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I appear to not be dealing with responsible adulthood very well. How is it that I blink and it's the weekend, and I still haven't got anything done? However, [personal profile] marina was in town last month, and despite work + life being a black hole of nothingness, we managed to have a great time, and I even managed to take a couple of satisfactory photographs.


[personal profile] tanndell and I watched the Elementary season premiere, and I'm delighted to report that it's as delightful as ever. We may have clutched each other and squeed multiple times, such as when Joan was on screen for the first time, and when Gregson was on screen for the first time, and Mycroft was on screen for the first (Rhys Ifans, phwoar!). I enjoyed how the brotherly dynamic was handled, and how Sherlock continues to genuinely try to be better. In all, immensely happymaking.

We have also been watching Korra, which continues to bite issues that it can't quite manage to chew, but I'm nonetheless thoroughly entertained by it. The most delightful thing, for me, is Korra herself - idiot though she is. I know she gets a lot of criticism for being a hot-headed idiot (which she is), but I don't see how 'Aang would have done it better' really holds: of course he would have done it better, he was a diplomat through and through, a peacemaker at heart. But his problem in AtLA? That of having to fight a war? Korra, for all her faults, would in fact have done an excellent job as an Avatar because she is a warrior first - her first, instinctive element of choice is always fire; she tried to punch her way through the Spirit World, for god's sake! She would have fought the war against Ozai without second thought. Aang was a diplomat expected to fight a war and put an end to it; Korra is a warrior expected to be a diplomat and maintain peace.

She needs to meet Kyoshi soon, because someone needs to guide that girl and it's not going to be Aang or any of the old dudes on the show.

I also have many thoughts about her privileged, sheltered childhood at the behest of the White Lotus that has, in fact, left her ill-equipped to deal with the issues of her world, and why Asami needs more to do in Korra's company because she, in spite of her privileges, has managed to land on her two feet after a much bigger disillusionment, but currently they are too incoherent.

Also I think it has been established that Korra is Thor's daughter, which makes watching the show all the more entertaining. You KNOW Thor would be very pleased to have Korra as a daughter. He would train her and be ridiculously proud while she PUNCHED ALL THE THINGS.


We've also watched the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow, which is ridiculously good, and by that I mean it is good because it is so utterly ridiculous. It appeals to that part of me that is enamoured by OUAT, so the very fact that GEORGE WASHINGTON'S BIBLE is an actual plotpoint is enough to keep me watching. The two leads are utterly charming, and I'm convinced that Ichabod Crane needs to meet Steve so that they can start a Democracy Club where they talk about TRUTH, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY in a really earnest fashion.

Also, Fringe fans should note that John Noble is now joining the cast.

I have not yet watch TGW or OUAT, but I will soon!


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