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OUAT continues to be delightfully bad.

* Someone needs to do something about Snow's hair. It's getting to be a Situation. (Note that Regina still has perfect hair. Also Charming.)

* Regina and Hook bond over their past villainy. It's pretty.

* Emma's outburst at her parents? Long overdue, completely warranted.

* Rumpel trying to get Emma to believe: do I, for a moment, believe that he isn't plotting to take in another student? I don't. Not for a moment. Someone please get Regina to intervene.

* Speaking of Regina: way to go with the fireballs!

* My thoughts on the parallel plot can be summed up by: 'Hiiiiiiii Mulan precious baby! Go away, Mumblefire! DNW'

* Snow, perhaps you should have preached about freeing the mermaid BEFORE you captured her in the first place.

* Has Jennifer Morrison been working out? Because Allison Cameron DID NOT have those biceps.

* 'And what, you'll win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers?' BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

* Regina isn't interested in being ~friends with Emma, of course she isn't. Do tell us more.

* 'I'm a mother' is probably the only thing Emma could tell Regina to get her to follow her without question. What's really funny? When she stops to think, she'll realise that her lines to Charming were exact echoes of what Regina has been telling Snow all throughout the episode.

Snow is kind of right, though. Regina is a life ruiner. She ruins lives.


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