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I was thinking about how much I love Will and Kalinda's friendship in TGW. I have a weakness for male/female friendships that take centrestage, so hard to find under ordinary circumstances. And besides, it's easily one of the best things to have come out of the Alicia/Kalinda breakup arc in S2, to the point where it's hard to imagine the show now without Will and Kalinda being bros.spoilers till TGW 3.10 )
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I have The Plague. As you know, flist, I tend to have it at least once a year - or sometimes twice, usually coinciding with my trips home (drastic shifts in temperature and humidity, the universe being against me, etcetc). This time however it came upon me a couple of days before, and as a result I had to go through the trauma of Packing and Cleaning My Room (i.e Dumping Clothes in Wardrobe in a Haphazard Fashion) while running a temperature and coughing a lung out.


I was very disappointed that the Laura Roslin lookalike guest star on TGW this week was not, in fact, Mary McDonnell, but that was pretty much the only disappointing thing about this episode. TGW 3.10 What Went Wrong )
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There's a reason why The Good Wife is (on most days - and alongside Fringe, of course) the show of my heart. It just is consistently good, and manages to make me care for each and every member of the ensemble cast (almost as well as BSG - or perhaps better, because for a very long time in the course of BSG I wanted Lee Adama to shut up and for Baltar to be thrown out of the airlock, whereas I don't really mind Zach and Grace). And then there's TGW 3.10 Parenting Made Easy )


Nov. 23rd, 2011 10:38 pm
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TGW 3.05-3.09 )


Glee 3.08 )


I'm also quite charmed by Pan Am, and willing to be so by Once Upon A Time.
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Sometimes I feel like I should cultivate more gravity, act in a more srs bzns fashion - if nothing, it might stop me being mistaken as one of my students. I'm not sure if I'm built that way, however - sometimes I suspect I'm fundamentally incapable of being serious.


Both Stormwatch #2 and Demon Knights #2 were ridiculously fun, if a little confusing in terms of plot. I liked in the inner squabbling going on in Stormwatch, and Midnighter shamelessly hitting on Apollo, and Demon Knights is just fun. It has swords, sorcery, dragons and female characters, and the Shining Knight may have just convinced me to read Morrison's Seven Soldiers (what? I like crossdressing female characters).

Meanwhile, on The Good Wife, TGW 3.04 )
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The Good Wife 3.03 )

[profile] sk56 pointed me to this site; it has a few interesting things on TGW, especially this: The Queerness of Kalinda Sharma.


I have fallen behind on the New 52 (still haven't read Batman or Nightwing or Birds of Prey), but my report card so far:

Action Comics #2: Horrendous art. Lois Lane is awesome.

Wonder Woman #1: A+ (with a potential -1 million for the new announcement; I do not like it and have already said what I had to say about it on Tumblr, but for completion's sake: copy/paste; spoiler, obviously )

Batgirl #2: A-. A definite step-up from #1, the plot got intriguing, the roomie awesome, and I for one support Barbara getting whumped by supervillains in the beginning. That said, the new Barbara voice is rather jarring at times; almost Steph-like in places. It will take some getting used to.

Batwoman #2: A-. Another step-up. OMG, everything I said about Kate/Maggie? I take it back, I LOVE IT. Oh Kate, you so smooth.

Huntress #1: A++++++++++++. Which is my way of saying I don't have a coherent review for this, I don't even know if it was particularly good because HUNTRESS OMG HUNTRESS. My brain kind of shut down on page 1 and remained at that place till the very end. HUNTRESS! \0/

PS: It seems the Morrison Wonder Woman project is indeed happening. OMG.
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I might be late to the party, but The Good Wife 3.01 )


PS: Please read Nothing About Ecstasy by [personal profile] templemarker, The Good Wife, Alicia&Kalinda (Alicia/Kalinda-ish). In case you want your heart broken by these two ladies some more.

girl power

Aug. 30th, 2011 09:00 pm
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I spent a significant part of the day thinking about the parallels between Buffy|Utena and Nanami|Cordelia, which obviously lead my mind to the possibility of Nanami/Cordelia, and then my brain kind of broke. They would be absolutely glorious together, guys. Gloriously mean, that is to say. The trick would be to insult everybody else and not each other.

Faith would also make for a fabulous Black Rose Duelist.


[personal profile] hibernate picked five of my icons, so here they are: snip )
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The other day I mentioned on Tumblr that "I'm trying to send my mother to bed since she has to wake up early tomorrow morning. She's too busy reading Batgirl: The Flood."

I had made a similar update on Facebook. Everyone was naturally very impressed. Today my mother wrote in response to that update:
[My name]!!! In case you don't remember, let me remind you that you started your comics life with our childhood collection (credit to all four siblings)of more than 200 comics, [some comics none of you will recognize, alas] and tintin series!!and fiction, dont you remember all those Jules Verne and H.G.Wells series?! Your [grandfather] had book case full of science fictions. [My cousins] will support me.



I have finally watched XMFC, and suddenly, I love Mystique, although I never particularly cared for her in the earlier movies. I enjoyed Michael Fassbender's performance, although Sir Ian McKellen's Magneto >>>>>> Universe. I've always loved Xavier/Magneto, and now we can add Mystique/EVERYONE to that list. \0/

It is, however, interesting that they don't mention Mystique's bisexuality in a movie that's about being 'mutant and proud'. (I will forgive them if Destiny shows up in the inevitable sequel. And does not die immediately.)


My sister has finished watching TGW. Some observations on re-watch: spoilers till the end of S2 )
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+ The Good Wife renewed, moved to Sunday opposite Desperate Housewives. \0/

This is a wonderful interview with Robert and Michelle King, where they have fun things to say about Alicia as a character and some thought on the direction the third season might be taking. This, meanwhile, is a lovely article on The Good Wife and its women:

“The show keeps asking: At the end of these women’s lives, what will success mean to each of them?”

These women could have followed stereotype. They include Jackie (Mary Beth Peil), the blueblood mother-in-law, who derives power vicariously through her marriage to a judge and by furthering her son’s ambition; Diane (Christine Baranski), a single, childless second-wave feminist who is the firm’s managing partner; the enigmatic investigator Kalinda, in her mid-30s, whose moral compass and sexual appetite keep viewers’ heads spinning (“She’s the most masculine fantasy figure and she’s probably mostly from me,” remarked Mr. King, who is directing the finale); Alicia, the 40-ish heroine, a working mother; and Grace (Makenzie Vega) her naïve, idealistic 14-year-old daughter.

Watching each of them wander off script, so to speak, is indeed at least half the fun.

ETA: Via [personal profile] hibernate, here's another great interview with the Kings, wherein they say, among other things: possible spoiler for the next season )

+ Fringe has some casting news: you have probably heard this already )

This, meanwhile, is a fun post-finale interview with John Noble and Joshua Jackson, where they said the following things and won my heart COMPLETELY:

blahblah )

If that weren't enough, Anna Torv said: this was all over tumblr )

+ Discussion on pre- and post-Crisis Wonder Woman; makes some fascinating points. Phil Hester comes across as a writer with a good grasp on the older stories - I hope after Odyssey (and whatever nonsense Flashpoint is up to) is over, he gets an opportunity to write Diana the way he wants to.

Also, people need to STOP speculating about the possible cancellation of Batgirl after Flashpoint. We all know they're going to do something gimmicky post-Flashpoint, but I don't want to hear ONE WORD about how Stephanie does not fit the role and Babs should be Batgirl again. Not a word.

[from phoenixpen; press ESC to stop the gif]

+ Tumblr tells me that Tears aired exactly a year ago. ;__; Ya'll should sign up for [community profile] femslash11/[community profile] thelittlebang/[community profile] ladiesbigbang to make me feel better about losing Cara and Kahlan.

I have a feeling Legend of the Seeker will be my Firefly, aka the stupid show I'll never shut up about. I'm not sure how a silly, silly show like Seeker ended up being the ♥Show of My Heart♥. The heart has its reasons and all that.
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I have been reading Blue Beetle. I'm only up to 9 issues or so, and Jaime Reyes is the best ever and there isn't a thing I don't like about it. Also, he told off Oracle and made fun of the Birds of Prey (and then Dinah made fun of Babs some more), I LOVE HIM. ♥_♥ Wasn't he supposed to appear in Batgirl at some point? IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


The Good Wife needs to stop breaking my heart. The Good Wife 2.22 )

I repeat: ALL THE AWARDS. Last night I dreamed that Anna Torv won an award for Fringe, but since that's never going to happen, I'll settle for Julianna Margulies and Archie Punjabi winning all the awards everywhere.

in health

May. 5th, 2011 01:40 pm
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It is finals season, and instead of weeping over work not done, I have been making other people weep about the work they've not done. Well, 'weep' is probably an exaggeration, but I have been invigilating, and I like to think I have been very stern and srs bzns. Except for the few occasions where I cracked jokes to get them to behave themselves, but I'm afraid that's something I cannot help - it's pretty much my natural response to crack jokes about everything (see: Osama Bin Laden's death *facepalm*).

I also appear to be growing a wisdom tooth. Does this mean I'm finally gaining wisdom?


I was pointed to this excellent recap of TGW 2.21, and I really liked this part: spoilers for The Good Wife 2.21 )

the storm

Apr. 13th, 2011 06:23 pm
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The Good Wife 2.19 )

PS: I want to write odes to Archie Punjabi's expressions.

PPS: [personal profile] hibernate, I can't wait till you get to this arc (but don't spoil yourself).
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Just so you know, I have watched the replays of the last ball on Saturday's final an embarrassing number of times (Dhoni's little bat twirl = priceless).


Watching The Good Wife is getting more difficult every week. The Good Wife 2.18 )
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Weekend begins today. I could not be happier.


Meanwhile, on The Good Wife, The Good Wife 2.17 )

I need a Kalinda icon.
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+ So Tabrett Bethel has been cast in a pilot! \0/ further talk )

+ Meanwhile, I keep hearing all sorts of things about the Wonder Woman show and find myself getting excited despite myself. I mean, look at the cast: blah blah blah )

+ I have been watching The Good Wife. It's really great, I should've tried it sooner. To my pleasant surprise, spoilers )

+ You should go and read All The Days by [profile] tcbg77: epic Cara/Kahlan story involving adventures, action and Cara's Feelings. ♥


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