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The last OUAT episode was pretty much straight out of Swan Queen fanfic: Emma trusts Regina although Snow and Charming won't! Regina is framed! Emma believes the lie! Cue trauma for everyone involved! Needless to say, I loved every second of it.

I do get the Emma/Regina now, although what I still ship the most is Regina/happiness. I love that she's pretty much in the middle of a characteristic redemption arc, with the right dosage of whump and heartbreak. Emma Swan in the meantime is a heroine after my own heart - part Richard Cypher in that big doofus I'm-superspecial-but-also-really-earnest-and-clueless way of hers, part... really damaged in the way that becomes evident every time she has to do something ordinary like talk to her parents (who are her age and are making out in her bed) or take care of her son (to tell that his other mother is evil after all). It's what makes the ship interesting, because clearly, given the circumstances in canon, there's too much between them for it to actually work. And yet, there's Emma Swan, who is not exactly an ordinary person - her heart is so special that even Cora can't touch it. What does that say for anyone she chooses to love or forgive?

I am also pleased that I managed to get my sister hooked to it. She has been continuously updating me with things like 'I love the Evil Queen' (yay!) and 'I love Hook' (meh).

TGW is always good, and this episode was no exception : I loved the touch of whimsy in sending Alicia off to a ranch in Minnesota and pairing her up with Canning, of all people. Their interactions are always gold. I sincerely think that a lot of TGW is written with basically 'what faces will Julianna Margulies make if we make her interact with THIS guest star' in mind. It explains the often wafer-thin plot (did anyone seriously think Diane and Will won't get their way, for instance?), which nonetheless manages to work because we are too caught up in watching the actors be delightful with each other.

The best part was of course Kalinda's tiny little scene with Alicia - the way they're still clearly distant but also working on it; Alicia confiding in Kalinda, Kalinda's vaguely sympathetic but baffled I-have-no-idea-why-you-miss-being-boring-old-Alicia-when-you-are-this-awesome-and-YOU-but-I-understand-missing-old-habits face; the quiet heartbreak but also the mending.


The first week of being back at work after a break is strange - I fell asleep early a lot (no matter what [personal profile] zorana says, I did not read fic till two - on most days), got handed a lot of new responsibilities (which are not bad, in fact), and generally have no idea where this week went.
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