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Brief, very brief thoughts:

a. ALICIA AND KALINDA OMG. If the first scene was a punch in the gut, the second was glorious. And - I hope I won't have to argue about this anymore, fandom - it was never just about Peter for Alicia, as she makes abundantly clear: it was about a breach of trust, it was about Alicia feeling like she had been the only one exposing her heart (not knowing, of course, how vulnerable Kalinda is when it comes to her).

b. DIAAAAANE. ♥ Go Diane with the rocking social life - Will's expression when he sees Diane in flirt mode was pure gold.

c. Lewis Canning, always a pleasure. While I would have liked Alicia to frame her demand for a raise without bringing in her financial needs - making a case for the same by citing the cases she has won instead, as she did in the previous episode - I am a little baffled by the response (mostly on TWOP) that bargaining or demanding a raise makes her a terrible person. LOCKHART AND ASSOCIATES got her cheap, and she has proven time and again her worth as a lawyer. The fact that Diane stuck out her neck for her (proving me wrong - in this case I'm happy to be proven wrong) speaks VOLUMES about her worth as an employee to the firm, even without her Peter connection. I'm glad that Alicia is beginning to recognise that worth.

d. Cary's humility was nice.

e. I'm glad the drinking together hasn't happened yet. They aren't there yet. BUT THEY'RE GOING TO TRY! \0/

Date: 2012-03-19 09:11 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] randomizer
Ahem. I believe I'm still waiting for your "half-finished" post about Alicia and goodness, am I not? But I digress.

Always hard to respond when I agree with so much of what you have to say. I didn't feel like getting into the odd anti-feminist backlash against Alicia's bargaining for a raise on TWOP, because I always post too much there (I feel that I often exhaust everyone into silence) and because the long-awaited Alicia/Kalinda stuff is foremost on my mind. But Alicia was completely right to see that she was worth more money, and to use Canning's offer to get it. It doesn't make her "greedy" (what does that mean in this context, anyway?) It just makes her aware of her own worth, something that she's had to struggle to BECOME aware of. I was very pleased with the fact that Alicia was able to do this. (I had a funny insight that this season has shown growth for both Cary and for Alicia, but in opposite directions. Alicia is learning that you need to ask for stuff for yourself, which Cary already knew, and Cary is learning that you have to stick by your principles, which Alicia already knew. I like that!)

As always, I loved Diane last night--she's my oasis of wholeness and sanity in the sea of broken people about whom I obsess. But it's the broken people--Kalinda and Alicia--who made the episode for me last night. That sequence of starting the episode with a kick in the gut and ending it with ALICIA actually TALKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM to Kalinda, and Kalinda answering that she *could* be honest with barely a thought of *not* doing it (and then with the followup expression of utter terror) was just perfect. (At this point, Kalinda would promise to remove her own kidney with her baseball bat as her only tool if that were the price of admission into Alicia's heart. And she'd probably vastly prefer that to the honesty that she ended up promising!) I love how they were both close to tears, and how differently they showed it: Alicia almost choking up, Kalinda's eyes welling up just perfectly. Emotional pornography, that! :-) (And yes, of COURSE it was always mostly about the trust, and I'm glad Alicia made that explicit by not even *mentioning* Peter.)

And did you notice that Will *again* gave Kalinda a nudge toward Alicia? When he refused the beer and told her that she'd find someone to give it to, his meaning was clear. (Of course, that didn't work out so well at that particular moment, but Will's heart was in the right place, as it always is!)

Drinks are indeed coming. And maybe even a hug. I remain an optimist!

Date: 2012-03-21 01:44 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] randomizer
I'm a little dismayed by the virulent nature of the backlash, to be honest. It's precisely the kind of behaviour that was rampant in the House forums back in the days - I used to think this fandom was better than that. But apparently not, because the same forum also has posters who think Kalinda should wear longer skirts to be taken seriously. I wonder - was there similar backlash when Cary demanded a lot of money AND a better office from Diane to come back? Or is it reserved solely for Alicia?

Actually, I believe there *was* a lot of anti-Cary sentiment when he demanded to be paid twice as much as Alicia. But that was with much better reason, because he had absolutely no justification for that demand beyond general petulance and jealousy. This Alicia thing is very different--she has a fair market value, and she decided to make it clear that she knew that. Diane would never have played her Stalin card if she didn't agree, even though the narrative arc was such that she couldn't do that without making Alicia feel bad about herself first. But yeah, the backlash really bothered me as well. (I'm a little down on TWOP right now in general. I think we had a fascinating character episode, and there should be a lot to talk about regarding *Alicia,* even apart from my A/K fixation. But they're just talking about whether or not the list price of Alicia's house is realistic for 2012 Chicago. I mean, JEEZ. THAT'S what you fixate on? Really??)

There are great things to come. I can't *wait* for Sunday's episode. Early critical buzz seems to indicate that it's gonna be an emotional blowout (complete with *flashbacks*)!

Date: 2012-03-20 02:02 am (UTC)
zulu: Alicia and Kalinda take shots (the good wife - tequila)
From: [personal profile] zulu
Wasn't this episode terrific? [personal profile] bell and I were making noises that only dolphins can hear. When Alicia rejected Kalinda! And then when she SOUGHT HER OUT. And they TALKED. And--! It was honest and true to both characters and true to their division and to their arcs and how am I so lucky as to have fallen for a show that remembers who their characters are and don't make cheap ploys of their "I hate you/we're best buds!" plotlines? SO LUCKY.

Diane is still the best one, naturally.


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