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+ I am BEYOND EXCITED for Legend of Korra. I mean, just look at this:

gif under cut )

BE HERE SOOOOON, KORRA. ♥_♥ (Those are hearts. In my eyes.)

+ I am trying not to care about DCnU AT ALL, but it's kind of hard when they're releasing gorgeous Cliff Chiang art for Wonder Woman #1. God, does this mean we are allowed to be a little hopeful? Could she finally have got a good creative team? Of course, in exchange for what may or may not be a good creative team, she loses her sister, at least for the moment. *headdesk*

+ The not toothache inducing adventures of Myka and Helena at Hogwarts by [profile] thedevilsheart, Myka/HG, Harry Potter crossover. In which Professor Bering and Professor Wells rekindle their romance, also featuring a lovely cameo from Christina Wells. ♥

+ real life etc )
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Why do people write so badly why ugh

Yes, I'm spending my day off editing a load of other people's crap when I should've been doing my own work, or, I don't know, gone to that awesome fair as I'd originally planned. Right now, I'm stuck at a sentence that makes no sense whatsoever, I don't even know how I'm supposed to rephrase it.

At least Tumblr is still entertaining. Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell have been hanging out together; [personal profile] hibernate is probably right when she says they're just being ~friendly and admiring B's baby, but I'm still going to pretend they're plotting a Seeker-sequel titled The Adventures of Cara and Kahlan. Sarah Connor and Olivia Dunham have also been hanging out together, which clearly means that the future is actually the Redverse, or possibly the speculated Yellow, and William Bell founded Skynet. Also, Ringo was the drummer.

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Actually, I just have a cold, but I feel like complaining at the moment. It does not help that I'm homesick and also really cold (look, I'm sure you're used to worse, but I come from the tropics). And I really miss my dog. My friends, lovely people that they are, have kept me too busy to be really mope-y, but tonight I refused their offers to ~nurse me back to health and retreated to my own bed, where I could mope in peace (albeit with interruptions, like 'WHAT PLAY ARE WE GOING FOR ON SUNDAY?' - Hamlet Machine, S. and B. once did a brilliant two-person production of the same, it'll be fun comparing their effort with a legit big-budget production - and 'ARE YOU STILL SICK? Y U NOT COMING OVER?').

But anyway. Enough whining. What I really want to know now is, who's going to write me the Cara/Kahlan superhero AU? Because after this pic, IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. *eyes flist*


Jan. 1st, 2011 01:56 am
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It's 1.1.11. I'm childishly in love with this date.

I'm not the kind to make New Years Resolutions, but if I did, they would totally be these (from angergirl over at Tumblr): image under cut )

2010 was an odd, roller coaster year, highs and lows and superspeed. I had planned, initially, to put together some photographs for this post - 12, one for each month; a year in review, so to speak. Of course, I'd also planned the same thing last year, and those photos - edited, even - are languishing in my hard-drive, so it's no surprise that this one does not exist outside my imagination, either. But coming back to 2010 - it was a strange year. Perhaps 2011 will be more stable, perhaps it won't, but if there's one thing I've learned, it is that in times like this, fandom is one of the things that keeps me truly happy. ♥ So. Happy New Year, guys. I'm glad I know you. <333
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+ I seem to be writing again. Last night I wrote about 1000 words of Cara having feelings and 500 words of dialogue for my [community profile] help_haiti story (which was due in... March. I know, I fail at life), while watching bits and pieces of Legend of the Seeker for purely research purposes. Which led to the discovery that Cara's niece is also called Ella. Do you see what this means, [personal profile] hibernate? DO YOU? It's like the multiverse is sending Signs.

+ Ever since discovering the wonders of online streaming, I have watched random episodes of various tv shows. The Hellcats premiere, The Vampire Diaries 1.01 (it's hilarious watching Ian Somerhalder playing a ~mysterious, ever so evil vampire), and Warehouse 13 Season 2 (the episodes with H.G. Wells in them, that is). Once again I bow before your superior judgment, flist. You were right. H.G. is awesome and Relevant To My Interests. She appeals to my inner twelve year old who squeed over The Invisible Man and The First Men In the Moon and wanted to be an explorer/adventuress across time and space. The fact that she has an inappropriate amount of chemistry with the lead helps.

+ And now I feel compelled to seek out books by Wells I have not read (there are so many).

+ My copy of Mockingjay has still not arrived. Stupid imported editions. Humph.

+ For the three people who will know what I'm talking about, I watched Dabang the other day, and I'm a little ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed it. I could have done without the melodrama (it's very 90s that way) and the travesty that was Dimple Kapadia as a frumpy old-ish lady, but I'm a sucker for kitsch and parody, and the movie had it in spades. I'm also left wondering if Malaika Arora is a little bit magic, because somehow she looks exactly as she did in 1998. No, hotter, if that's possible.
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I love FB. It has absolutely shoddy privacy, it is messy and irritating and a vortex of procrastination and insanity; it's also one of the things that kept me sane in the past few months when I was far away from home and under immense pressure. That said, I also have no intention whatsoever of reposting my LJ posts/comments to FB, and vice versa. They are two different parts of my life, and I generally prefer to keep it that way - my mother does not need to know what I think of pr0n, and you guys don't want to know which restaurant I'm at right now, and so on. I can understand why LJ is trying to connect the services and expand their userbase (there are, in fact, a lot of fans - let alone other users - who are Twitter/Tumblr only), but it does not interest me in any way. The thing about flocked posts and screened comments, especially, is a major breach of privacy, and I hope they fix it soon.

Meanwhile, I don't want to disable comments on my LJ (although I am considering disabling them on flocked entries for the moment) or move permanently to DW, so here's a request: please don't crosspost anything on this journal to either Twitter or FB. I am not going to enable that option either, so you can expect the same courtesy from me in return.

I also have a few DW codes lying around, so if you're considering crossposting/moving/getting a fic journal over there, just ask.


I haven't been reading all the Merlin Big Bang stories (there's so only so much Merlin&Arthur I can read before I get bored and wander off elsewhere), but I quite enjoyed this one: The Tournament of All Magicks by [profile] corlinnam, post-S2, M/A, 40K words. I love stories that explore Merlin's brand of ~Powerful Magic~ and the world of magic users, and I really loved what the author did here.


I'm slowly trying to get back to the realm of writing, but plot is hard. Why can't I just skip from the characters not being on good terms to feelings and stuff?
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Hey there, flist. Epic trip was EPICALLY awesome and just the thing I needed after months of pure torture in the shape of Education. There were many Adventures, we ate more than you'd think was humanly possible, I went a bit camera happy and took about 300 photos per day, which, multiplied by ten, is amounts to quite a lot. Also I'm temporarily bankrupt (a lot of it was lent, maybe I'll charge interest, hmm). And now I'm home after six months (a week in May doesn't count) and the Cowardly Dog is being really cute and adorable - all is well in the world. What's up? How are you? I'll try and catch up on backlog, but do tell me if I've missed anything significant.


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+ Can return to being a normal person tomorrow.
- Seem to have incurred a mild fever, which is getting in the way of last minute work.

But ANYWAY, here's what I've just realised: Olivia + Ella = Cara + Nightwisp

Just think about it. pictorial evidence )

Someone convince JJ Abrams to hire Tab as Olivia's love interest flirty nemesis A CYBORG on Fringe, please.

[Comments now have spoilers for the Fringe S2 finale.]
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+ I may or may not have slept more than humanly possible in the past 72 hours. Stress, this is how I react to it. By sleeping and pretending it does not exist.

+ The rain has disappeared. Whywhywhy? Y U NO LUV US ANYMORE, RAIN? :((

+ The OCTOPUS ORACLE has spoken: champions Spain, and Germany for third place. The Spanish team loves him and wishes to rename him George Pablo. PETA has demanded his release. MEANWHILE, it seems that the OCTOPUS ORACLE has competition, because the PSYCHIC PARAKEET (also with 100% record in this World Cup) has picked Holland instead. Who shall prevail? Spain or Holland? OCTOPUS ORACLE or PSYCHIC PARAKEET?

This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.

+ My sister has taken to Fringe incredibly well, and I seem to have used up all my phone balance responding to her increasingly agitated messages as she finishes S1 and heads on to S2. Never say I'm not training her well, flist. Speaking of which, WHY ARE YOU GUYS NOT WATCHING IT TOO, WHO SHALL I SQUEE WITH WHEN THE NEW SEASON STARTS? EXPECT PIMP POST SHORTLY, AS SOON AS I'M DONE WITH WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

Someday, when I'm done with all Education-related Crap and have time to write fan fiction again, I would very much like to write a Olivia story with spoilers for s2, sort of )
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+ The OCTOPUS ORACLE has spoken! Spain, he prophesies, will be the winner in today's epic semi. Is this the end of the road for Klose and his pretty boys? Or will they prove him wrong, and this is the last we'll see of Iker's faaaace in this world cup? Will the OCTOPUS ORACLE prevail? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

+ I have been listening to the Fringe OST on repeat, it's excellent.

+ While we're on that topic, after some intense pestering on FB and via text messages, I have successfully managed to make my sister watch the Fringe pilot. She says she likes it, and will watch more. My first text after she told me that she was watching it? 'If you tell me you don't like Olivia, I'll refuse to recognise you as my sister.' Priorities, I has them.

+ If you have a Tumblr, be so kind as to leave me a link, pls. I would like to follow.

+ Dear internets, while referring to M. Night Shyamalan, could you please spell his name properly? It's not funny. Love, [profile] swatkat24.

+ I woobify Cara to an extraordinary degree. This should not be news to anyone who has listened to me ramble about my sparkly dead show, but it struck me once again this morning while browsing through some of my unread bookmarks.

+ I wanted to do the 30 days of TV meme, but then I realised that almost all my answers come back to Legend of the Seeker. Okay, maybe not 'a show you hate' (why would I watch a show I hate?), or 'a show that disappointed you' (Hi, BSG). Or 'best kiss' - that's still Michael and Nikita in 'Hard Landing.' But, you know, apart from that. *facepalm*
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+ The Octopus Oracle predicts a victory for Germany in the Germany vs. Argentina match. I'm not entirely convinced, but I'm very glad that we live in a world where we have OCTOPUS ORACLES, among other things.

+ Psst [profile] applesred: WW's new look and the direction her new plotline will be taking; JMS talks. My own, brief thoughts: spoilers )

+ Deathly Hallows trailer! I'm excited. *g*
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First, Batgirl #11 = ♥ brief spoilers )


ETA: If you are in Seeker fandom and love Cara even a little bit, you will go and read this now: Don't Play With (Powerful) Magic by [personal profile] hibernate. Post-finale Cara/Dahlia fixit with ~Powerful Magic~, time travel, alternate realities and a Cara who will simultaneously make you smile and break you heart. Also, sneaky Cara/Kahlan-ness FTW.


Meanwhile, TODAY IS THE DAY, flist. THE WORLD CUP IS HERE! I am jubilant, and also sad, because this is the first time in my life that I won't be able to follow it the way I should, being away from home and Education keeping me away from everything. And yes, it is kind of a big deal to me, nevermind that my country sucks at football - I was born in a world cup year, and my father will happily tell you stories about tiny me watching football with him. BUT ANYWAY. ARE YOU WATCHING? IS YOUR TEAM PLAYING? WHO ARE YOU SUPPORTING? HOW AWESOME IS THE THEME SONG? TELL MEEEE!

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Things That Are Making Me Happy This Morning:

* The fact that 95% of every Cara/Kahlan vid ever consists of nothing but the ladies sexily beating up the poor hapless D'Harans/Sisters of the Dark, leading to synchronized throat-slitting, leading to fight!sex (with anvilacious metaphors, just in case we missed them when they happened on the show) and Agiel!porn.

* Dick Greyson as [SPOILER] after [SPOILER]. Dick = ♥♥♥


* The weather. Oh, the weather! An early monsoon would be quite unlikely, but I'm pretending it is anyway. I want to run away to the hills today.

Things That Are Making Me Less Than Happy

* My life being a sitcom about a bunch of close friends and their Adventures in Not/Growing Up. This is not necessarily a bad thing (actually, it's pretty great), but currently I feel like this:

Never a dull moment, guys.
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+ Prompting is still open at the [community profile] femslash_kink kink meme. I couldn't help but notice that it is severely lacking in prompts in f/f active fandoms like Merlin and BSG (more Seeker would be nice too *hinthint*).

+ If you're planning to participate in [community profile] femslash10, now is the time to go and vote.

+ Casting for the upcoming Starz show, Camelot. Interesting. But why are all the articles referring to Morgan Le Fay as 'Morgana'? Is this the Merlin effect? More importantly, if Spartacus is anything to go by, can we expect the wizard Merlin and the powerful sorceress Morgan to have a lot of 'we hate each other but also like to sleep with other' screentime? Not to mention Arthur/Morgan and Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot? Because I would happily watch that show.
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I'm up late (early) - as usual - and there's no new Seeker and I'm BEREFT, flist, POSITIVELY BEREFT. Also tell me to stop thinking about pirate!Cara and start thinking about Education instead.

At least we still have B. being her adorable self.

While we're at adorable, how cute is Colin Morgan in these photos? (warning: possible spoilers for Merlin s3, I didn't really read everything in the post) His scruffy hair! His ridiculous ears! His smile! Katie and Angel are looking pretty gorgeous as well (Katie in this one, oh my).

Someday I'll tell you about the comic books I have been reading. Not now, though - no more procrastination. I hope.

(It's getting lighter outside. Birds are chirping. I think they are mocking me.)


May. 25th, 2010 12:29 am
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ETA BEFORE EVERYTHING ELSE: [livejournal.com profile] lotsbigbang. 15K words, sign-ups from now till June 7th, FAQ here. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. *EYES MANY PEOPLE IN THE FLIST*


Why would anyone in their right mind put up their naked photos on FB? I mean, okay, I realise this is She Who Must Not Be Named we're speaking of and yes, she's not really sane, but come on. Naked photos. On Facebook.


I have mangoes. Have I ever mentioned how much I love mangoes?

Actually, I was home for a week and naturally, my friends shamelessly demanded I bring back food for them, poor starved creatures that they are. And what could possibly be better than MANGOES in summer? So I asked my father to help me pick up some, since I'm pretty hopeless at recognising good fruit - AND THEN HE GOT ME A CARTON FULL OF MANGOES, ALONG WITH SOME BONUS LYCHEE, HOW AWESOME IS THAT? And if that weren't enough, my mother ALSO packed some fish and other delectables (which we obviously finished as soon as I landed last night and then everyone was too full to finish all the mangoes).

Mmm, mangoes.


Meme stolen from [personal profile] heathershaped: Give me the name of a fictional character from any fandom and I will write them a short love letter.


Apr. 27th, 2010 11:50 am
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BOP #21. Yes, yes, this is EXACTLY how we all greet our 'best friend in the whole world' after meeting them face to face for the first time (and saving their life).

Kind of sold on Bruce/Dick - that is to say, Nightwing!Dick, not Robin!Dick - but I may have to read more of Bruce Wayne: Fugitive to be really convinced. Bruce/Babs - Oracle!Babs that is - is also... interesting.


The Raavan OST is quite lovely, especially Beera. I should have perhaps expected something better from a Rahman/Mani Ratnam combo, but seriously after the duds Rahman has been churning out for the past year or so, my expectations have been suitably lowered.


Apr. 19th, 2010 02:42 am
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Last night I was emotionally blackmailed into attending a farewell party I had no intention of attending, and, subsequently, EVILLY TRICKED into enjoying myself when I had no intention of doing so (there was this terrible punch, don't even ask). Today I had about four blisters in different places on my feet and odd aches; also brief snatches of conversations I may or may not have had and a screaming row with D. (boy had it coming, but really, I can't even have the satisfaction of having had my say because I CAN'T REMEMBER ALL OF IT). Sigh.

Anyway, on to Seeker. PANIS + MAGICAL VIAGRA = OTP )


Then I watched Dr. Who - which I continue to enjoy, despite missing a lot of the references. SPOILER ALERT: THE ROBOT FALLS IN LOVE )
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In the HP-verse, how do wizards communicate with people outside their own country? Is there an International Owl Post? Wouldn't that take a lot of time and be rather unfair on the poor owls?

In other news: alcohol is not a girl's best friend. Ow.
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My social life is getting in the way of my life. For the past two weeks, ever since I got back from home, life has been a blur of 'WHERE ARE YOU/WHYYYYY AREN'T YOU DOING [INSERT ACTIVITY HERE] WITH US/LET'S GET DRUNK RIGHT NOW', and it shows no sign of stopping. This is very troubling.

Anyway, Seeker Sunday! I received a very excited text message from my sister this afternoon, saying, Seeker 2.15 Creator + Random Speculation )

Thoughts? Is it wrong that I now have Thinky Thoughts about this show?


Dear [personal profile] roga, I believe this is relevant to your Interests. It's not happymaking (actually, it's scary and utterly insane), mind you, but I did ask you to take a sad song and make it better, so... *hopeful*

Also, guys, today I spotted the paperback of A Lion Amongst Men, the third Wicked book. Anybody read it? Is Glinda in it? Should I buy?


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