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The Good Wife has now had TWO fun episodes in a row, which can only mean that something DREADFUL is going to happen shortly. I imagine it'll have to do with Peter's campaign, Alicia getting increasingly involved and Eli's investigation. But I'm enjoying the fluff (fluff by TGW standards, that is), especially when it means we can have Diane being awesome and saving the day. I love how it's now canon that Diane will always rescue Will - I friend/ship the two of them so hard. ♥

Geneva's scene with Peter was fantastic, and I'd like to see a proper fallout, horrible though the storyline is.

Once Upon a Time meanwhile was alternately fun and confusing, because I cannot make up my mind about how I feel about Belle/Rumple in the current timeline. To sum up my feelings from [personal profile] netgirl_y2k's post-ep discussion on them here:

I would be a lot comfortable with Belle/Rumple if I could tell whether the show knows how disturbing it is. It seemed as though they were aware of it back when they first introduced this storyline, but now I can't tell, and that makes me uncomfortable. Because they really did right by Belle in the past storyline, and yet here they had her watch Rumple attempt to beat Hook to death and still stay by his side, because she sees the possibility of a change in him - a change Rumple himself does not entirely seem to see the need for, at least, not now, not when he has more to gain by being who he is. And that's disturbing, but I don't entirely know if the show knows how disturbing it is?

I don't think he's going to get a straightforward redemption story right now the way Regina is, but the show also has stuck to its point about monsters sometimes needing saviours of their own (this episode pointedly juxtaposed Belle's rescue of Philip with the Rumple storyline) and that's something I do appreciate.

It's very clear that Rumple loves Belle and wants to keep her and please her, and is willing to give up on the power that he wields, at least when he's with her. But what I'd like a little more clarification on is whether he's bought into the significance of 'change' the way Regina seems to have, or if 'change' for him right now simply means balancing these two aspects of his life. I suspect it's the latter, because he is, as always, motivated by his desire to find Baelfire - it's only after this storyline is resolved that he'll be able to move forward (or backward).

Also, it is now canon that Mulan makes a habit of rescuing damsels in the woods, ahahaa! ♥

I was a little surprised that they did the Archie reveal this quickly, but this sneak peek (this is the link to the wiki page; scroll down for the sneak peek) for the next episode suggests that they are not going to play it out how I thought they would at all. I'm intrigued!
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