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Who watched the HIMYM series finale?

[Note that I stopped watching after Barney proposed to Robin and that I know everything that happened in the finale.]
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Things you should never have to hear, ever: "[Your baby cousin brother]* needs to develop better kissing skills on-screen."

* He is 22, and an actor.


I watched the HIMYM special two-parter, and spoilers for 8.11-8.12 )

I'm not much of an actor fan, but I have to admit, every time Alexis Denisof shows up as Sandy on the show, my heart grows three sizes. Sandy is SUCH a sleaze, and AD plays it with SUCH gusto. ♥

The Ruby/Red backstory episode (1.15) of OUAT was pretty great, even if the CGI wolf was hilariously bad. I also fail to feel much sympathy for spoiler )
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+ This story about Cliff Chiang drawing Black Canary for a fan is the cutest thing ever*. Even if I generally want comics!Ollie to be far, far away from my Dinah.

* Except today's Gunnerkrigg Court, which is beyond adorable. <33333

Speaking of which, I have seen the second episode of Arrow, and it is still quite fun. Ollie is still very pretty, Stephen Amell is still hilariously bad most of the time (his angsty voiceovers, my god), his inappropriate chemistry with his sister is still inappropriate but also gripping (the only scenes where his acting works, as far as I'm concerned), and his Hamlet backstory is still ridiculous and cheesy (he cannot be the man his mother wants him to be! because he has to be the man his ~father wanted him to be). I do like the actor who plays Dinah Laurel a lot, and her relationship with her father has excellent potential, I think. I hope they tell us eventually that her mother was the first Black Canary - followed, obviously, by her taking up the mantle.

+ I continue to make my way through OUAT S1. It's great fun, and spoilers till 1.13 )

+ HIMYM 8.10 )

+ ribbonspooncat's thoughts on Bering and Wells (there is a moving gif in the link - I used Readability for better reading)

ladyshinkicker's thoughts on Bering and Wells:

So, HG Wells is actually a woman – she provided the ideas, her brother provided the moustache, but who wrote the books? Each of them bears Helena’s name, but we know that she was bronzed before all of HG Wells’ books were published. Her exact status – author or muse – is ultimately an ambiguous one, and I know that this is a plothole which some fans like to criticise the writers for, but I honestly think it works. Helena isn’t quite a muse, she isn’t quite an author, and she isn’t quite a character: her presence queers the narrative (many of her lovers were men; many of her characters were men; many of her authors were men) but it also deconstructs the act of narration itself. She’s introduced before she’s ever introduced – Myka read HG Wells’s novels, Pete’s seen the movies, and Myka spots ‘Edward Prendick’ in the guestbook. Pete’s Genre Savvy, he knows how this works, but he’s still thinking in terms of actors and performance and guesses; Helena can’t quite stay away and the pseudonym she uses is her real name. When she introduces herself as Helena, that’s an implicit admission of her identity as HG Wells as well as a denial. They’re looking for Charles, the one with the moustache, but they’re calling him HG – she is HG, but she isn’t, too. Identity is never that simple for her.

ladyshinkicker's thoughts on HG Wells:

I think that she works brilliantly within the narrative as a sort of ghostly presence, lurking in all of the dark places and threatening to huff and puff and bring down the narrative around them – and, through that haunting, serves to shore up the narrative itself. Helena is the act of deconstruction and she is constantly deconstructed – what else is left, when the story tears itself apart, begins again, and rips that one up too?
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So I watched the first episode of Arrow with a friend - and this might have something to do with the fact that we were both tired and somewhat under the influence - and found it a rather charming take on Green Arrow. Now, to be honest, I was naturally predisposed to find it charming, in the sense that there is no possible version of Oliver Queen who is not more charming to me than DCU's Oliver Queen, but! He is sad! He is pretty! He was shipwrecked! On an island! He has ~changed! He's on a mission for revenge! Because his daddy told him to before dying, and also because he wants to clean up his city! He's practically Hamlet (we said yesterday, while being mesmerised by Stephen Amell's physique)! And then of course there's Dinah - I'm not sure I'm going to be able to call her 'Laurel' right now - and you know my feelings about Black Canary, right? ♥

So I'm going to watch more of that.

The Good Wife never disappoints, spoilers for the latest episode )

I'm also sort of making my way through Once Upon A Time S1, and while I'm enjoying it, spoilers for the Hansel and Gretel episode )

I am also still watching HIMYM, and spoiler for the latest episode )
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+ (via [personal profile] zorana)A fantastic review of Brave:
Far be it from me to say that the film is perfect, or that there aren’t real critiques to be made of it. The pacing is sometimes off and there are stretches that are less compelling than others. But there are three things Brave absolutely isn’t, and there’s something pernicious about the fact that reviews repeatedly refer to it as precisely those three things. Whatever Brave is, it’s not predictable, it’s not Just Another Princess Movie, and it’s not — my God! — lacking for deeper layers.

Insofar as Pixar is a teenager fighting its ancestor, this story needed to be written. They needed this story in order to be able to write a different kind of story. Having fought through the strangling thicket of princesses, it’ll be easier to fill the space on the other side with many more female characters, most of them commoners. We need them, badly, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do now that they can start work on a less exhaustively populated canvas.

Note that it contains a major spoiler for the movie.

+ The Korra renewal for a TOTAL OF FOUR SEASONS! \0/ We all knew this was coming but OMG, so nice to have confirmation.

+ Korra panel on SDCC, with ALL THE JUICY INFORMATION: spoilers )

+ I'm glad DC Comics has saved me some money on the Smallville comic by benching Steph AGAIN - their generosity and thoughtfulness, it's unbelievable. /sarcasm


+ I have been slowly watching, among other things, the second half of HIMYM S6 (I am, even after all these years, a staunch brOTP shipper, and I have many angry feelings about Barney asking everybody but Robin to play laser tag with him) and the first season of Xena (♥).
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HIMYM: The Suit Song = ♥

Legend of the Seeker: I'm up to 1.06. So far, Richard has been spectacularly dim and Kahlan has been spectacularly awesome, and when I'm not dying of LOL, I have questions. Like: what does Richard have against shirts? How is Kahlan's hair so shiny? Why is the villain wearing a sherwani? Why are all the fights in slo-mo?

Also, I believe Kahlan qualifies as a w00bie. This show loves me.
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Did you know there was a HIMYM s5 promo?

under cut )

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I can't believe Marshall sang 'Let's go to the Mall'!!!!

Sorry, just caught up on all of HIMYM.

♥ Marshall.
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Okay, first - someone tell Marshall to GET A HAIRCUT! ARGH!

Second: Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof are going to have a baby! YAY! But does this mean Marshall and Lily will now have a baby too? Which I fully support, because Ted and Barney would cry over it and Robin would teach it to shoot guns and it would be awesome, people.

Third, HIMYM 4.5 Shelter Island )

Dear Jossverse fen on the flist, watch this show. It has Aly Hannigan, being awesome. It has NPH! It's got a great cast, and is smart and hilarious and happymaking, and you'll love it. This is probably the last season, but you could at least tune in and give them some more ratings!
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I caught up on HIMYM, and I have to say: nothing cheers you up as much as an hour of HIMYM goodness. brief spoilery thought )

OTPs are a rare experience for me, so when I do have them, I revel in the experience. This is not to say I *wouldn't* ship them with other people (I don't think I'm physically capable of that), but at the end of the day, THEY BELONG TOGETHER AND MUST LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER OK?

Also, NPH needs to gaymarry me right now.


+ This is hilarious.

+ Sinfest has been doing some hilarious commentary on the American election and financial crisis. Like this panel, for instance; or this; or this. Some readers have been complaining about too much politics, but I *heart* political cartoons. They make my day. I once harboured secret dreams of becoming a cartoonist, before I realised that I can't draw.

+ Meanwhile, xkcd's Randall Munroe had a 'cartoon-off' with The New Yorker's Farley Katz!
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Because I'm full of fail, I'm not all caught up with HIMYM yet. I did, however, watch 4.02 yesterday, and enjoyed it very much (MARSHALL!!!! But do get a haircut, dear. And take Chase along with you, while you're at it.)

One of the many, many reasons why I love the show so much is how it gets the dynamic between a group of very close friends so perfectly right. For instance, it is a fact that if more than two people go out to eat, the one who's hungriest will always be served last (call that Rule #42 of Life, the Universe, and Everything, if you will), irrespective of their order. It's a fact that if a group of friends try to figure out what they'll have for dinner (and where) while hanging out at their usual hangout place, they *will* argue pointlessly for an hour and then order the same thing that they eat everyday at the very same place. And, of course, it's also a fact that having a few friends around while you are fuzzy-brained from hunger is *always* a good idea, because they're the ones who'll stop you from rummaging dustbins and eating an ATM slip (',' was the best line in this episode, period).

I don't need to be reminded of myself to enjoy a show, but it certainly helps.
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Okay, I might be the last person to see this, but actually *exists*! And oh god, the fonts! The exclamation marks! The letter! The portrait! The porn film posters! And the soundtrack, OH GOD - "I'm telling you that Ted/Mosby is a jerk"!

I died laughing. Do not make attempts at resurrection. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, TED MOSBY? I HOPE YOU FALL DOWN A MANHOLE AND DIE.

ETA: Dear BSG fen, I hate to spoil you this way, but Ted Mosby is, in fact, the final Cylon**. Britney Spears said so.*

"I know the truth about you Ted Mosby, you look, and talk, and act like a real human being, but I know what you really are … You are a Cylon! And your only goal is total annihilation of the entire human race … I talked to my best friend Dr. Baltar and he told me, so don't tell me that you love me, don't tell me that you have feelings, you can't have feelings, you're a frakking TOASTER!"

**ETA 2: The Sister literally sporfled at this part. Literally.


Aug. 1st, 2008 05:47 pm
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SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY. Not that I can watch it happen, because it's all cloudy and stuff. And I hab a terrible cold, and it hurts to raise my head above a certain angle. But still. SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY!


So, about that HIMYM S3 marathon: spoilers for the finale )


Jul. 4th, 2008 01:30 am
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glitter -

buy harry potter mugs

ETA: Since [ profile] queenzulu tells me that today is More Joy Day, and since this post already has the requisite sparkly graphics and 'made of awesome' tag, I'm going to tell you about five things that have made me happy of late:

1. How I Met Your Mother. My love for this show is deep and true, and yes, [ profile] roga, you were right. It *does* get better in S2. I have sparkly graphics on top of this post to prove it.

2. [ profile] cuddy_fest. Because it's gonna be - wait for it - LEGENDARY. That's right, LEGENDARY. /she says in her best Barney voice

3. The BSG soundtracks. And BSG in general.

4. Writing. I'm not writing much, or writing quickly, but I have plotbunnies and the desire to write them (slowly) and that pleases me.

5. The Discovery "The World Is Just Awesome" ad.


Jul. 2nd, 2008 02:21 pm
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+ Crack picspam: I love Galactica!. This will make sense only if you've seen the Discovery ad xkcd parodied a couple of days ago. It's Adama/Roslin-ish, but that won't stop you from enjoying this. Boom-de-yada D'Anna!

+ As a part of my ongoing Read More, Less TV campaign, I read Salman Rushdie's Shame. I loved it.brief reactions, not particularly spoilery )

Next up: The Glass Palace, Amitabh Ghosh.

+ Meanwhile, HIMYM: Alexis Denisof *AND* Amy Acker in one episode? I LOVE THIS SHOW AND ITS GUEST STARS. brief thoughts on HIMYM S1 )
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Okay, I confess: I *heart* HIMYM. I've only watched six episodes, and I already love it SO MUCH. (And Anne Dudek was in one of them! OMG)


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