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I'm a little tired of Kalinda's storyline with her husband. I realise what they're getting at -- a disturbing abusive relationship with an odd element of compulsion to it, and combined with Alicia kissing Peter I'm now thoroughly convinced that the parallels between their storylines are intentional. To repeat myself: It, furthermore, brings Alicia and Kalinda on the same page in an entirely unexpected way - as 'the good wife'. Or rather, as women who have, in their own ways, tried to escape their lives as 'good wives', only to find themselves pulled back. I'm thrilled about the possibilities, I won't lie, but it's not fun to watch - especially with the writers seeming unable to resist the ~naughty scenes that add an element of 'hey this is sexy' to what is otherwise a storyline about an abusive relationship.

In many ways 4.04 was a relief, because it was completely, unapologetically an episode in praise of Diane Lockhart (the case of the week was downright flimsy, and even the plot acknowledged it as such), and you can't go wrong with that. It reminded me of a couple of lines in this review of one of last season's episodes: Contrast with Diane, who's nothing but the amalgamation of choices well-made. Importantly, they're not the right choices for some false ideal of womanhood, but the right choices for her.

I continue to be intrigued by Alicia and Maddie's (now possibly ruined?) friendship - although I will admit to being irrationally annoyed that it wasn't Kalinda she was drinking with - especially because of what it underlines about Alicia, yet again: she is so absolutely utterly brilliant in court, so utterly confident about her lawyerly skills ('I'm good'), and yet always so surprised when people find her interesting or likeable. It's a part of her irresistible Alicia charm - how unassuming she is - and it's what draws people like Will, or Kalinda, and now Maddie to her, even if she doesn't quite understand it herself.


Tony Akins' art is horrendous, especially when he's drawing Diana, but this issue! I lovelovelove that Azzarello has consistently represented Diana as kind and fiercely protective - it makes perfect sense that her kindness extends even to Hera, who is now mortal, and that her kind heart has not made her forget what Hera owes her (the future of her Amazon family). I like the new half-sister too, and of course she showed up as a child - Azzarello's Diana cannot resist children, it seems, and it's a character trait I approve of in her.


I'm squeeful about a lot of things such as Karkat and Meenah showing the potential to be adorkable bros and Vriska SHAKING THINGS UP in her usual Vriska fashion, but mostly: ROSE/KANAYA IS NOW CANON, BABY! <♥ Rose's drunken declaration of love demanding ALLLL of Kanaya's quadrants is truly the best thing ever.

You go, Homestuck, with two same-sex relationships in the same week!

I'd also appreciate if someone could get Terezi AWAY from Gamzee. Ew.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with Jones' backstory in the most recent Gunnerkrigg Court story, but I do love all the pretty art.

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I'm not necessarily TIRED of Kalinda's current storyline, I just find it incredibly disturbing. It's so difficult to see Kalinda like this. Much as I like Alicia and Maddie (ER BUDDIES!), I need some Alicia/Kalinda time like I need air.

Oh god, Diane, I can't even. Flawless creature. ♥


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