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See, THIS IS IT. This is all I ask of this show: letting the characters breathe and let the plot unravel in its own sweet time. And this episode had the best thing of it all - Swan and Mills detective agency, fighting crime and other pesky emotional issues, actual genuine bonding and SMILING AT EACH OTHER LIKE THAT while drinking coffee from matching cups. Tell me you’re not charmed. Tell me you didn’t see the romcom zoom when Emma says, ‘There you go, telling the truth again.’ Tell me you don’t get it at least a little bit.

All the actors were top-notch today (do I really need to write another ode to Lana?), but Jennifer Morrison’s kind of killing it 3B. They’re letting her ACT, and she does it — post-3A Emma is slightly softer, more confident, SMILES A HELL LOT MORE ESPECIALLY AT REGINA but is also our Emma Swan, precious Disney princess who cannot BELIEVE she’s now hanging out with the Merry Men and is in fact up against the Wicked Witch (also, honey, monkey). I loved every bit of Emma in this episode, even the fake confrontation for all the dubious ‘blame Regina again’-ness. Smile like that a little more, Swan, and you’ll do more than sit and wait in that Bug of yours.

Seriously, how incredible was this team up where they are, for once, not moving planets or stopping triggers but just trying to work as Emma and Regina? Her sheer fascination when Regina brought out her chemistry set (like mother, like son), because she probably expected a lot more… evil involved. While Regina’s incomprehension, ‘THIS is what you do? Not shady deals in back allies or something? No action all the time?’ Priceless. As priceless as getting to know each other, and Emma actually trying to take into account Regina’s feelings. We only barely saw this in Neverland amidst all the squabbling, not until the very last minute. And I get the feeling a part of it is also Emma just trying to thank Regina in small ways - showing instead of telling, because words are hard.

I DIG Regina vs Zelena, I love her already - but that’s the subject for another post. But I will say this: the reason this is working so well right now? Also because they’ve found their strength again, Storybrooke + fairybacks that ADD to the plot instead of random Snow chases Medusa on her honeymoon because she’s obsessed with Regina. I hope it lasts.

* It’s very telling that Zelena plays on one of Snow’s greatest, barely explored on the show, weaknesses. Of course a humble midwife is in awe of Snow White’s exploits. Of course Snow doesn’t recognize her — how on earth is she expected to know all the peasants of the land? It’s the bubble of privilege that Leopold wrapped Snow in — something that still often blinds her to things like this. Zelena — whose backstory I have much speculation on! — plays her like a harp. Perhaps the miller’s granddaughter knows a little bit about the weaknesses of rich people?

* "But then. Then I go to sleep." SHE JUST WANTS TO REST KILL ME NOW

* "No one anyone will miss." MY BB

* I don’t ship it at all but I’m 100% okay with Robin as Regina’s honourable sidekick.
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