailey is awesome, and I really do not like George. Also Addison, I like her too. I don't actually intend to watch the show beyond the glimpses I catch from my sister's viewings, but I'm gleaning a lot of amusement from it at the moment.

+ This is a very interesting analysis of the Kalinda scenes in the TGW season opener by [personal profile] sophia_gratia. Fempop has a similar, very interesting analysis here, and I agree on both accounts. I couldn't quite put my finger to why certain elements in the storyline were making me so uncomfortable, but these posts illustrate the point very eloquently.

+ Tumblr has been shamelessly bombarding me with hot images of the Merlin cast. In this one they look like they've walked out of 'Drastically Redefining Protocol'. I can't even!

+ Speaking of Tumblr, I do love Tumblr, but I hate what it has done to fannish conversations now. Sigh.

+ I'm full of a lot of HG Wells feelings, and in the absence of A LOT OF FANFIC WRITTEN TO CATER TO MEEEEE I have been rewatching bits of S2, which has been the cause of even more feelings. I also really want a Warehouse 13/Avengers crossover now, mostly because I want HG to ~bond with Steve, and also because I want to witness Mrs F take on Nick Fury (she wins).


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